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Teasing Me

Season 4

Episode 24

At last, when I can’t stay in this position any longer without inflicting some serious pain on myself, I roll onto my back.

Pamona backs away a step, gasping at the sudden motion. I watch her eyes widen when she takes in my cock, standing straight and proud, so high it almost touches my stomach when I lay back down.

“Keep going,” I tell her.

She visibly swallows, then reaches down slowly to touch my pecs.

“Harder,” I say.

She digs her fingers into my muscles, and all the while, I keep my eyes on her face, her hands, her chest as it starts to heave with anticipation.

“Lower,” I tell her, and she moves to my stomach, tracing my abs, then my sides. Avoiding my cock for as long as she can.

“Lower, Pamona,” I repeat, when she lingers too long over my abs, and she glances nervously at my face before she touches my thighs. Then, slowly, she reaches up to touch my cock, wrapping both hands around me.

We both groan, and my eyes flutter half-shut, the sensation of her soft, smooth hands on my rock hard cock driving me wild. She starts to slide her hands up and down my shaft, both at once, clumsy and inexperienced. But that only makes it hotter, knowing that I’m the first man she ever touched this way. This is the first time she’s had a man’s cock in her hands, the first time she’s tightened her grip and started to pump her hands…


I was already sensitive as hell, getting worked up while she massaged me. I’m far too close to the edge now. I reach down and catch her hands, stopping her.

“Your turn, Pamona.”

She lets go of my cock, though reluctantly, and I smirk as I slide off the table to stand beside her. “Strip.”

She lifts her shift off and drops it beside the table. She’s not wearing a bra, only panties, and I don’t even need to command her to remove them. One glance from me and she’s already pushing them down her long, smooth thighs.

“Lie down.”

She climbs onto the table, lies on her back, and I pick up a bottle of warming oil. Spread it across her soft skin and begin to work it into her back. I take my time, moving along her spine first, then out over her shoulders, down her sides, pressing hard enough to elicit little gasps and squirms from her as I work the kinks from her muscles. But as I get lower, those muscles start to tense again, and by the time I’m massaging her ass, I can tell that any relaxation she may have gotten from the massage is going right out the window from how quickly she’s getting turned on.

“You are the sexiest, most innocent little girl,” I murmur as I spread her legs and slide my hands up her inner thighs.

She gasps again, louder this time.

“Or maybe not so innocent,” I amend, as I reach her pussy and find her lips wet with desire. I spread them, oil still coating my fingers, and trace her lips, her mound, her slit, my fingers moving steadily but surely, accustomed to the fastest way to make her beg now. It doesn’t take long before I have one finger pushing inside her, curled to graze along her front wall, and my thumb pressed over her clit, massaging in slow, gentle circles.

“You can’t hide how much you want me, Pamona. Not in here.” I curl my finger and drag it along her inner wall to make my point. She gasps and arches against the table, her hips bucking. I take advantage of that movement to thrust my finger deeper inside her.

“You want to feel my cock inside you. You want me to claim you as mine, once and for all.”

She gasps, but doesn’t respond. On the other hand, it’s not a denial. I reach up to twirl her nipple between my other fingers, rolling it slowly back and forth as she twists against the table. When she’s fully distracted by that, I slide a second finger inside her pussy in response. Start to fuck her faster. “Beg me, Pamona. Beg, and I will fuck you.”

A moan is my only reply.

I switch to her other nipple, leaning down to lick the already-hard nipple while I roll her other between my thumb and forefinger. Her lips part, eyes going wide. I grin up at her and tongue her breast as I massage the other, all the while keeping my finger gliding in and out of her soaking wet pussy.

Soon she’s writhing against the massage bed, lost in pleasure.

“Pamona,” I whisper against her sensitive skin.

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