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(He’s a psychopath

But still mine)


King Lee👑

I could barely sit up from my bed after I laid on it.

The stress I went through during the week was damn much that I feel like never getting up again.

I’m still young.

I don’t want to have weak bones when I’m still in my early 20’s. 

I plonked myself into the thick bedsheet and the image that filled my mind was Dawn’s beautiful face.

She was a huge distraction to me during the travels.

I can’t wait to see her.

I admit I’m kinda bored too.

A knock came on the door and I responded coyly to it.

Raphael walked in and he bows instantly.

“Where’s Dawn?” I asked feeling my heart beat increase.

“She refused to come see you, your highness” He replied and I cringed.



Xenia and I arrived at the lovely garden to meet most of my relatives around and busy with some royal activities.

Just after the garden was the beach next to the cool blue sea.

“Marcella!” Xenia called out and ran to her cousin who was making a sand castle.

I chuckled and approached the large table where everyone gathered around talking and drinking.

This ought to be fun.

I took a seat beside my brother and everyone took time in greeting me.

I missed this feeling. Being around people who cared about you and not being trapped in King Lee’s castle – filled with unfairness.


I started feeling guilty and different after Raphael left the room to King Lee’s chambers.

He might be mad at me for refusing to see him.

As much as I wanted to stay back at the room, I also needed to see him and know how he’s doing.

And as for the pregnancy test…

I sighed and went out of the room.

The hallway was empty giving me enough space I wanted at the moment.

I got to his door meeting the two guards.

Don’t they ever take a rest???

“I want to see the king” I muttered.

“He has asked us not to let you in, your highness” One of them replied.


“But when? He sent his personal guard to come call me minutes ago—”

“Yes, we know” They replied and looked away.

I scoffed.

This dudes are crazy!

I folded my arms and stood still for a while.

They could be right too. Maybe King Lee is angry with me.

The door opened and Raphael walked out.

I quickly went to him.

“Please help me get in. I wasn’t in my best mood then” I pleaded with a crumpled look.

He smiled lightly at me.

“Give him some time, he might hurt you if you go in now” He replied and walked away.

I arched my brows.

What does he mean by that???

I suddenly remembered the day the king slapped me.

Maybe its best if I leave and come back later.

I turned and scurried back to my room.




I sat on the bed waiting impatiently for the doctor to come back into the room with the test result.

I don’t know what I would do if it turns out positive.

I’m not married yet and I don’t think I can be a single mother.

I don’t even have a job.

God! My life is messed up.

The door opened and my heart began beating like a party drum.

The doctor kept me in immense suspense as he approached the bed.

The home pregnancy test kit was in his hand and my eyes glued to it.

“Your highness, congratulations. You’re one month pregnant” He stated.

I felt my heart leaving my body.


I was doing a good job at the game we were playing.

Just an innocent game.

Truth or dare.

I was asked not to participate in the game because I’m married and much more to King Lee but then…

I was persistent.

Suddenly, I felt a stir in my tummy and I got the urge to throw up. I ran out from the table towards the beach and I vomited in an uncontrollable manner.

My brother’s girlfriend was right behind me and she patted my back smoothly.

“Are you alright?” She asked amidst the wind.

I couldn’t respond as I panted heavily.

“From the looks of that vomit, I think you’re pregnant, Alicia” she whispered and my eyes widened.



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