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(He’s a psychopath

But still mine)


Dawn’s pov👑

“I’m so sorry, King Lee” I muffled rubbing the tears off my eyes.

I got too emotional and couldn’t fight back the tears that continued to surge.

This is harder than I thought.

He squeezed my hand softly and I sniffed.

“Can you stop crying?” He asked squinting his eyes and I nodded.

I wiped off the tears from my cheeks.

“Are you going to kill me now?” I asked slowly and a hiccup followed.

He cracked and patted my hair.

“Yes…you’ll be killed but not today” He said and drew closer.

“But its not my fault” I said sobbing.

“I told you to stop crying” He said and placed his lips on mine.

He su*ked on my lower lip while I smooched on his upper lip.

We broke the kiss and I cried even louder.

“I don’t want to die. My mom will be so alone…”

“…Dawn, do you want me to beg you?” He asked and I smiled.

I never imagined King Lee would call me by my real name.

“Why aren’t you angry with me, your highness?” I asked muzzled.

He touched the bandage around his wrist and pulled it off.

“I already know you’re a healer. And I also know you’re not a real princess. I was suspicious the night I deflowered you. You told me you weren’t princess Anna yourself”

“Really?” I gasped.

“Yes. You let the pains get the best of you and then I started investigating. I was able to get princess Anna’s childhood pictures and from what I saw…she’s older than you and looks nothing like you”

“But…why didn’t you punish me? I had no idea you already knew and I kept trying to convince you that I was Anna” I said as a tear slid down from my eyes.

He carefully wiped off the liquid.

“I spared you because, you are innocent” He replied and stood up.

He walked to the bathroom and went in closing the door afterwards.

I exhaled.

He’s blowing my mind right now.

I thought sir Blade said princess Anna has never been seen except by her parents??

Geez! This is unbelievable.

At least he’s not going to kill me now.

I hope so.

I laid properly on the bed and covered myself up with the duvet.

I heard the shower running and I couldn’t help but feel excited.

This felt like freedom itself.

Freedom from the lies and deceit.

But then…Kings are not allowed to marry people whom are not from the royal family.

This means – he will have to send me back home.

I sniffed.

I knew I’ve lost him.

And there’s nothing I can do about it.

King Lee can fight the law. Or can he??



The bathroom door opened and I closed my eyes pretending to be asleep.

I heard footsteps and soon, I felt him jump on the bed and I opened my eyes.

Is he dressed up already?

I was tempted to look but I didn’t.

He kissed me on my bare back and I batted my lashes.

What does he want now?

He touched my butt and slid his hand to my waist.

I turned facing him and realized…we were too close to each other. Our eyes locked.

He drew his hand to my private area and caressed it.

I felt bashful instantly and my cheeks heat up.

He drew himself up and spread my legs apart before getting inbetween them.

The tension increased as his gaze didn’t leave mine.

He pulled the nightie up and passed them through my arms.

I tried to distract myself forgetting he was almost done removing my p-nt.

He started removing his belt and tossing it aside and next was his shirt.

He bent his head and took one of my b••bs into his mouth.

He sucked vastly on it while his hand fondled the other.

“Mmm…” I mumbled and hugged him.

The pleasurable feelings drove in and I felt so relieved.

It didn’t take up to a while and he withdrew from my chest.

He s•cked on my earlobe while his other hand rubbed at my v entrance.

He pushed in two of his fingers and started fingering me in the most craziest way.

He twisted them at intervals and I held his wrist to stop him.

He didn’t stop but continued to torture me and i moaned loudly.

The feeling was tight and my v hugged tightly to his fingers.

He suddenly stopped and unzipped his belt.

He pushed himself into me and I gasped like it was my first time.

He forced his length to reach the depths of me and I wrapped my legs around him.

He dropped his hands behind my head and started with his hard thrusts.

My whole body vibrated with so much pleasure.

He really meant it when he said he would kill me.

My soul begged for him not to stop.

I’ve never felt this yearning before and he was making it harder for me to control.

“Don’t stop…please” I whispered desperately.






I sat on the bed watching King Lee brush his hair.

I was afraid to step out of the bed cause I know my walk would be kinda funny.

You don’t want to know what he did to me last night.

So, I’ll stay here till he leaves…

A knock came on the door and he stared at it.

“What is it?” He asked.

*Your highness. There’s a man here to see you, He claims that you’re expecting him. By name – Sir Blade*


What is Sir Blade doing in Euphoris??




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