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(He’s a psychopath

But still mine)


A week later


I paced around the room feeling curious and terribly scared.

I’ve been waiting patiently for my monthly menstrual period but its not forth coming.

I think I’m sick. Could it be King Lee hurt my vagina with his member and my period seized??

Oh heavens!

I could think anything possible at the moment.

I’m too scared to tell mom about this and neither could I tell King Lee.

He’s barely at the castle this past week.

I swear I saw him just twice and then he’s off with the council.

Is this how its gonna be when I get married to a king??

He will have so many things to handle and won’t always be there.

I guess I’ll get used to it.

A knock came at the door but I didn’t notice just yet.

It came once again and I replied wryly.

The door opened and I discovered it was mom who had been knocking.

“Hey mom” I muttered despondently.

“Are you alright?” She asked walking in with a tray in her hands.

“I’m fine” I mumbled and sat on the bed.

“Caroline told me you haven’t had breakfast, why’s that?” She asked quizzically.

“Oh…I don’t feel hungry” I whispered as she kept the tray beside me on the bed.

“Don’t tell me you’re watching weight now” she teased and I smiled lightly.

“Nothing’s wrong mom. I’ll eat once I have an appetite” I said and she sighed.

“Alright, my dear. Has the king called you ever since he left??” She further asked.

“Yes. I think its been three times” I replied and looked down.

“Our wedding was supposed to hold today…right before I confessed about not being Anna” I stated.

“Cheer up dear…everything will be fine soon” She beamed.

I nodded slowly.


“I want the clothes pressed and well ironed” I ordered and the maid nodded.

She carried the laundry basket and left the room.

I planned on going out with Xenia today.

We would go on a picnic at the beach with my cousin and their children.

I called King Lee twelve times this morning to ask for his permission but he wasn’t answering any of my calls.

I’m definitely going and I don’t care what he has to say about it.

Besides, we’ll be back before evening. 

I stood up and checked out the short beach dress I was putting on. It hugged my body perfectly.

I gleefully grabbed my purse and went to the door. Xenia and the maid were already on their way.

She was in a yellow strapless gown and flip flops.

“You don’t need to wear your crown dear” I said and the maid removed the crown carefully from her head.

“Thats better. We can go now” I chimed and took her tiny hand.

She waved to the maid as we left.

“Bye Xenia. Have a great time, ma’am” she said behind us.


I was snapped out of boredom the moment I heard the sound of cars driving in.

I immediately knew who it was but I remained lying on the bed.

King Lee is so annoying!!

I called him an hour ago and he answered but just as I was about to say something, he hung up on me.

I’m so not talking to him.

Does he think I’m desperate and can’t live without him?

No way…I’m mad at him right now.

*princess Anna*

A voice said outside the door and I cringed.

He’s here!

I climbed off the bed and blandly ushered him to come in.

The doctor came into the room with a big black bag.

I felt uncomfortable about letting him know what’s wrong with me.

What if I’m suffering a terrible diseases.

Of course I can’t heal myself.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

The healing powers take too much out of me and it feels like death.

I seriously don’t want to use them again.

I’ll faint this time around.

The doctor wore a stupid smile on his face and I got the urge to ask him to leave.

“Good afternoon doctor” I greeted with a wry smile.

“Afternoon, my dear…how are you?” He replied and asked approaching the bed.

“I’m alright…I guess. I called because I think something big is wrong with me. The thing is, I was expecting to see my monthly menstrual flow two weeks ago but its delaying and I suspect that I’m having a big illness that’s stopping it from coming” I whispered and he chuckled.

“No offense, your highness but how old are you?” He asked.

“I’m 19” I replied bashfully.

“Oh, I see. There is one possibility and that could be you’re pregnant dear–”


“You can’t be serious doctor” I said completely muzzled.

“Are you sure I’m not down with a big illness?” I added.

“Yes, you’re perfectly normal but I presume you’re pregnant, your highness. I think its best we run a test on you” he said and I shrieked.



“…I think its best we run a test on you” I overheard the doctor say.

I stopped with Xenia to eavesdrop on their conversation.

Could it be possible that she’s pregnant already???

Oh goodness!.

I can’t control the anger and jealousy I felt instantly.



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