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Season 3

Episode 54

(The commandments hall(1)

To be precise, the lightning horse was not just a horse, it was way beyond it as it was regarded as a kind of spiritual beast. And this unique spiritual beast was domesticated by some experienced and powerful people.    

 The speed at which the lightning horse started running was pretty average, but as it gained momentum, the speed would get faster and faster knowing no bounds. While carrying Zen on its back, the lighting horse was running at an extremely high speed and it appeared like a flashing light at this time.    

 For the several days along the way, Zen stopped occasionally to rest. After giving the lightning horse a little rest, he set off on his way without any delay.    

 Even so, it took Zen several days to get to the capital of Burning Sky Empire from G County.   

Upon arriving at the Cloud Sect, Zen left his lighting horse in a place where spiritual beasts were raised in Cloud Sect, and then headed straight to the Drizzle Peak.     

Zen was away for a long time to slay demons. Those disciples, who had taken part in the trial for slaying demons, had returned to the peak early. Zen might be the last one, so he'd better hurry up.    

 Just as Zen walked up to the foot of Drizzle Peak, and prepared to climb up the mountain, he spotted two people standing along the mountain road. 

Dressed in a distinct purple light armour, both of them were Cloud Sect inspectors.     

As the two inspectors saw Zen, they walked towards him, pointed at his waist and said, "Show us your disciple card before you proceed onto this path!"   

 The inspectors of Cloud Sect had many permissions and rights. They mainly maintained the order for the entire Cloud Sect. But for the order at each peak, that would be something the masters should handle. So, the inspectors were in charge of all the places outside the peaks.   

Upon hearing their request, Zen didn't question them and just took off his disciple card and handed it to the inspectors without even giving it a moment's thought.     

One of the inspectors grabbed it and after a quick glance, he gave the other inspector who was standing right next to him an expressive look in secret, before he turned to Zen and said, "Well, at the moment you can't go up the mountain. You must come with us."   

 "What is the matter? What's wrong with my disciple card?" crippled by confusion, Zen asked as his face appeared clouded. Evidently he did not    know what was happening and what could call for such a drastic measure of reprehension.   

"For now just follow us, you'll know when you get there," added the inspector. "Now stretch out your hands."    

The moment Zen stretched out his hands, one inspector clapped his hands gently in what appeared as a silent command of a sentence. Within seconds a ray of life vitality twined around Zen's wrists tightly. As the grip got tighter, the life vitality turned into a green rope of thorns, and it bound Zen's hands tightly together serving the purpose of handcuffs.     

"What the hell is going on here?" Zen yelled out defensively as he clenched his teeth. Zen knew very well that in the Cloud Sect nothing happened beyond the rules. But to bind his hands without mentioning a concrete reason, this annoyed Zen to a great extent.     

One inspector sneered and said in a sarcastic tone, "Oh, didn't I tell you? Just be patient. You'll know when you get there!"  

Bottled down with his bubbling anger, Zen closed his eyes and tried to calm himself down. He comforted himself, "We are inside the Cloud Sect. I am sure they will not dare to harm me in any way."    

The next moment, Zen was pushed onto a flying chariot by the two inspectors in a rather conspicuous manner.    

 With an understated elegance, the flying chariot sped through the Cloud Sect and soon stopped upon reaching a hill.     

On the top of the hill, a gigantic iron plaque with the words "Commandment Mount" greeted them.    

 Just at the sight of the sign, a faint frown appeared on Zen's dull face.    

 According to what Zen had heard earlier, Commandment Mount was the "tribunal" of Cloud Sect. To be specific, a disciple would be sent here to face trial when he made a mistake, or worse even committed a crime. And before he could face such a trial, he would be locked up here. And after the truth was revealed and justice was delivered, he would either be released or sent all the way down to the Hell Mountain based purely on facts.   

Even though the two inspectors checked his disciple card, and knew for a fact that he was Zen, they took him straight to the Commandment Mount. "Did I violate any rules of Cloud Sect without realizing it?" Zen thought nervously.    

 As the flying chariot came to a smooth slow stop, one of the inspectors nudged Zen, "Get off the chariot!" He pushed Zen from the shoulders indicating him to get off in a rather passive-aggressive manner.     

The inspectors' attitude had changed all of a sudden. It truly reflected who they were and Zen immediately realized that someone must have ordered them to do so.     

A look of sheer disdain appeared on his face.   

In that instant he decided, that irrespective of what an extremely dangerous place the Commandment Mount was or even who was against him, he would not reflect any signs of fear and wouldn't surrender.    

 Right after calming himself down, he followed the two inspectors up the hill.     Walking up along the inclined mountain path, a black building with a stone reading "Commandment Hall" appeared across them.    

 Owing to the sensitive ears Zen had, he could hear the harsh and intimidating sound of whips and shrill screams echoing from inside the building. All of these were the sounds of officers in the Commandment Hall torturing disciples who had violated the rules and disobeyed commands to some degree. 

He wondered what would possibly be done on him in such a hall of shame...   

  After Zen entered the hall, he saw a middle-aged man dressed in purple and gold robe with flying fish on it sitting in front of the desk. He had a square face, and was black and solemn. He must be the chief judge.   

The two inspectors pushed Zen to the front and stepped aside in a rather synchronized obedient manner. As it caught the middle-aged man's attention, he tapped the judicial mallet on the desk with a loud thud, alerting everyone. The man commanded, "Who is this? Kneel down!"   

 "Kneel down?" Zen repeated as he opened his pursed lips, "I kneel to the heaven, to the ground and even before my parents, but I never kneel before others!"   

 "How dare you!" shouted the middle-aged man angrily as his facial expression froze suddenly. "You know the rules. A person who doesn't know how to behave will die miserably!"   

 "The rules? Of all the rules, do tell me who created the rule of kneeling in the hall? The leader of Cloud Sect? Or you?" Zen inquired in a rather arrogant tone.  

At the start of it all, to have a better understanding of the Hell Mountain, Zen had investigated the Commandment Mount and Commandment Hall. So he was confident of his understanding about the rules and knew right from wrong in this regard. 

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