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(He’s a psychopath

But still mine)


King Lee’s pov👑

I drove along the road amidst darkness and night fog.

I decided to leave the castle without anyone knowing. I didn’t need escorts to where i was heading.

I stepped on the brakes and the car came to a screech stop.

I opened the door and walked out. The house looked old but beautiful.

I always come here with my father whenever he was confused about something.

This place proved to be a comfort zone to any man that is pushed to the edge of breaking down.

But I’m not about to break down.

My reason to be here is entirely different.

I approached the house and opened the door immediately.

The old woman was sitting on the floor – eating from a plate.

She looked up startled.

“Lee…” She whispered as her eyes dimmed.



I was sitting on a chair with her beside me. She rushed up her dinner so she could attend to me.

“Its too soon for you to come here, son” She snickered.

“Why do you say that?” I asked rubbing the ring on one of my fingers.

“You’ve been king for just five years now. Your father was 10 years gone when he came here” She replied.

“You don’t have to compare me with my father. We are two different people.

And I don’t want your advice on any issue. I just need two things from you” i paused and stood up from the seat.

“Anything for you, your Majesty” She besumed slightly bowing her head.

“First, I want to know everything about healers” I said after taking a deep breath.

“Healers? You mean healing witches??” She asked alarmed.

My breath hitched.

Could Anna be a witch?…

I nodded slowly and she smiled.

“Healing witches derive their power from the moon. If its naturally gifted healing powers, the moon fill them up at night. They don’t just heal anyone they come across with. Their heart and soul must accept to heal the person unless it won’t work. Just a touch of their gifted hands heals someone – they accept to heal. They can rarely heal themselves too.

“Healing witches are extinct this days. They’ve fled from Euphoris after your father did all he could to wipe them all out from the surface of the earth…”

I stared blankly at her as she narrated the whole ordeal.

“So…what’s the second thing you need from me?” She asked and I sighed.

This is not the best time for the second one…

“I’ll be here tomorrow for the second one” I deadpanned and brought out a bundle of money.

I threw at her table and a smile crept on her old wrinkled face.

“I don’t need it son…I’m okay, right now” She cooed.

“I don’t need it either” I replied and walked out of the house.




“Go and get the princess” I said to one of the guards before going into the room.

I left for the bathroom and took a cold shower.

I was dressed in my sleeping robes before returning back to the room.

I glanced around the room and headed for the drawer. I got hold of a knife and cut my arm with it.

My blood dripped out and I just stared.

*Your Majesty*

I heard and felt shivers flow through me.

She’s here.

I turned and she gasped on seeing my bleeding arm.

She was in a short night dress which showed part of her fair laps.

She rushed to me and held my hand.

“Who did this to you, your highness?” She wavered as tears built up in her beautiful eyes.

The emotions on her face was filled with pain and sadness…

The perfect look.

She must be having the feelings to heal me, right now.

I held her hand and placed it on the exposed cut.

I waited to feel the pain and wound disappear but…it didn’t.

I waited some more and she stared at me with tears In her eyes.

She’s not healing me…


Could it be her heart doesn’t accept to heal me at all??…

This doesn’t make sense!

“King Lee” she muttered with a sniff.

I smiled warmly at her and brought down her hand from mine.

“Should I get a first aid box, your highness?” She asked and I shook my head.

“No…go and close the windows” I replied and she went on her way.

I felt my heart ache.

She doesn’t want to heal me.

She didn’t even act like she was a healer.


I stopped with my conclusions when I looked down at my arm and realized the scar had disappeared.

And strangely,

I found myself smiling…




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