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(He’s a psychopath

But still mine)


Dawn’s povπŸ‘‘

I couldn’t say anything as I curled myself up on the bed exhausted from healing Caroline.

She stared at me with shocked eyes.

“Thank you, your highness…should I get you a glass of water?” She stuttered.

“No…I’m okay…its you that’ll promise not to tell anyone I have healing powers. Let this be between us for now” I said with muffled breaths.

“I promise, anything at all to protect you” She jibed and sat beside me on the bed.

I kept panting and she covered me up with the duvet.

I’ve never felt so weak in my entire life.

What’s wrong with me?…

I closed my eyes still reacting to the frailness. The atmosphere was blur and I struggled to breath steadily.

Simone’s povπŸ‘‘

I was relived that the king was here along with the doctor.

“Simone…you need to calm down. You’re just having contractions” The doctor stated and I took a deep breath.

“What can I do to stop it?” I asked alarmed.

“You can’t stop it…it comes before delivery” He added and I growled.

“Can she have the baby here in the castle? I don’t want her to go to the hospital” King Lee chimed gazing at my tummy.

“Of course…There’s no need transporting her since there’s guarantee of safe delivery. Both of them are healthy”.

I screamed feeling more pains and King Lee rushed to me. He held my hand and rubbed my back.

“Sorry” He muttered and I nodded sorrowfully.

He’s even apologizing because his child is involved. Oh mercies!

I have to deliver this child the best way I can. I don’t want to disappoint him.

Dawn’s povπŸ‘‘

“Princess Anna” Caroline called and my eyes drifted to her.

“Someone’s here to see you – your wedding instructor” She stated and I furrowed my brows.

Wedding instructor??

I pulled myself up from the bed and cleaned the tears that slid from my cheek.

I have been busy thinking about what my fate would be after the King discovers the whole truth.

Caroline helped me with a little makeup to brighten my moody face and then, she escorted me to the hall where the so called dance instructor was waiting.

Her hair was ravishly packed and a stunning makeup was dressed on her face. The heels she wore were damn long and her dressing said it all…

“Duchess Tetrazzini….she’s here” Caroline spoke softly and the lady gazed at me with beady eyes.

Her eyes rolled from my toes up to my head. Amazing…

“Good afternoon” I greeted with a bow.

“Such terrible bowing posture!” She remarked and I stood erect.


My bowing is terrible?

“Young miss, during your wedding with the King…kings upon kings will flaunt through that gate. Prepared to see how you’ll present yourself…One little mistake and you’ll be called a whore – thereby tarnishing the image of the beloved king.

“From what I’ve seen so far…I am not impressed. The crown on your head is so casual and less sophisticating” She blabbed.

“That’s because I’m indoors and there’s no occasion going on” I replied dumbfounded.

“Giving useless excuses, my dear. Now…we’ll start with your walk. I know its not necessary cause you’ve been taught how to walk all your life…

But I want to see you walk!” She strained.

I gulped and composed myself.

The lady is so strict…I’ve got to impress her so she doesn’t suspect that I’m not truly a princess.

I started walking just like I see Simone and Alicia walk.

With their head up high and their hands flaring. They walk slow but painstakingly.

“Not bad…Now, we’ll practice other etiquettes before moving down to the dancing courses” She said and I cringed.



A table and chair was brought with some things on top.

“Pour me some tea, Anna” Duchess Tetrazzini ordered and I carried the coffee pot….

I placed it over the little cup and poured slowly.

“Ouch!” I screamed when the hot tea splashed on my skin.

“Oh my, oh my….you brainless rat” she mumbled and I twitched.

King Lee calls me brainless rat tooπŸ˜‚

Maybe that’s an insult for royalties…

“You do it gently…” She growled and took the tea lot from me.

She poured some tea in another cup and it didnt even spill or splash on bit…


“Royalties sort for perfection, Anna. Its what we both are. Now…let’s move to the eaten aspect” She said Andi sat on the chair.

There was a plate before me and forks and spoons by the side…and two knifes.

I hope its not what am thinking….

“Imagine there’s turkey salad on that plate….what’s the first cutlery you should pick up?” She asked gazing at me.

I stared up at Caroline…

What do I do?




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