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....Her truth and lie game towards him💔💔💔

 Episode 27 

   His alarm bell rang repeatedly, 
He yawned before getting up from his bed, 

   He was startled to see his friend to be the one ringing the alarm bell, 
  "Oh hey Nathan! "He cooed yawning still,

   "Still sleeping?? "
  "I couldn't get a wink last night and you know... I... "
  "Thinking about that wench again? "

  "She's not a wench! As much as I hate her, please don't call her a wench"
  "But that what she is for breaking your heart! "

  "I don't think we have to discuss about your sister this morning Nathan"he put in sarcastically gesturing to Alisa, 

  "Oh c'mon Andre, she's not my sister and can never be one! "
   "Why? Isn't she pretty enough? Isn't she.... "

  'She's a liar and she broke your.... "
  "Can we stop the word broke my heart around here please!? "He cut in and Nathan gulped hard. 

  "Fine! So how was the date with my sister? "
  "Date?? Did she call that a date?? "

  Nathan smirked relaxing on his friend's bed, 
  "She told me that she was going out on a date with you, "
  Sunbae sighed taking his time to take off his clothe preparing for a bath, 

   "Date?? I only helped her out with her assignment and she bought me a drink that's all, 

Date?? Oh c'mon, she's my little sister too "he smiled saying so, 
   Nathan smiled, 

  "Okay but she's so obsessed with you, I know she's my sister but she likes you a lot"

  Andre chuckled trying to read his friend's mind, 
  "If I were you, I won't let my sister fall in love with his friend"he muttered with pangs of sarcasm in his voice and Nathan frowned, 

  "There's no crime to be in love"was his reply, 
  That struck him, those words touched him, 

  No-crime-to-be-in-love.... Same words Alisa had used when texting him few weeks ago after their break up, 

   *Look Andre, I know you're angry with me but... I can lie to the whole world just to keep you! 

  I don't mind lying a thousand times just to make you stay! 
  I realized that I had been lying to you just for you not to get away from me! 

  If I had told you the whole truth, you would've left me! 

  I love you and that's why I have been lying to you and if you think I... I have been deceiving you... I'm sorry, I'm sorry for all the lies I told you! 

I'm really sorry! 

   "No crime to be in love?? "He asked him as if he were in a trance 
   "Yes, my sister.... "

He rushed into his bathroom, not wasting a moment, he bathed himself and came out later so he could dress up, 

  "Hey what's wrong? Why are you so in a hurry? 
  Hey stop! What's wrong? Why are you acting out like that? "

  He just realized something, he realized that..... 

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