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(He’s a psychopath

But still mine)


Simone’s pov👑

I growled and exhaled sharply. It looked as of the whole world was coming to an end for me.

The excruciating pains I felt drove me crazy and I could only hold onto King Lee for support.

“Where are the f**k*ng nurses?!” The King yelled at the doctor.

“They’re on their way, My Lord…please, you must calm down–”

“Aargh!” I screamed I tears.

I was starting to sweat already….

King Lee snatched the handkie from my maid and wiped my face with It.

“Don’t stop reduces the pain. Don’t worry…anything can happen to the baby, but not to you…I’ll make sure of that” He said softly and our eyes locked.

What does he mean by that? Anything can happen to the baby but not to me??

But I thought he cares more about the child than me.

Or probably my hearing senses didn’t hear him well cause of the pain.

*They’re here!* Someone cried and I saw the nurses running in carrying so many equipments with them.

I heaved a sigh of relieve an clenched onto the bedsheet.

I took the liberty of murmuring a short prayer of forgiveness to God in case i don’t make the delivery alive.

I was so eager to deliver this baby but right now….I’m so scared.

Dawn’s pov👑

I decided to not to keep her waiting so she doesn’t suspect I was clueless about everything she’s been doing.

I racked my brain earnestly to see if I could figure out which cutlery to use first.

I took the napkin and spread it on my thigh before picking up a small knife and fork.

“Good…cause if you failed, I would report to the council that you’re not a princess. A princess that doesn’t behave like a princess doesn’t deserve to wear a crown dear”

The sound of a phone ringing interrupted us and she walked to where she kept her bag.

“My princess…are you okay?” Caroline asked wide-eyed.

“I’m fine….” I mumbled.

“But…your nose is bleeding” she whispered.

I flinched and touched my nose. There was a blood stain left on my finger.

I wiped the blood off completely.

“Your highness…I’ll be going back to the room so queen Alicia doesn’t see me” Caroline muttered and walked out of the room.

Why is she hiding from queen Alicia?

The wedding instructor returned and I got up from the chair.

She was holding her phone and staring at me strangely.

Oh no…what if I was still bleeding?

She scoffed and looked around the room.

“Queen Alicia’s wedding was simple and so was Simone’s wedding. So…can you explain to me why the king wants to dance with you on that day?” She sneered.

I remained mute just gazing at her.

Who does she think she is to ask me such question??…

The truth about me not being a princess stopped me from squeezing her lips. I’d drag her hair and make sure I wipe her makeup with it.

I just don’t want to be exposed…

“If you’re using some kind of charm or magic on the King…you should know that your days are numbered” She paused as someone walked into the room.

It was a man in a white top and black pants…He looked so familiar.

“Let’s carry on, shall we?…

I could have asked you to do the 20 steps course ballet but we’ll have to learn the waltz the King has selected”….

Hew! Thank goodness…

The man came close and held me firmly by my waist. I just couldn’t remember where I’ve seen his face.

“Let’s begin” The lady said and turned on a song on the music box..

I could remember King Lee’s steps and I began moving. I was totally getting it and so was the young man.

Duchess Tetrazzini was brimful of smiles but she frowned when realized I was looking at her.

Hmph…drama queen.

“That was magnificent…I’ll check what’s next on our list” She chimed about scuttled to her bag.

“Its such an honor to be dancing with the future queen of Euphoris…you’re so beautiful, you highness” The young man said with a smile.

I smiled back.

“Thank you…but, do i know you from somewhere?” I scrutinized.

“I don’t think so, My princess…do you really think you’ve seen me before?” He asked looking surprised.

“Well…what’s your name?”….

He smiled and cleared his throat.

“I’m Manuel…at your service” He said with a bow…




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