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....Her truth and lie game towards him💔💔💔

Episode 29


     "Is this what you want? "Nathan asked with pain in his eyes,    
   "Yes"he replied nodding, 

  "What about my sister? She had loved you for.... "
  "Which of your sisters? Alisa or Jen?? "

  "Stop putting Alisa into.... "
Just then Jen bursted into the room panting for breath, 

   "What's wrong? Why do you look so terrified as if something is after you? "Nathan asked going over to her side, 

     "Its Al... Alisa... She's on top of a cliff and wants to fall off from there! "She screamed out almost about to freak out, 

  Andre's eyes widened as his heart trembled in shock, 
  "What! Where?? How?? When?? Is she still there or has she jumped?? "He asked nervously, 

   She shook her head sobbing, 
  "Everyone is... is looking at her... She really wants to fall off... "

Andre didn't even wait up for her to say more before he ran out, took his car and zoomed off, 

  He dialed her line but she wasn't picking up, 
   Arrrggggg!! Why now? C'mon, don't do this... Don't do this to me!!!... He muttered under his breath as his body kept vibrating behind the wheels, 

    Gosh! He scowled out when he caught into the traffic, 
   "Damn!! What the fuvk is all these? 
   He wanted to reverse and use a short cut but other cars has already blocked him from behind. 

  He was stuck there in the traffic, 
   "He looked up to a cliff beside the road and saw her on top of it, 

  She is really mean! She really wants to jump!! Everyone gathered around there like sand on the ground taking photos of her, 

     He didn't waste time getting down from the car and finding his way around the whole place before he took the stairs to go meet her, 

  His heart was racing, racing so fast, 
   After twenty minutes, he reached the roof top at last and he panted heavily almost loosing his breath, 

   "Don't jump! "He echoed, 
  She froze, she was almost gonna jump for real, 

She thought he had hated her so much that he couldn't even come to her, 

  She thought that even if she jumped off a cliff, 
  He won't care, she had been waiting for hours to see him, to tell her not to jump, 

  To tell her that everything is okay and they will be together again but he never came, 
   And now, he's behind her telling her not to jump again, 

  She turned her front to him, 
  "Don't do it please, "he pleaded coming close to her, 
  "I want to do it"she replied trying to weigh his words if he really meant them or not, 

   "Don't! How will I live on when I can't be able to see you again? "He asked this time almost nearing her, 

  Tears streamed down her face, 
  "You still love me? Have you forgiven me? 
  I'm sorry I lied... I wish there's another way I can.... "He grabbed her and pushed her into himself, 

    He hugged her so tight to himself, 
   "Don't ever think am gonna let you go Alisa.... "


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