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(He’s a psychopath

But still mine)


Caroline’s pov๐Ÿงก

A lot ran through my mind after having the conversation with queen Alicia and I was on my way back to my room.

The reward she imposed was something I possibly couldn’t refuse.

Twice my salary…I can be able to pay for my father’s hospital bills.

This also means going against princess Anna and hurting her. She has been so good to me.

I stopped walking and summoned courage; I won’t join forces with Alicia.

Princess Anna Is just an innocent girl forced into marriage with the most dangerous king ever.

I’d also say we are friends now.

I turned around heading back to queen Alicia’s room.

She told me to think over it and report back to her tomorrow but I don’t want her to get the idea that I’m one of them.

I knocked on her door and waited patiently.

After a short while, one of her maids opened the door and ushered me in.

I walked in and she shut the door behind us. There were two more maids standing behind queen Alicia brushing her hair.

“Your highness” I quivered and bowed abruptly.

She motioned me to stand erect and I cleared my throat.

“My queen, I’ve thought about it and I really don’t want to get tangled in any mess. Yes – I need the money but I don’t want to harm the princess either” I paused as her eyes pierced into mine.

“So…what are you saying?” She chided.

“I won’t do what you asked…” I blurted and she scoffed.

“You’re such a coward” She muttered and stood up from her seat.

“Deal with her” she ordered and her maids grabbed me by my wrist and pulled me to kneel on the floor.

“What…what’s going on? Please…my queen” I wavered but she paid no attention to me.

I felt one of them drag my hair and the other kick me by my tummy. I winced and wailed in agony.






Dawn’s pov๐Ÿ‘‘

I felt drops of water rest on my face and I flickered my eyes open.

King Lee stood beside the bed holding cup of water. Our eyes locked and I smiled slightly at him.

“Good morning—”

“Get your body off my bed” He interpolated coldly.

I sighed and pulled myself up and climbed down from the bed.

I looked around the room…

How on earth did I get hear??

“Do you remember anything from last night?” He asked glaring at me.

I winced on feeling a twinge in my head. It seemed like a brain migraine and I shook my head feebly.

“I don’t think so” I mumbled and he scoffed.

“Good. Go to your room and clean yourself up…then you come back here with a stick” He ordered and I gulped.




I went into my bedroom and locked the door behind me.

God! Why can’t I remember a thing from last night?….

Did I do something wrong yesterday? Could it be the reason he kept glaring at me??

Well…he always glares at me.

Anyways, Where’s Caroline…?

I shrugged and went to the bathroom to have a bath.

After getting dressed, I went to King Lee’s chambers with a stick.

Luckily, there was no one around to see me holding a stick – I wouldn’t want tantrums.

The guards opened the doors and I noticed they kept staring at me. I sauntered into the room and the doors closed behind me.

King Lee was sitting on a chair close to his desk. He was drinking from a glass of wine in his hand.

That reminds me…I’ve not had breakfast.

I cringed and held onto my tummy.

The king rolled his eyes and kept the cup aside on the table.

“Since you helped me with the dog the other day…I’ll make your punishment less challenging” He stated and I swallowed nothing…


“I want you to dance the 20 steps royal princess ballet with that stick” He said and I glanced at the stick.


I give up…




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