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....Her truth and lie game towards him💔💔💔

 Episode 26

       Nathan smirked after he said that, 
  She heaved and walked behind her big brother, 

   "Don't call her that again "he warned his brother frowning and Nathan smirked, 
  "Don't tell me you're on her side! 

She's a liar! And she broke my friend's heart with those cheap tongue of hers! 

I don't blame her afterall, she's the daughter of a whore, what would I expect if not.... "

  "Watch your tongue around her in this house Nathan! Just watch it! I won't let you pick on her in this house! I won't stay back and watch you do that!"he warned for the last time brushing past him. 

   Nathan smirked once again after his brother walked away dragging her bag behind him, 

    He turned to Alisa who was dumbstruck at what she heard from him, 
  "This house won't be for you, "he whispered and then scoffed before walking away, 

     She breathed out and slumped to the ground, 
  It took time before she got to her feet walking into the house, 

    Her half sister's face greeted her immediately she walked in, 
  "Wow! You're here! Jeez! I didn't know you would come! 

Anyways I wanted to tell you that I'm going out with Andre tonight! And guess what? 

I think he's going to confess his feelings to me! I can't wait!! Gosh! I can't wait!! "

  She kept talking while Alisa walked past her going over to her bedroom, 
   Is she trying to make her jealous? Make her worry? Make her cry? Make her angry? Well, she practically got it wrong cuz she doesn't even care about whom she goes out with! 

  All she needs now is to get into her room and then cry her eyes out, 
  She just need to, 

   She came into her room at last and then slumped into her bed, 
  Tears streamed down her face, 

   Sweet memories with Sunbae filled her head, 
   That night, that steamy night in his room. 

  That night which she think was where her feelings for him began to change, 

 That night... On a pool, it was his birthday, 
  She wanted to give him just the best but ended up doing more than that, 

  They had s3x, it was not even in his room, it was right there in the pool, 
  A warmy night which she can never get off her head. 

  It was all her fault, if she hadn't lied from the start, if only she was so truth full to him... 

   *Who's this person to you? **he asked someday seeing her standing with one of her ex,*
  *My brother's... Erm... I mean... We're related!! *

  She cried on, 

  *Have you ever dated before Alisa? *
  *No, why do you ask? **she lied and asked at the same time*, 

  *I wanted to know*
  She smiled at his answer, 
  *You're actually my first date*she lied again, 

   Why lies?? What's so hard about saying a single truth? 
   Why did she have to lie so much? 
And now she have lost him! Lost him forever!!! 


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