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Season 3

Episode 53

(The foolish young master (2)

They sensed that Zen was only at a nature level, so they thought they could give him an easy time and let him give up on his own.

However, they were surprised that Zen took the first attack.

Zen didn't use the life vitality in his body this time. He used the Phoenix crystal on his right hand to maximize his speed, while he used the hidden power in his body to attack the bodyguards.

Because of his speed and force, the two bodyguards had no time to react to his attacks.

"Bam bam!"

He punched on their chests, which left a big dent there the moment his fist hit their body. They were thrown backward and hit the ground hard.

Zen used a lighter blow with the bodyguards. If not, they would surely suffer the same consequences as the nature creature of the noble clan in the Dragon Valley did. The nature creature was dissolved into a million small pieces with the power of his stars.

"Do you still have any questions for me?" Zen asked simply.

Price looked displeased at the performance of his two bodyguards. No one knew except for him how much he paid for these masters.

Some masters disdained money, so they would never agree to be someone's bodyguards no matter how much money was offered to them. Therefore, Price felt lucky that he even got two nature level masters to protect him. Since then, no one in G Country dared to oppose him.

He was surprised to see that his high nature level masters couldn't withstand a single blow from Zen. They were defeated easily by a nature level boy.

Looking at them, Price knew that they could no longer stand and fight.

But Price had learned a lot in the cruel world of business. He was tactful and clever. He had been also arrogant because he thought that he was invincible because of his two strongest bodyguards.

But now, his belief was broken by Zen. The arrogant look on his face changed and Zen saw it in an instant.

"My dear friend, I am glad that you came to G Country. I apologize for my son's manners," Price said with a smile as if nothing serious had happened to his son or bodyguards.

Zen couldn't just beat up Price after he apologized. He just shook his head and said, "I didn't come here to beat up your son. I just came here to ask something from your son, but he was cursing so bad that I had to teach him a lesson."

"You're right. I know my son curses a lot and I'm sorry if he offended you," Price said while making an obeisance by cupping one hand in the other before his chest. Then he turned towards his son and shouted, "Quickly apologize to this friend!"

"But Father!" The young master covered his face with one hand and was not willing to submit. Apparently, he hadn't realized the situation they were facing.

Zen shrugged upon seeing the reaction from the young master. Price's son was obviously inferior to him.

"When I tell you to apologize, then you apologize. Why don't you just do it? If you don't, I'll beat you to death!" Price commanded his son in a serious tone.

He had never been mad at his son. But at this point, he had to put down his pride to protect his family. He knew that Zen had an unimaginable strength that could kill them all, so he had to be very cautious when dealing with him.

Though the young master wasn't willing to apologize, he followed his father's order and bowed to Zen. He had never seen his father this scared and he also felt a wind of fear.

But Zen shook his hand and said, "It's fine now. I just came here to buy your lightning horse. How much did you pay for it? I will double it."

Price finally understood what Zen wanted from his son and he felt a little relieved. He smiled at Zen and said, "We are friends now. It would be embarrassing to talk about money with a friend, so I'll give you the lightning horse as a gift."

"Please, don't be like that. I won't take the horse for free. How much is it?" Zen asked.

Seeing that Zen was keen on paying for the horse, Price let go of the idea. He knew that some people didn't like to owe other people a favor and he was afraid to irritate Zen if he insisted on giving it as a gift. He then said, "This lightning horse is worth 2 cubic crystals."

However, he deliberately reduced the price. The lightning horse was a rare breed from the Eastern Region. Although they could not compete with the flying chariots that could fly people around, the lightning horse was not too much inferior. They had a reputation for speed and endurance. This lightning horse cost him 30 cubic crystals, but he just offered it for 2 cubic crystals.

Then Price heard a sound of colliding cubic crystals.

Zen reached out his hand and four cubic crystals fell from his space ring. Then he said, "I will pay you double. Do you agree?"

Price grinned and shook his hand. "Yes, I will make a profit out of this horse. I can't complain."

Zen nodded, turned around and mounted the horse. He looked back at Price and smiled before finally leaving. Price was a wise person and had the ability to see and understand the truth about people or situations. It was hard to imagine that his son was an idle good-for-nothing.

Zen had wanted to jibe him about his son being a worthless piece of garbage, but he chose not to do it. He knew that Price was not a narrow-minded man, he just loved his son so much.

After seeing Zen leave, the young master said unhappily, "Father, why did you sell the lightning horse! You know that it's my –," Prince slapped on his son's face before he could finish his words.

It was the first time that he hit his son. "I've told you to keep your nose clean and stay at home. If you offend ordinary people, I could clean up the mess for you. But if you offend those who have real great strength, you will die before you know it!" Price scolded his son seriously. But he also blamed himself for his son's ignorance because he spoiled him too much.

The young master covered his cheek with one hand and said pathetically, "I was wrong. But, Father, you bought that lightning horse for 30 cubic crystals.

Why did you lie to him and say that you bought it for 2 cubic crystals? And he thought he was being generous for giving us 4 cubic crystals."

Price stared at him and sighed. If his son didn't resemble him so much, he would doubt whether he was his son. The young master was nothing like his father in terms of ability and cleverness. People always said that a great father would not raise a worthless son, but there was no cure for his son's foolishness.




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