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(He’s a psychopath

But still mine)


Dawn’s pov๐Ÿ‘‘

I wasn’t able to sleep tonight. I just sat on the bed waiting for King Lee to come back from the court.

I’m not so sure of how I’m going to face him after what happened in the morning.

And I also hope he’s not mad at me.

I stood by the window watching how lights from near and afar beautified the midnight.

I know mom’s going to be asleep by now. She works so hard everyday.

I’ll go and see her tomorrow cause I’ll confess everything to the King tonight.

He’d probably kick me out of the palace.

I love him so much but I’m also ready to loose him if that’s the price I’ll pay for lying to him.

Besides, he was never meant for me.

Its the real princess that should be here right now – In this night dress and beside this window waiting for her husband to come home.

I can’t keep living someone else’s life.

What about mine? Who’s gonna live my own life??๐Ÿ˜ซ



I snapped out of the dark thoughts when the castle gates opened and different cars dashed into the surrounding.

He’s back.

I stood there watching him come down from the car and enter the house.

I decided to practice how I’d speak…

*King Lee, I never meant to lie, but I’m not Anna*


*Your highness, Anna killed herself, the person right in front of you is Dawn*

Too coded…

I sighed and cleared my throat.

*How would you feel if you found out that i wasn’t really princess Anna?*

Thats ridiculous.

I can’t start by questioning him…

The door opened and I staggered backwards. My heart rate became faster than it should be and I quivered silently.

He strolled into the room looking tired and drained.

I rushed to him and helped him with his phones and watch.

“Thanks” He muttered and walked past me to the wardrobe.

I dropped the things on his desk and notices my hands were shaking.

Oh God…

The guards closed the door and I began to wonder, *is it too late to go to my room and forget telling him?*

“Anna, come here” He said walking sluggishly to his bed.

He had already changed into an adorable T shirt and shorts.

I dragged my feet to him and he pulled my hand making me sit on the bed.

“I got you the necklace…” He whispered and unfolded his left hand.

It was a gold necklace – so elfin and beautiful.

I took it from his hand and held it up.

I’m so gonna faint if I see the name ‘Annaliese’ there.

I glanced at it.

It was *Lee* that was carved on it.

Oh God! Its so beautiful.

“Your name was too long” He pouted and I chuckled.

“I like it like this…thank you, King Lee” I said and he smiled.

He took it from me and hung it around my neck.

“I want to go take a shower but…let’s talk about what you wanted to tell me” He said and held my hand.

“I’m waiting…” He added.

I gulped and finally found my voice.

“I did something bad, your highness” I stated with a cracked voice.

I couldn’t bare maintaining eye contact so I stared at the floor.

“I…I’m a healer. I…I was born with it and I’m…not a princess, speak more of being Anna…I’m just…from the village…” I paused and let the tears drop.

There was dead silence and my only wish was for the ground to open and swallow me up…

“Who are you then?” He asked icily.

I gathered up courage and began narrating everything to him and most especially, how I came to the castle.



Dawn’s mother’s pov๐Ÿงก

I walked feebly to the table with my left hand on my tummy.

I have the feeling that I won’t survive this illness. I’m going to have to die without Dawn her with me.

I sat on the seat with so much effort and pains surging through my veins.

I grabbed the pen slowly and dropped my hand on the paper.

Tears streamed down my face as I began writing a note for Dawn.

*My dear baby girl, I don’t know why you left me but if I did something that caused you to leave, please forgive me. And please forgive your father too for leaving us to suffer alone. I might be dead by the time you read this but just know, that I love you so much and I wish the best for you*

I dropped the pen and groaned..

I have to be strong for Dawn. I want to see her again. I’m sure I’ll see her again before I die.

I will endure the pain and won’t give up yet.




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