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....Her truth and lie game towards him💔💔💔

       Final Episode
 She sobbed on his chest, 
  "I'm so sorry, i'm so sorry I've been lying to you all these time, 
  I'm so sorry "

   He digged his hand into her hair making her relax her head deeper into his chest, 
  She could smell the strong scent of his cologne, 

  How she missed those scent of his body, 
   She didn't want to let go now, 
  "I love you, I love you so much Andre, I love you so much Sunbae, 

  I can't move on without you, I might not have said it to you before but you're the best thing that ever happened to me, 

  I can't risk letting you go "she babbled almost choking in tears, 
  "Its okay, its okay, stop crying, its okay, I love you too"he whispered wiping her tears with his fingers, 

   He smiled to her, 
  She raised up her jaw so she could be able to look at those eyes which she have been missing for more than two months now, 

  She haven't had them looking at her with love, its hate, hate and hate! 
   How radiant they're shining now for her alone. 

  She's confident now, she's okay, she's just so okay.... He kissed her, pressed his lips against hers and she reciprocated the kiss feeling so happy inside of her, 

All she wanted, not a fight with sunbae, though she haven't loved him at first and she was determined to lie to the last of it cuz she thought she didn't like him. 

She loved when she lied to him and he believed without asking questions, 
  She never knew that she loved him, 

Maybe because she never gave that love a chance, maybe she was such a fool not to have found out, 

  In this life and even in the next one and there's still Andre, 
  She will always choose him, cuz the way he makes her feel is totally out of the world.

   She loves him, he loves her too and that's how they will continue to live like till they're ready to live the world. 

   "I'm proud to be your girlfriend, 
  Sunbae's girlfriend "she mumbled chuckling as they stood by the moonlight watching the moon, 

  He smiled grabbing her by her waist, 
  "I'm proud to be your boyfriend forever "he replied and she leaned her head on his shoulder, 

    'Let's be together forever Sunbae"
  "And ever Alisa "he kissed her forehead. 

  And the moon shined brightly over their heads..... 



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