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Teasing Me

Season 4

Episode 12

I smile against her cheek, my lips barely skimming her earlobe, as I murmur, “I am going to turn Daddy’s sweet little virgin into a dirty, naughty little cum slut. I am going to wait until you beg me to fuck you, Pamona.”

Her breath hitches, hoarse in her throat.

My smile widens. “By the end of this month, I promise you, you will be addicted to my cock.”

Then I release her chin and step back, only half a step, enjoying the confusion warring with anger on her face. But under that, there’s a deep flush, a bright red blush she can’t hide.

“I won’t… I’d never…” But she’s stammering too hard to even get her denial out.

I laugh softly and trail my fingers up her arms again. Savoring the feel of her, so soft and smooth and delicate. So breakable. So takeable.

“Never?” I repeat, my breath hot on her neck as I lean over her. I can feel her trembling beneath my fingers as I curl one hand around the back of her neck, cupping her gently, holding her in place.

“N-no,” she manages to stammer in response.

I grin. “How can you be so sure?” I let my hand trail down her back, tracing the ridges of her spine one at a time. “You don’t know what sex can do to a person.” I reach the small of her back, and tighten my grip, pulling her body against mine. Crushed against me, I can feel her small nipples harden, pressing through the fabric of my shirt. “Let alone sex with me,” I add in a whisper.

She swallows hard, stiffens against me. Trying to resist me. But she’s in over her head here. I know all the ways I can drive her wild, and I intend to use every last one.

I turn to brush my lips along her jawline, feathering kisses along her face until I reach the sensitive spot just below her ear, where her neck meets her jaw. Then I nip her lightly and grin as she gasps and startles against me.

“Admit it, Pamona. You’re already getting wet for me, aren’t you?”

“You’re a bastard,” she whispers.

But that’s not a no. I slide my hand back up her naked back, up her neck, until I reach her hair. I bury my hand in her long curls, then tighten my grip into a fist, and pull her back, just far enough so I can look down into her wide, nervous green eyes. “I am going to use your virgin pussy,” I tell her, enjoying the way those eyes go wider, the pupils dilating, her lips parting, half in fear and half in desire. “I am going to wreck you, through and through. And then, right when you are finally and completely addicted to me, when you are fully mine… That’s when I am going to leave you.”

She blinks, frowning a little in confusion.

“That is,” I add, “Unless you go on a live webcast. You’ll proclaim to the whole world what a whore you are. That you are my filthy little slut. And then—only then, once you have humiliated your father and debased your family name, will I consider fucking you again.”

There’s a crack and a sudden sting in my cheek.

Both of us blink for a moment, startled. Then I realize she’s got her arm between us and my cheek is burning in the shape of her palm.

She slapped me.

I grab her wrist without thinking, hot red fury flaring behind my eyes. I shove her onto the nearest couch and pin her, looming over her as I glare down at this girl. This little innocent virgin who I am going to tame and ruin.

“I am never going to beg for you,” she says, jaw set with anger. “So you can stop holding your breath right now.”

“We’ll see about that.” I run my hand down her side, tracing her curves. The slope of her breast, her waist, the flat plane of her stomach. I pause at her hips, digging in my nails just enough that she’ll feel it. Her soft gasp tells me she does. I smile and let go of her hips, run my hands over the smooth plane of her thighs instead, then slide beneath her to trace her ass. Oh, how I want to take her. I want to grip that ass and fuck her senseless.

But not yet. Not yet, not yet, not yet…

I’m savoring this.

The feel of her trembling beneath me. The way she keeps her legs clenched tight together, because I know—I can smell that she’s already getting wet for me. It oozes from her pores, sweat and sex and desire.


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