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(He’s a psychopath

But still mine)


Alicia’s povπŸ‘‘

“What I’m trying to say is, princess Anna is a Healer” I blurted.

His face remained facial and he couldn’t say a word.

“Her being a healer does not erase the fact of the cruel thing you’ve done to Simone” He spoke after a short silence.

“Does that mean you’re not going to punish her too?” I asked alarmed.

He clenched his fist and faced his guard.

“30 strokes of cane. I want to see her skin turn red” He ordered and walked out of the room.



“King Lee!!! This is not fair!…” I screamed with gritted teeth.

The guards grabbed me up roughly from the floor and I continued to resist.

This is wickedness…

Dawn’s povπŸ‘‘

I was extremely glad that the wedding tutorial was completely over and I was asked to return back to my room.

I ambled to the bedroom with my arms folded and my head bent.

I couldn’t stop pondering about the wedding preparations. I would be getting married to King Lee.

I dont think I can get married to him knowing that I’m not princess Anna.

I’m just a simple village girl who always wanted to go to school.

I stopped walking when I heard the clear voice of Xenia crying.

Well, she’s the only child at the castle.

I followed the noise and met her leaning on the wall shedding tears.

Where are the maids?

“Xenia…what’s wrong?” I asked perturbed.

“Its mom. They took her away” She replied in amidst tears.

I stooped to a crouch in front of her.

“Who?” I asked curiously.

“The guards” she muffled and bursted out In fresh tears.

Huh?…Why on Earth would they take Alicia away?

*Xenia! we’ve been looking everywhere for you*

We looked to see Alicia’s maids.

I got up and stood properly.

“Don’t leave her like this again. And also try to calm her down” I suggested.

“Thank you, your highness” They muttered with a dubious look.

I nodded and sauntered out of the place.



Simone’s povπŸ‘‘

I rushed out of the car the moment it came to a halt in front of the palace. I scuttled to the marbel floored area.

I took a deep breath gawping at the magnificent building in front of me – the palace of the Thor kingdom.

There’s no doubt…I’m homeπŸ€—πŸ€—

There were maids standing at the entrance and they approached me throwing greetings.

I quickly ignored them and went into the castle.

I didn’t utter word to guards or maids I came across with on the way to his bedroom.

Was he there, anyway?…

The urge to finally set my eyes on him was driving me to the edge.

I got to the door and stared at it’s blankness for some seconds.

I never imagined I would miss him at all.

I touched the knob and twisted it easing the door open. My heart beat increased as I took a step further into the room.

He was sitting on the bed occupied with his laptop.

Quiet as always…

I shut the door behind me and moved to him slowly.

“Hi Fabian” I whispered and he looked up.

“Simone?!” He gasped and jerked up throwing his laptop aside.

I smiled bashfully as he held me by my shoulders and embraced me.

I dropped my head on his shoulders and sobbed.

He has no idea of what I’ve been through at Euphoris.

Assassin’s pov⚔

I continued climbing through the wall leading to the princess’s window.

It took me a while to get settled in and come up with the perfect strategy.

I jumped into the bathroom through the sizeable window.

I held the knife properly and walked to the door.

Immediately I touched the door knob, my phone beeped in my pocket. Sh°t!

Who the f•••k is calling me on a night like this???

I picked the call and stepped away from the door.

☎ Its me, Sir Blade…

☎ What do you want? I was just about to kill the girl.

☎ Don’t do it tonight, I want it done before her wedding which is next week.

☎ Seriously? Do you think its easy to climb all the way up to her room?

☎ Don’t complain…I’ll still pay you!

I scoffed and turned off the phone.

This is frustrating…!

I turned around and climbed out through the window.

Princess Anna just got lucky tonight cause I had plans of killing her in a special way.




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