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Season 8

Episode 8

(Who dares to bully her)

Jacob caught her slender hand and laid it on his chin as he said gently, "Fine, come on then. Help me shave my whiskers please, my little girl."    

Emily felt the stinging touch his short but hard whiskers and refused, "No, I won't." 

   "Come on little girl. Uncle Jacob will give you a sweetie if you help me,"  he bantered with an easy smile.  

  "You are being quite the bad guy now, you know that? Bad uncle,"  she giggled.    
Emily's soft and gentle voice penetrated Jacob's ears like a light feather sweeping through his heart. It seemed to brush away all their past worries and pain. His eyes deepened and his voice became husky as he said, "Well, then I will have to show you what a bad guy will do."    

"Hmm..." She did not even get a chance to reply as Jacob quickly drew her into his arms and gave her a deep and long kiss. Their lips locked in passionate embrace and exchanged the promise of tomorrow, a tomorrow which saw them together despite all the heart ache they had endured.  

He reluctantly let go of her when she was almost out of breath.    

"So, am I bad enough now? If not, I could do something much worse..." He dragged the last word out long and sibilantly on purpose, with a cunning smile lighting up his handsome face.    

Maybe it was due to being out of breath or shyness, but Emily's face became scarlet red like a ripened apple.    

Though she dared not look into his affectionate eyes, she knew exactly what he meant.  

  " can't..." she stuttered.   

 In reply, Jacob held her even tighter and tucked his chin into her neck, breathing in her unique scent which was intoxicating to him.  

Sighing he said gently, "Please, rest assured, my love. I know you are not fully recovered so I won't force you to do that. Your husband is not a monster."    

"I did not mean..." Emily hurried to explain, not wanting him to feel repulsed.    

"Oh... So you want it, don't you?" he could not help but lure her again.    

Stunned by his teasing, she finally understood what he meant and she stuttered, "I...I don't... No, I don't want it. I don't want anything right now."    

"Yes, you do."    

"No, I don't,"  she stammered.    

Smiling, Jacob looked at Emily and could not help but feel that he was looking at his whole world when he looked into her eyes.  

"The baby in your belly is still too fragile as it's now less than three months into the pregnancy. But if you really want it, I can help you... with my hand,"  he whispered gently with a sly smile tugging at his lips.   

 To emphasis his words, Jacob raised his slender hand and wiggled his limber fingers in front of Emily's eyes.  

  She felt so embarrassed that she punched him on his chest and threatened, " dare not say that again! You dare not say something like that here! What if someone heard you?!"    
"You punched me on my wounds..." 

Jacob mourned with a pained expression on his face for effect.    

Concern replaced banter and Emily quickly turned serious, wanting to check his wounds, anxiously saying, "I'm so sorry. I did not mean to. Does it hurt? Let me have a look. Do you need me to call a doctor for you?"  

Jacob had really suffered a lot in Sean's place and it was all because of Emily. It was impossible for him to have fully recovered in such a short time. She worried that the punch could have torn open his wounds again.    

He burst into laughter again at seeing how nervous and upset Emily was and said, in an exaggerated way, "Yeah, it hurts. It hurts so much. But maybe a little girl's kiss could reduce my pain, I guess." He winked evilly.    

Emily finally knew that Jacob was joking with her. She felt much relieved.    

But thinking of his tricks, she decided to play a joke on him too. "Well, okay. I will go get Beryl for you, right now."    

"Beryl is my daughter. She is not the little girl I'm talking about,"  Jacob stopped her.    

"So, who is that little girl?" she asked.    "She is my only little girl, and she is in front of me right now."  

Jacob wanted to draw her close for a kiss again but was pushed away by Emily, "Nope, no more kissing for now. But I don't mind helping to shave your whiskers."   

 "Well, fine!" he said with a little disappointment.    

After shaving Jacob's whiskers and washing their faces, they went downstairs together.   

 Jacob decided to make breakfast himself for Emily and Beryl.    

It was Saturday so Beryl did not need to go to school, and he hoped that they could spend some time together. Emily wanted to go wake Beryl up, but was stopped by Jacob.    

"Beryl might still feel weird about everything so just give her some time to adjust. As for you, just keep me company here, and if I find that you are absent-minded, I promise to punish you. Remember that, baby."  

Emily burst into laughter at hearing Jacob's childish words. She could not help but pinch his nose and said, "Fine, I will stay with you, my baby boy."    

"Humph, baby boy? I still remembered that someone called me 'uncle' just now. Do you remember who she is?" he bantered.    

"Humph, I'm just telling the truth,"  Emily bantered back.    

They were still joking with each other, and had not realized that Beryl and Ancho had already gotten up and were on their way down. The two were watching them from the upstairs landing at this very moment.    

Beryl clenched her fists tightly and her beautiful eyes filled with anger. She could not help feeling perturbed, as she was afraid that someone was stealing her father away from her.  

'No! It will never happen! I have to find a way to chase that woman away from my family. Despite the fact that she looks so alike my mother, she means nothing to me! I don't care who she is. She will never replace my mother! No one can replace my mother!' Beryl raged in her mind.    

Ancho was also enraged and clenched her fists in fury. The pain of her nails piercing the flesh of her palms drew her back to reality though.    

Surprisingly, Ancho was actually a high-flying graduate from a famous university. She did not need to be a maid in the Gu family at all. However, she came with a pre-determination.    

Gaining Beryl's trust had just been the first step in her plan. Ancho's aim was to get close to Jacob and become his woman. Then she could marry him someday and share everything he had!

 Money, power and fame, she wanted them all!    

However, no matter how hard she tried, Jacob did not care about her at all. It seemed that Jacob cared nothing for anyone but Emily alone, who was Miss Nobody to Ancho. It was frustrating to her that her plans were not making headway. 'Why? Why? On what grounds? 

This woman has got nothing but the same face as Jacob's past lover!  

So what?    

No matter who she is, I will get rid of everyone who blocks my way!' Ancho thought angrily.   

 Ancho sorted out her emotions and asked in her normal servile tone, "Miss Beryl, mind the steps please. Do you need me pick you up?"    

Beryl still wanted to tell her that she could walk down by herself but Ancho had already picked her up, without her permission, and carried her downstairs to the dinning room.    

Beryl was a little confused by this random action but she decided not to blame her for such a little thing. Instead she zipped her mouth closed and said nothing.  

"Sir, ma'am, good morning."  

  Ancho forced herself to call Emily 'ma'am', though she resented it from the bottom of her heart.   

 "Morning,"  Jacob's smile faded and he replied without much emotion. He cast a glimpse at Ancho or rather at Beryl in her arms actually.   

 "Beryl, how old are you now? Why do you still need others to pick you up?" asked Jacob.    

Beryl had not wanted Ancho to pick her up, but she could not help feeling angry that Jacob blamed her for this. "Well, right. My dear Daddy only wants to pick up others to cuddle. But I've got no choice but to let Ancho pick me up! You don't pick me up, so you don't allow others to care for me either, right?" Beryl said seriously.  

Jacob was startled by her outburst, as he just wanted to cultivate Beryl's independence to start with. He never expected this answer from his own daughter. Her answer made him feel as if she were being severely bullied by someone.   

 But who dared to bully her in this house?   

 "What are you talking about..." he began.   

 "Jacob, stop it. Beryl is still young. It's okay to pick her up..." Emily interrupted, looking at Beryl with a tender smile.  

  Jacob shook his head and smiled too, "You should not spoil her as much as before..."    

"I didn't spoil her in the past,"  Emily refuted. She walked towards Beryl wanting to pick her up. Jacob still wanted to stop Emily, thinking of her poor health and the baby in her belly, but Beryl's angry voice came faster.  

  "I'm talking to my father now. It's none of your business! And don't you dare pick me up! Just stay away from me!" Beryl yelled at Emily.  

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