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    A mistress.... His satisfaction... His controller... His slave


      Γ‹pΔ«sΓΆdΓ« ThΓ―rty=Ëïght

  He froze looking at her, 
  "What if I told you that Bradford was behind Verne's death? 
  Won't it hurt you? What if I tell you that.... "

    He gasped and slumped into her arms with his head on her laps as he still gasped in shock, 
   "Its okay, that's what I've been trying to guard your heart against, 

   What I've been trying to do without knowledge! 
   Bradford is a sworn enemy and wants to end you using Declan, 

  He's using you!! "She whispered into his ears and he gasped the more, 
  "Its okay, its okay, its okay, its okay"
 "They've been hiding plenty things from me? "

  He asked slowly with his anger rising slowly, 
  He sprang up and rushed into his mother's chambers who panicked on seeing him with all the burned rage in his eyes, 

   "Care to explain what I heard? "He blurted out without a courtesy, 
  "My son... "
  "Don't call me your son! "He hushed her raising a finger over her face, 

   She gulped hard, 
  "He was an illegal child! He wasn't your father's child! "
  He nodded his head many times and then looked up to her face once more, 

  "Where is he now? "
  She sighed, 
  "He's been in this palace far more than you know, "
  "What! "
  She gulped, 

  "He's the duke.... Heath.. Yes... The one you sent your pure heart treaty the last time.... He's your brother"

   He gulped, 
  "And why didn't you tell me? "
  "I... Cuz I wanted you to be king! If I ever mentioned that to the king.... "

  He stepped back as she tried to touch him, 
  She scoffed as she found our that she was being too fondly infront of her maids, 

  "What does it matter? "She changed the subject, 
  "What did you... Mother!! "
  "Yes!! We should concentrate on how to keep that mistress of yours in her place!! 

I used to like her but not anymore!! 
  I... "
  "What?? Mother I... I will soon release that sanction from her"
  She scoffed again, 

  "Release it on her and I promise you, 
   you won't see her alive again! I don't care how much she means to you but think!! 

 Bradford... "
  "Don't tell me anything at all! "
   "I have to son, there are many things you should take care of and you should keep her aside and do the work of the nation else... I will put chains on her hands for what she did and you can't even question me son! 

  You won't hurt me because of a woman infront of a woman or you want them to really believe that she's a witch? 
  Its like you don't want to sit on that throne again alive! "

  He was so pissed off, 
  He couldn't even utter a word, 
  "Don't go see her again son, I will bring someone who will take care of her till she gives birth to whatever baby she's carrying in her womb, 

  Its time you focused on the kingdom... Its left for you to make your choice"

She clapped her hands and her maids surrounded her, 
 She bowed before her son and then left, 

  He churned in pain which grew like a moth inside of his chest..... 

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