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(He’s a psychopath

But still mine)


King LeeπŸ‘‘

I approached the throne room hearing distinct noises and raucous.

They’ve started arguing already?

The guards bowed and pulled the door knob open. The noise stopped immediately.

*All hail his royal Majesty, King Lee of Euphoris*

The council and elders stooped to their knees fervently and I walked gracefully to the throne.

“Make yourselves comfortable” I stated.

Grumpily, they stood on their feet and faced the throne.

“We can’t make ourselves comfortable when the people are outside protesting over your newest bride? This has never happened during the reign of your father!” Ramses – the oldest of the elders rasped. 

“Well, I presume there’s a first time for everything or…am I wrong?” I asked sounding perturbed.

“We know you’re faking it! What is wrong with you, child??” The other one scolded.

“I hope you know the wedding will not push through. A witch cannot be our queen! Never!” Ramses chided.

I scoffed rolling the marble in my palm.

“Have you forgotten your father hated them? He knew the danger ahead if we let those witches stay here on our lands. He hanged and burnt them all…you were there, your highness. You watched him drive daggers into their heart and kill the demons that they are!”….

“Why do you insult your father who’s in his grave? He knows more than anyone else in this room and after all the care he has given you, you still fight his laws and standards!”….

“We will not sit back and watch you marry a witch! She should be banished from this kingdom right away, since you can’t be man enough to have her hanged!”….

There voices kept coming one after the other and I was starting to get bored. 

I’m sure none of them have taken breakfast.

But they’d rush to this place the moment something horrible happens. So pathetic!

I closed my eyes and bit my lower lip.

Let’s see if this can shut them up.

“The princess is not a witch. What you heard are just rumors” I chipped in and they flinched.


“King Lee, stop with the lies!!!” Ramses yelled and his face wrinkled the more.

I continued with the marbles and they sighed.

“Oh Lord, deliver us from this psychopath” the other elder whispered.

“Calm down everyone! we’ll test what the king just said. My niece is suffering from a very terrible skin illness. We’ll wear her big clothes to cover skin and bring the princess to meet her. And if nothing happens after some minutes, then the princess is innocent” Another elder said and they all nodded.

I took a deep breath.

If this doesn’t work out and Dawn succeeds in healing the girl.

I’ll make sure all the elders doesn’t step out of the throne room alive.




“I think we should leave dear. Everyone knows your abilities now and they don’t approve it. Also, a king can’t marry a commoner—”

“No, mom. I love him and he loves me too. I’m not going anywhere” I said shaking my head.

“Yeish…my little girl is already inlove. sometimes we need to let go of the ones we love. Its for the better” she said patting my hair.

I sniffed folding my arms.

“If I let go, King Lee won’t let go” I muttered and she sighed.

A knock came on the door and our eyes drifted to it.

“Its open” Mom replied and a maid walked in.

“You’ve been summoned at the throne room, princess Anna” she said and I got up from the bed.

I took my crown and fixed it on my head.

Mom held me back and I looked at her.

“Be careful” She chimed and I nodded.



It was a long walk to the throne room.

It was located at the other side of the castle.

Mom’s advice was starting to have an effect on me. Is it best if I tell King Lee that I don’t want to be with him anymore?

Just like Manuel said – He will replace me with someone prettier than me. Its obvious since he has three wives.

I mean two, since Simone’s no longer here.

I was ushered in by the guards and the first person my eyes caught was the king sitting on the throne.

He gave me some kind of look I couldn’t understand.

The council were around too.

Awwwn, and there was a little girl with bright blue eyes.

The girl approached me.

“Your highness, meet my niece – Jasmine” One of the men said and I patted the girl’s hair.

She’s so beautiful but dressed in a big jacket. Lol.

I held her hands.

“How are you, cutie?” I asked smiling.

“I’m…fine” she replied staring at me.

I looked intently at her eyes and lips.

This girl is sick!!!

What’s going on?




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