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(He’s a psychopath

But still mine)


King Lee’s pov👑

I held her wrist stopping her from removing the belt completely.

“Don’t you dare, Anna” I said glaring darkly at her.

She ignored and took her hands back to the belt.


What am I going to do with her now??…

She succeeded in unzipping my pants and she got a hold of my d••k. I looked around the room taking deep breaths.

She squeezed it and I couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable. I don’t have much appetite for s•x.

I tried to get Raphael’s attention but he wasn’t in the hall.

I reached for my phone and dialed his number and he picked up immediately…

“I need you to turn off the lights..” I instructed.

“Okay, your highness” He replied and I hung up.

I felt a twinge and stared down at Anna – I caught her dragging my d•••k.

I tried removing her hand when the lights went off and darkness surrounded us.

Thank goodness.

I got up and carried Anna into my arms before finding my way out of the hall…

Caroline’s pov🖤

Where’s princess Anna??…

Could it be she’s with the king?

But the King’s hosting a feast downstairs and the queens at not allowed to join.

I left the room and decided to ask other maids concerning her whereabouts.

I strolled past the other side of the castle where the other Queen’s rooms were.

I met queen Alicia walking out from princess Xenia’s room with her maids.

I paused and bowed.

“Good evening, my queen” I muttered.

She rolled her eyes and faced the two maids behind her.

“Go ahead to my chambers…I’ll come later” She said and they went on their way.

She turned to me and I had no idea why my heart skipped.

“You are Anna’s personal maid, right?” She asked quizzically.

“Yes, your highness” I replied.

“Where is she right now?”.

“She’s in her room asleep, your highness” I lied.

She tilted her head scouring around with her eyes.

“Alright…well, there’s something I want you to do for me concerning her” She paused and smirked.

“I would reward you well enough…are you interested or not??”.




Sir Blade’s pov👑

I was relaxed on the pouch sofa as two beautiful ladies satisfied my sexual needs.

It makes me remember princess Anna.

The real princess Anna….

She was so good in bed and her styles were to die for.

I know I’m old enough to be her father but I couldn’t resist being inside of her.

Well…she’s lucky she killed herself cause King Lee would kill her the moment he pulls in and realizes she was never a virgin.

And her stupid father Cedric thought Anna was the best of his children.

So pathetic!

One of the girls took her time licking the sides of my member before putting the whole length into her mouth.

I grabbed her hair prepared to torment her.

Suddenly, The door opened and the guard walked In with the assassin behind him.

“He’s here, Sir” The guard informed and I nodded perfunctorily.

He turned around and left the room.

I tapped the girls ordering then to leave.

This was something more important..

“What’s the reason you called me so late in the night, sir?” He asked gazing at me with beady eyes.

I sighed and sat up on the couch.

I didnt bother about covering my nakedness because here in Muzana…we are immoral and that’s why King Lee asked for just one special rare princess.

I couldn’t stop thinking about King Lee and Dawn….

The whole thing gives me headache and I need to get this burden off my chest.

“I’m waiting sir” The man’s voice awoke me from the brooding thoughts.

“Its the princess – Anna whom is married off to King Lee…

I want her dead” I said with every bit of seriousness…

The assassin nodded without question.

“When do you want it done?…”




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