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(He’s a psychopath

But still mine)


Sir Blade’s pov⚔

I sat patiently in the car waiting for the assassin. I kept tapping on the steering wheel as I thought about what I was about to do.

I think it’s not necessary to kill Dawn.

She have saved us from early death and destruction so I’m going to spare her life.

But then…she’ll be on her own after I’m done telling the king about everything.

The car door opened and he entered and surprisingly he was wearing a mask.

“I don’t understand sir…what are you doing in Euphoris. You drove through out the night?” He asked puzzled.

I smirked.

“I’m a warrior. No harm can come upon me at night as long as I still have my hands” I replied.

He nodded and removed his mask.

“So…what are your plans now?”.

I sighed and adjusted on the seat.

“I’ve transfered your pay to your bank account but I want you to spare the princess. I dont want her dead anymore” I revealed and he furrowed his brows.

“Seriously?? Why are you doing this sir?”

“My reasons are best known to me. Now go, I have a court meeting to get to” I chided and he wore back his mask.

He shook my hand before leaving the car.

I made a signal and one of my guards shot him right on his forehead.

He dropped dead on the floor and i scoffed.

He’s so stupid…

I started the car and drove off.

Dawn’s pov👑

“There’s something I need to tell you, your majesty” I said nervously.

“Does It have to be now?” He asked taking his phone from the table.

I gulped rubbing my sweaty hands together.

I nodded slowly and he sighed.

“Go on…” He muttered.

I tried to form the right words…

How do I f•••king start??


*your highness! The council is outside already and so are the guards*

A deep voice interrupted me.

I glanced at the door as my eyes welled up.

The king looked at it too and turned back at me.

“Continue” He said taking the remaining phones from the table.

I tried to go on but I completely lost my voice. It seemed like it had disappeared into thin air.

It felt like telling someone special you never wanted to disappoint a deep secret.

And Lots of things could change immediately you release the words.

*your highness!*

The voice came again.

I shuddered and clenched onto the nightie I wore. I can’t do this!

“I’m waiting, Anna” He cooed and I shrunk the more.

I folded my lips and fixated my eyes to the floor.

*King Lee*

Two voices said at once.

Oh God!

I can’t do it.

“Save it for later” He muttered.

He turned around and walked out of the room. I sat miserably on the floor and began crying.

I couldn’t do it…

King Lee’s pov👑

I walked out of the room and met up with the guards.

Arriving outside, i could hear the council murmuring like hungry beggars.

🚹Good morning, your highness

🚹Good morning, your Majesty

🚹You are here, My Lord…

I heard different voices say but I ignored them and headed straight to the opened car.

I sighed and rubbed my forehead.

Let’s get this day over with.

Sir Blade’s pov👑

I arrived at the court and stepped out of the car.

The council had arrived and I caught sight of the king walking into the court.

The escorts were too much and I couldn’t help but envy him.

He’s so young but is already everything I hoped to achieve now that I’m getting old.

“Sir Blade!” I heard from behind and turned to see an old friend.

“Sir Omini” I besumed as well half hugged.

“Long time. What are you doing here, friend?” He asked and I smiled.

“I just wanted to have audience with the king about something…” I explained as we went into the court together.

“Alright brother. We’ll talk more after this is over” He said and we hugged again.

I took a seat somewhere secluded watching the whole court from afar.



5 minutes break was given for more cases to be arrive.

The court was filled up with important subjects and journalists too.

The only thing I aimed was to get a chance to talk to King Lee.

I finally had my chance…

He walked out of the restroom accompanied with his guards and I approached him.

“Your highness, I’m Sir Blade from Muzana. The one who escorted the princess to your castle” I introduced with a bow.

He didn’t say a word but just stare at me.


“I don’t want to keep this from you any longer….its about princess Anna—”

He raised his hand signalling me to stop talking and bit my tongue.


“If you want to have this conversation with me, come to my castle” He said and walked out with his guards.


Didn’t he just hear what I said?




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