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(He’s a psychopath

But still mine)


Dawn’s pov👑

“King Lee!” I called running towards him. He was surrounded with his guards and walked ahead of them.

The men stopped and stared at me as i reduced my pace and walked royally to the king.

He looked doleful and I could tell he was sad. One of the maid’s told me Sieone’s baby died and I’m just devastated.

“Yeah?” He asked in muffled breaths.

I was eager to see him but right now, i just feel like crawling under a rock.

“I…I’m sorry about the lost baby. I’m also sorry for stopping you…I’ll come later…your highness” I stuttered.

“No…its fine. Let’s go to my chambers” He said and began walking away.

I followed coyly with so much ponderous thoughts going on in my mind.

Why poor Simone?…

I sniffed and wiped off the tear that had rested on my cheek.

I pray she gets over the pain of loosing her child immediately after birth.



King Lee slumped on his bed and stood next to him. He removed his kingly attire quietly and was left in his pants.

I took his clothes and went to the wardrobe and dropped them by the side.

“Come here” King Lee said and I walked back to him.

He laid on the bed and made me sit beside him.

“Anna, I’ll kill someone if this pain doesn’t go away” He whispered staring at the ceiling.

I stared at him clueless of where he’s headed.

“Am I the someone…?” I murdered obviously scared.

He chuckled and took my hand rubbing it.

“I don’t think I can hurt you” He whispered inaudibly but I heard him…

“I want to make her death slow but I don’t think that’ll do…” He added and i cringed.

Who’s he talking about?

Alicia’s pov👑

I couldn’t stop crying after I heard the news about Simone’s baby’s death.

Its my fault…the abortion pills really affected the baby.

King Lee knows!.

He’s going to come for me soon.

What’s he going to do to me, huh?

I didn’t mean to kill her child.

I was jusy deperate.

God! What I wrong with me???

I even tried to hurt Xenia all because of that shameless princess.

What sort of jealousy is this?!

Dawn’s pov👑

Right before my eyes…King Lee slept off as I rubbed his hands.

His face was so peaceful and cute.

I just hope he’ll feel better and sober tomorrow.

Today has been quite a long day and thanks to Duchess Tetrazzini, my waist hurt from the dancing and standing.

I’m just not used to it!.

I got up from the bed and left the room, unnoticed. I went to Simone’s room but the guards infront of her door restricted me from seeing her.

I’m sure she’s going through so much hurt right now…

She just have to be strong for her family.

And like they say…most disappointments are indeed blessings.

I retired back to the room to sleep for tomorrow’s drama with Tetrazzini.






King Lee’s pov👑

I fixated my eyes out in the lands – gazing at the green pastures and some horse riders moving against the wind.

The morning was beautiful and filled with so much wind. Like…the ghost of our baby was leaving a present for us.

I smiled and drank from the wine in my hand. I was at the balcony keeping my eyes occupied as i waited for Simone to come.

I summoned for her for just one reason.

I want to help her the true way I can.

I sniffed her perfume and realized she was here. Her footsteps were slow and i guessed she was still feeling pains from the delivery.

“King Lee…” She called and soon joined me at the balcony.

“Good morning” She greeted with a warm smile.

“Morning…Where you able to sleep last night?” I asked and she nodded abruptly.

“Simone, i want you to tell me what you want now…just one thing you want me to do for you” I stated.

“I…I want to go back home – to my family” She muttered as tears scrolled down her pale cheeks.

I gasped at her for a moment.

She wants to go?…

“Will that make you happy?” I asked austerely.

“Yes, your majesty” She replied with a bow.

“Okay…you can prepare to leave…Raphael will give you keys to the cars I bought for you for this upcoming Christmas…he’ll also give you papers to your land and the money too”.

“I have cars and a land?” She asked stupefied.

I nodded with a smile.

She gasped and jumped on me giving me a tight hug.

I wanted to push her away, instead I held her closer since she was leaving.

We unlocked from the hug and our foreheads met.

“I’ll never forget you King Lee…thank you so much” She said, brimful of smiles.

I couldn’t utter a word as she placed a kiss on my lips before running out of the room.

Then it struck me…since we got married, I’ve never kissed her.





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