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(He’s a psychopath

But still mine)


Simone’s pov👑

I took a deep breath and pushed as hard as I could. The strength it drained made me feel death itself and I screamed in anguish.

“You’re doing good, Simone…let’s take it again” He said and I gasped for air.

I pushed harder than the last and I felt more dejected.

A maid dabbed a handkie on my forehead and I panted nonstop.

“Doctor…” King Lee called staring intently at me.

“Yes, your majesty_” The doctor replied coming close.

“Measure her cervix again” He ordered and the doctor got to work while I growled bobbing my heart up and down on the pillow.

“Its now 9 centimeters…she’s ready to push” The doctor said and the Kind came back to the seat he was seating on.

He held my hand firmly and the nurses seemed to pull some things together.

“On the count of three, you push as hard as you can Simone…”

I nodded sobbing irascibly.

“One, two…three…

“Aargh!!!” I screamed as I pushed with all my might.


I pushed again and the doctor smiled.

“The baby’s head is out…just few more pushes Simone” He urged and I nodded sorrowfully…

I pushed more and more until the baby was out – I felt it.

The maids were amazed and my face was cleaned with a white towel…

Hold on…the baby’s not crying…

I was told that a normal baby must cry immediately its born…

“Everyone, leave the room” King Lee ordered and the maids and nurses began leaving.

I was also confused on why he asked them to leave.

The doctor was left I the room with us holding the wrapped up baby.

He walked to us slowly and handed the baby to King Lee.

The doctor turned around and left the room.

What’s going on?

I straightened my legs watching King Lee stare into the baby’s face.

It must be so beautiful…

“Can I have him?” I asked stretching my arms towards him.

He nodded and handed me the baby..

“She’s beautiful Simone” He muttered and my heart twinged.

Its a girl????

Oh goodness…

I gazed into her innocent face and smiled. Right now, I just don’t care about the gender of the baby.

I still couldn’t believe I just gave life to such a beautiful girl…

What are we gonna name her…?

“Why’s she not crying?” I asked with a cracked voice.

King Lee held a despondent look…

“Simone, our baby….” He paused as his eyes watered.

“Our baby is going to die soon. She really didn’t survive the abortion pill…I told the doctor to lie so you won’t fill hurt. She’s going to give up soon – and there’s nothing we can do to save her life” He stopped as his tears slid down.

I glanced at my baby and smiled out tears.

Oh God!

I busted into tears instantly…

He sat beside the bed and made me lean on his shoulder.

“I’m so sorry Simone…I couldn’t protect you and our baby” He whispered and I sniffed.

“No! Let’s do something…let’s take her to India. Let’s take her somewhere she’ll receive treatment…we can’t let her die, please!” I rasped but he remained quiet.

I sobbed softly gazing helplessly at my baby as her skin got cold.

He carried her from my arms and stared into her face.

“She’s gone” He muttered and I slumped back on the bed.

Oh God!

I had no idea if I should cry or laugh…

The pain was overwhelming and ate the life out of me.


Tell me this is a dream.

Oh heavens!.

My bones melted and I lost hold…

I can’t believe I just lost my baby.

What did I do to deserve this??….







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