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(He’s a psychopath

But still mine)



I made a grimace as rays of light penetrated into the cell and reflected on my face.

The door was opened and the guards had walked in – I felt there presence but I couldn’t see them properly.

My eyes burnt as I made effort to see if I could get rid of the blur vision.

*The king has ordered for your release* A deep voice said and It triggered some sort of familiarity.

I think its Tristan. If I’m not mistaken.

They helped me up and it took a lot of effort for me to get back on my feet.

The torture I’ve been through really broke me in pieces.

I jus want to eat something edible so I could regain my strength.

I was taken to my bedroom and the maids helped me clean up.

My hair was as filthy as a rag and I had to use different flavors of shampoo to wash off the dirt.

I wore a better dress before having something to eat.

Xenia was brought in later and I embraced her like I was gone for years.

Then she broke out crying.

“I want us to leave this place, mommy” she cried and I did all I could to console her.

There were death marks of the cane at my back. It would take months before it clears.

I deserve It all…

I killed a helpless baby – The King’s baby.

I’m just glad King Lee didn’t report me to the royal court.

It would have been more disastrous.

I’m sure the king knows that princess is a healer but he still did nothing about it. Anyways, I accept my fate now.

He can move the whole world for her, I care less.

But I’ll just have to accept Tristan’s love and stop pushing him away.

Besides, we share something strong together.


The jerk grabbed my hair and dragged me off the bed.

I pushed him but he didn’t even flinch.

He picked up a machete from the floor and gripped my arm roughly.

He started leaving the room while I fought helplessly with him.

There was so much noise outside and I presumed it to be gunshots.

He kept leading me through another route and soon, we were at the back of the house.

“What did I do to you?? Why are you hurting me like this?!” I yelled struggling with him.

“Your husband killed my brother. That’s enough reason to destroy you. An eye for an eye!” He rasped and pulled me along with him towards the bushes.

So this is all an act of revenge…

I should have known.


It was a blood bath as we kept shooting the King’s soldiers.

There’s no sign of Kalani or King Lee anywhere.

I stopped shooting when I noticed, there’s just four men left on our side.

I turned around ran back to the house.

Manuel has already left with Dawn…

Thank goodness.

I followed the back and ran to the bush.

This mission is completely blown up.

Nothing worked out as planned.

How did our plans get leaked???

I was filled up with rage as I kept going.

Two Hours Later🖤



I felt weak and drained as I kept walking through the forest with the princess.

I was thirsty and tired and the sun showed no mercy.

The machete I held weighed me down the more but i didn’t give up.


I made him a promise and I shall fulfill it.

“So, where are you taking me?” She asked calmly.

“The perfect spot where I want you killed” I grunted and pushed her to walk faster.

“I don’t care if King Lee witnesses your death anymore. He will have to pick up your corpse later. And trust me, he’ll still be able to replace you with another princess from another kingdom. That psychopath!” I growled looking around.

“I can’t walk anymore…I’m tired” She said in a flaccid tone.

She slumped on the floor shaking her head.

“It’s best if you kill me now” she muttered.

I scoffed.

“Stand up!!” I yelled.

“No, I won’t stand up” I shot back and folded my arms.

“King Lee and I agreed we would meet at a particular venue so we must get there!” I said and dragged her up.

“You psychopath! Can’t you see how obsessed you sound? Your brother’s death is not what is troubling you, its your jealousy towards the king” she chided.

I clenched my fist getting agitated with what she just said.

I was drunk in anger.

“Get up!” I pulled her up and pushed her once more.


One hour later



We got to a cliff and I sat on the bare floor unable to walk once more.

“We are here” The mad man – Manuel said and raised his machete looking at it closely.

I can’t believe I’m about to get slaughtered.

Its for the best though.

Haven’t I suffered enough already?

I looked up and saw someone sitting on a big rock.

He had his back on us.

I think that’s King Lee😱😱😱

He turned around and got down from the rock.

“I’m here now, Manuel…and I came on time like you asked” he said and smiled.

Manuel laughed and went behind me.

“I just wanted you to watch me kill her just like you killed my poor brother – Dallen” He sneered and touched my neck with the knife.

I shivered instantly.

“You love her, don’t you?” He asked and King Lee looked at me.

I stared else where and only prayed for the ground would swallow me.

“Well…answer!” Manuel yelled and pushed the machete to hurt my throat.

“I don’t” He replied and I cringed.

My eyes welled up immediately.

“You don’t love her?” Manuel asked sounding surprised.

“Yes. I don’t love her, but she’s mean the world to me. Tell Dallen, I said – Hi” The king said and suddenly, I heard a gunshot.

The machete around my neck dropped to the ground and I turned to see Manuel on the floor.

Raphael was behind us.

He was the one that had shot Manuel.

I stood up immediately and wiped my tears.

The king came close to me and touched me but I yanked my hand off his.

“Leave me alone!” I said childishly.

“What? Why?” He said with a chuckle.

“You don’t love me so leave me alone!” I bickered and backed him.

“I just wanted to distract him. I didn’t mean that…” He said hugging me from behind.

“I feel so weak” I mumbled and he carried me in his arms.

“Raphael, call the jet” He said and Raphael nodded.


After a while, a white jet landed and we entered. It took off immediately.

I couldn’t help but reminisce over what I’ve been through today.

Some part of me wished King Lee didn’t kill Manuel.

He just wanted to avenge his brother.




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