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(He’s a psychopath

But still mine)


King Lee👑

“I don’t understand” I said completely puzzled.

“Does…this mean you didn’t know about your mother’s origin?” She asked and I nodded perfunctorily.

“Your mother was your father’s childhood friend. She was the daughter of a common maid at the castle but your father became friends with her and they gradually fell in love. Your father wanted to marry her but so many forces were against them. He took a bold step decided to take an oath before the royal court that your mother will never break the rules of queenship and so…it was done. They got married and had you” She besumed.

I was still yet to believe the things she just said.

This is balderdash…!

Mom’s behavior is so perfect that other queens envied her fluency and movements.

I rolled my eyes and scoffed.

I don’t even care.

My phone vibrated and I brought it out from my pocket.

It was Raphael.

“Your highness, The princess has been taken away by some men and their leader gave us a written address to give you. He said you should go to the place if you really want the princess back!”

I sighed and dropped the phone.

Who’s the idiot that really wants to die today?

“I have somewhere I should be right now” I said and got up from the seat.

“My Lord, is there a problem?” She asked getting up as well.

I shook my head negatively and walked out of the house.


I folded my arms staring at the princess as she slept soundly on the bed.

She’s still unconscious because the effect of the injection I gave her hasn’t worn off yet.

Too bad she’ll be dead soon.

Its going to be difficult to shoot such a goddess but I won’t give up on my goal – to avenge my brother’s death.

King Lee took him away from me…Now, I’m going to take the princess away from him…

The door opened and Castro walked in.

“She’s so beautiful” He said with his eyes closed.

“I know but that won’t stop me from carrying out our plans” I replied going close to the bed.

“Don’t get your hopes up, Manuel. And don’t be too sure everything will work out as planned” He peeved behind me.

“Why won’t it? Once King Lee gets to the place i wrote on the paper, I’ll make him watch Dawn die. Then on his way back, we’ll attack him and murder him. The thrones will become vacant for us to possess—”

His laughter interrupted me and I turned to look at him.

“You are too ambitious, you d•••ckhead” He giggled.

I smirked…

“But, you’re right. What if the plans doesn’t work out? I think I need to do something to Anna that’ll definitely make her traumatized in case she goes back to the King. I want him to feel pain…

“I think its best if I rape Anna the moment she wakes up—”

“That alone will make the king furious and he’ll deal with us. Let’s not do this to the poor girl. Isn’t it enough that you’re planning on slaughtering her with a machete?” He muttered.

I sighed.

“You’re right again” I mumbled and followed him out of the room.


Fabian and I were together at the pool swimming.

I’m so glad he hasn’t giving up on our love. He still loves me like he did few years ago.

Well, he’s the son of my father’s personal adviser.

He’s good looking and caring too.

*princess Simone* I heard and looked up.

It was the maid holding some papers in her hands.

“A messenger brought this few minutes ago” She said.

Fabian helped me climb out of the pool and I took the papers from her.

I looked into it wincing as the sun reflected on my face.

Its divorce papers of my marriage with King Lee.

It arrived so soon.

Thank God!

I looked up at the maid excitedly…

“Go and bring me a pen” I ordered and she bowed before leaving.




Manuel’s pov🖤

I returned back to the room the princess was kept.

I had a few drinks with Castro and I think I’m drunk already.

I sat at the edge of the bed reminiscing over the memories of Dallen and I.

He was the funniest person I’ve ever seen on earth and he loved dancing too.

We had so many dreams together and now, He’s six feet under because of that cruel man.

I got up from the bed and dragged my belt as hard as I could.

I’m going to rape her! I’m going to hurt her so much that King Lee won’t stand it!!

I folded the belt into and hit it hard on her arm. Her eyes fluttered open and she flinched on seeing me.

She looked down at her hurting arm and back at me – stupefied.

I began unzipping my pants immediately.

I don’t have much time.

I need to be fast and rough.

At least before I get told that King Lee has gotten to the venue.

I pulled up my d•••k and dragged up her dress while she kicked.

I slapped her hard on her face and she gasped.

“Stop! Leave me alone—” she screamed.

I was already in between her legs.


Suddenly, I heard commotion outside.

What the stars is going on? Can’t I screw this princess In peace?!

*King Lee is here with his soldiers!!*

I heard from behind and turned to see Castro at the door.

“Quick! Get out of here with the princess, we’ll hold them off!” He said taking a gun from the table.

I slowly put back my d•••k back in my pants. I guess this is not happening.




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