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Season 8

Episode 7

(Uncle Jacob and little Emily)

Rooted in her place and not knowing what to do, Emily just looked at her daughter. She was sad she could not do anything. Her daughter was still not used to her looking like another person.   

 She watched at the sideline how Jacob and Beryl treat each other. They even embraced one another.    

What she saw just made her feel more depressed.    

"There's no need to be sad. Time will come that everything will be alright. To help you feel better, I'll talk to her later." 

Seeing Emily's sad expression, Jacob felt a little bit distressed. He put his arms around her and continued, "Beryl was just too surprised to see you now. But soon, she will understand."    

Despite Jacob's comfort assurance, Emily was still not optimistic. "I hope so,"  she answered sighing softly.  

Just then, the maid who looked after Beryl interrupted, "Sir, let me follow Miss Beryl to see to her needs."    

Whether the intention was deliberate or not, it seemed that the maid neglected to acknowledge Emily.    

Though Emily did not see anything wrong, this made Jacob angry. "Is it only I that you see?"  When the maid failed to answer him, he continued his questioning. "Shall I teach you how to address my wife?"    

"No...I'm sorry, ma'am." This time, the maid answered right away. Her eyes grew large in surprised. She couldn't help but stare at Emily. She thought that the woman in front of her look younger than her and was beautiful with a fairy spirit all around her.   

 'Is she really Mr. Jacob's wife?' the maid asked herself.  

Though Jacob already told her who Emily was, she still felt confused while remembering Miss Beryl's reaction.  

  'Is it really possible to mother a child at such a young age?' the maid continued wondering. Then the maid speedily calculated the age in her mind. 'Miss Beryl is almost seven years old. This woman must have her when she was between fourteen or fifteen if she's really Miss Beryl's mother.'   

 'UNLESS... She is a new woman brought back by Mr. Jacob.'    

With this new thought, the maid could not stop herself from feeling a strong sense of unwillingness to accept the new hostess. At the same time, she also felt jealous. But with her poker face, nobody could tell what was going on in her mind. What she felt, she concealed well. "I'm sorry, Mr. Jacob. I am just worried about Miss Beryl too much these past few days,"  explained the maid respectfully. Then, the maid looked at Emily and addressed her, "Ma'am, I hope you can forgive me."  

Emily just gave the maid a small nod. "It doesn't matter." Emily really didn't care about it. Her focus was her daughter. What mattered to her was her daughter's feelings.    

"Thank you, ma'am, for your understanding." Then, the maid bowed her head.    

When Jacob saw that the matter was not a big deal for Emily, he let it go. He turned his attention to the maid and gave her instructions. "I want you to talk to Beryl and try to persuade her."    

The maid nodded her head, "As you wish, Mr. Jacob."    

Afterward, Jacob escorted Emily to the dining room. He, then, pulled a chair and guided Emily to sit. When he seated himself, they started eating dinner.    

All of a sudden, Emily put down the chopsticks and stopped eating. With so many things in her mind, she couldn't enjoy the food. All the dishes tasted like cardboard.  

Jacob looked at her. Worriedly, he asked, "What's up?"  Assuming that Emily didn't like the food, Jacob was thinking about making some other dishes for her. He continued to ask Emily, "Are the dishes not delicious? Which ones don't you like?"   

 "There's no problem." Emily shook her head and smiled reluctantly. "All the dishes are delicious. It's just that I do not have much appetite right now."  

  "Come on. You have to eat. Try to eat some more." To show Emily that Jacob wanted her to eat more, he picked up some food for her. Then, he coaxed her to open her mouth. When she did, he put the food inside her mouth.    

He, then, asked a maid to fetch Beryl for dinner. Because Beryl was so angry, she refused. When Jacob was told of Beryl's decision, he asked the maid to bring her food in her room instead.  

The servant who took the instructions was the one who attended to Beryl and her needs. Beryl trusted her more than the other members of the Xu clan.  

  "Ancho, I don't want to eat." Because Beryl did not want to see anyone, she buried herself under the quilt. She was so unhappy that her feelings were reflected in her dull voice.    

Ancho put the food on the table and reasoned softly, "Miss Beryl, if you do not eat, you'll surely be hungry later." 'You are not old enough to feel so angry with your father. Though, you really need to grow up to fully understand what is happening.' Ancho wanted so badly to say these things to Beryl, but she held her tongue. She knew Beryl would not understand her yet. Instead, she told Beryl, "If you starve yourself, your father will surely be distressed."    

The young girl got out of the quilt and groaned, "No, he will not! He disappeared for such a long time to find my mother.

 But what did he bring home? ANOTHER WOMAN! He is a BIG liar!"  

"Maybe your father has his reasons..."  

  "No! What other reasons does he have? He only cares about that woman. It has been a while since he arrived, but he chose the company of others over me..."

    As each word came out of Beryl's mouth, the more sorrowful she felt. 

Tears welled up in her eyes, but she tried her best not to cry.    

"Oh, sweetie. Don't say that! I'm sure it's not true! Your father tends to forget things sometimes. But he surely remembers them. And when he does, he will definitely come to see you." Ancho tried to comfort Beryl, but to Beryl, what she was saying was actually adding fuel to the fire. As an effect, Ancho brushed Beryl's hair with her fingers and then briefly hugged her. Sighing, she continued, "After all, you are his favorite daughter..."    

When Beryl heard that last part, she cried SO HARD. But still, what she felt did not change. "He's a bad Dad! A BAD DAD! I hate him!"  

Keeping the fa?ade of a concerned guardian, Ancho wiped away her tears. 

But because she couldn't resist, she asked casually, "Miss Beryl, do you hate that woman?"    

Clenching her fist, Beryl answered, "Yes!"    
Her father belonged ONLY to her and to her mother. She would never allow any other woman to share her father's love! 

Not even if THAT woman looked exactly like her mother!    

Looking directly at Beryl, Ancho said in a kind and soft voice, "If you really hate her, Miss Beryl, don't show it in front of your father. If you do, it will make your father like that woman more. And, your father will think of you as a selfish brat."    

Thinking hard, Beryl saw the logic in Ancho's words and totally agreed with her. "What shall I do then? I don't want to see that woman in this house. I don't want her with my Dad!"  

"Driving her out of the house will not be easy. You have to learn to be patient..." 

Ancho's tone became meaningful. Her hidden ambition suddenly flashed in her eyes, but it was quickly gone. As quickly as it came.    

She did not want Beryl to find out her hidden agenda. She had to be very careful. After all, it took her quite a long time to gain Beryl's trust. She did not want to lose it because of carelessness. 

The little girl, on the other hand, was thinking thoughtfully about what Ancho said about patience.   

 Morning came. Shocked with her dream, Emily woke up calling Beryl's name.    

Jacob heard Emily's call and sat up. Worriedly, Jacob hugged her. "What's the matter? What did you dream of? Always remember that dreams are not true. Don't believe them."  

Unconsciously, Emily grasped Jacob's hand. Then, slowly, she told him of her dream. "It's a bad dream. I dreamt of Beryl running away from me. I chased her, but I couldn't catch up with her..."  

  "I told you so many times that dreams are not true. They are the opposite of truth." Just to make sure, Jacob touched her forehead and found that her temperature was normal. He was relieved. To ease the tension Emily felt, he said, "Maybe today Beryl will come around." He did not want Emily to worry too much. He continued, "Don't put too much pressure on yourself, understand?"    

"I know, but I..." Before Emily could finish talking, Jacob reached out his hand and gently covered her lips. "After Beryl came back yesterday, you gave her all your attention. Have you ever thought of your husband?" He actually didn't mean what he said. But he would do everything just to ease her mind of the problem at hand. "If it goes on like this, I will really be jealous."  

"Are you jealous of your own daughter?" Emily was amused by his words. For the first time since her dilemma started, she finally relaxed. "Do not be na?ve. You are beginning to act like a kid."    

"Naive, me? Then, I wish I can be more naive than you think." Jacob pinched her white creamy face. Half joking and half self-mocking, he continued, "Look at us. You are still a young girl, but I have become an old uncle."    

"What are you talking about?" Suddenly, she understood. Emily took his face in her hands, touched his chin and joked, "But you really need to shave, Uncle Jacob!"  

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