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(He’s a psychopath

But still mine)


Dawn’s pov👑

I looked down bashfully. I have no idea there was a dance made especially for princesses.

This is ridiculous!..

I looked down perturbed…what do I do?

“You don’t know how to dance?” He asked puzzled.

“I…I never learned” I whispered.

“Seriously?…Even Xenia knows all five courses in ballet. Anyways, what else did i expect when you barely act like a princess?” He muttered and got up from his seat.

He walked painstakingly to where I was and took the stick from me dropping it on the floor.

He gently wrapped his hands around my waist and drew me close to his body.

“Our wedding is next week and I would like to waltz dance with you. I’ve never danced in public though” He said and I stared blandly into his face.

Why on earth must we dance???

He moved one of his leg to the left and I followed suit. He made another move and I joined him.

He took his time teaching me how to move and I tried to follow up.

And crazy enough…there was no music playing but we were dancing like we were feeling it somewhere deeper.

I thought this was supposed to be some kind of punishment.

He suddenly cupped my left cheek and placed a kiss on my lips.

“Are you hungry?” He asked softly and I felt my cheeks turning tomato red.

“A little” I replied and he smiled and removed his hand from my cheek.

We held hands as he walked me to the garden.

Manuel’s pov🖤

“…We’ll have to carry out our plans before the wedding. We must make sure the wedding does not hold – so, we’ll kick off with the training today” I stated and everyone in the room nodded.

They dispersed leaving Castro and I alone in the room.

“I don’t trust that woman – Kalani. She haven’t told us how she new we were here to eliminate the king” He peeved behind me.

“Oh, will you relax Castro. The woman has skills and thats what we need to hold off the King’s guards”.

“Whatever…but don’t say I didn’t warn you. Its not too late to cancel this plan and head back home” he chipped.

“I’m going to push through with this plan whether the devil likes it or not…so leave me the hell alone” I bickered and walked out of the room holding the map.

Simone’s pov👑

I entered the room and sat on the bed feeling tired though I only walked to the dinning and back.

The pregnancy was getting heavier day by day and I wish I can just get this over with. The child should just come already..

I leaned back on the heap of pillows and it seemed to relax me a bit.

My two maids walked in carrying covered plates. Well, the breakfast wasn’t enough and I needed more.

They dropped the tray on the bed and uncovered the plates.

I picked up the spoon but instantly felt a sharp pain that drove me crazy….

“Aargh!” I growled and let go of the spoon.

“Your highness…what’s wrong?” the maids asked and I took deep breaths.

“I…I don’t—” I paused feeling more excruciating pains around my abdomen.

“I’ll go get the doctor!” One of the maids rasped but I stopped her.

“No…get the king!” I growled and she ran out of the room.

“Have some water…my queen” The maid said handing me a glass of water.

I took it and drank a gulp. The pains returned and I continued to strain.



Dawn’s pov👑

The food on the table was so much that it could feed a battalion of soldiers.

There were some grapes and strawberries too.

I started eating in a slow pace though I was famished.

King Lee seemed to be less hungry as he played with his food. He picked the berries and threw them to roll on the table.

*My Lord* A voice called from behind and I looked to see Raphael – his personal guard walking in.

He headed straight to the king and whispered something in his ear.

I stopped eating and paid attention to what’s going on…

The king stood up and glanced at me.

“I’ll send for you later” He said and left with the guard.

Geez! What’s going on now?

Everyday is filled with drama here at this castle.


I arrived at the bedroom feeling dowdy.

I saw a figure lying on the bed. I went closer and was beyond shocked to meet Caroline on the bed.

She was covered in scars and blood.

What happened to her?

“Caroline…are you okay?” I asked touching her.

Her eyes opened slowly and she stared at me with weak eyes.

Oh God! She’s really hurt.

I touched her on her forehead and felt her weakness.

It drained my energy as I realized I was healing her. I gritted my teeth and didnt let go.

I couldn’t hold on any longer as I slumped on the floor panting.

“Princess Anna!” Caroline called and held onto me.

The scars on her skin had cleared and she looks stronger.

She helped me sit on the bed and the frailness I felt was too much for me to control.

“Your highness…how did you do it? You’re a healer?” She asked wide-eyed.




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