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 Season 8

Episode 39

(How dare you compete with me for my woman's love)

Platinum rings wrapped up around their fingers symbolized their love, which meant that they finally belonged to each other until the end of time.    

"Congratulations, Mrs. Gu,"  said Jacob.    'From now on, Emily, you are my wife by law and you shall be rightfully addressed as Mrs. Gu, ' Jacob felt giddy at the thought.   

 Tilting his head downwards, he pushed the bangs behind her ears and kiss Emily on the forehead.    

"Congratulations to you too, Mr. Gu,"  she answered. She gave him a breathtaking smile, fluttering her eyelashes just for effect.

It seemed as though Emily's eyes had the power of a thousand suns which aroused the sleeping lion inside Jacob's heart, and his eyes became a shade deeper as he picked her up in his arms. 

   "Jacob, what are you doing? Everyone is looking at us! This is not the place, mister! Put me down now!"   

 Emily's heart soared as she wrapped her arms around his neck dumbfounded by his boyish bravado!    

As Emily noticed all eyes gawking at them, she closed her eyes and buried her face into his chest in embarrassment.  

  However, it seemed as though nothing in the world could stop Jacob from enjoying this moment as he gladly ignored all the people who were watching them with envious eyes.    

He whispered little endearments to Emily with his deep, charming voice. "There's something I'd like to do with you..."    

Emily's face turned scarlet red upon what Jacob said in front of so many people!  

 Jacob had been holding out on himself out of concern for Emily's health. When she was pregnant with Bowen she ran the risk off losing the baby several times due to how physically demanding it was for her to carry him in her womb.   

 "Keep your mouth shut! You are so shameless..." Emily whispered into his ears as he took her away.    

"Yeah, but only in front of you..." In his arrogant triumph, Jacob smirked—just a small pouting of the lips; a narrowing of the eyes and a tilting of the head.    

Disregarding their guests, Jacob carried her out of the banquet, all the way to the second floor. All he could think of was making love to the beautiful woman in his arms who undoubtedly had his heart.    

However, on their way they came across the nanny who was taking care of Bowen. "I'm sorry, I am so sorry, ma'am. 

Baby Bowen has been crying for a quite some time now and I've tried everything but he just won't stop crying."

Distressed, the nanny quickly lowered her eyes when she noticed that Jacob was having an intimate moment with Emily. "Mr. Jacob, sir..."    

Jacob's face darkened and he said, "What do I pay you for?"    

"I...I..." The nanny stammered, afraid to look Jacob in the eye, scrambling around in her mind for an excuse like a headless chicken.    

In truth, it wasn't unusual for babies to cry out of the blue as they knew no other methods of communication. However, Emily still couldn't stop herself from worrying, even though she knew that fact very well.    

She gestured at Jacob with her eyes to put her down and said, "Little Bowen must be hungry. Let me have a look at him now."   

 Ever since Bowen was born, Emily decided to breastfeed him so every time he cried, she knew it was because he was hungry.    

Needless to say, Bowen was giving Jacob hard competition for Emily's attention.

Jacob zipped his lips, not wanting Emily to know that he envied his own son. 

However, instead of putting Emily down, he carried her into the baby's room silently.    

While Emily breastfed their son Jacob sat next to her watching them as she lulled the baby to sleep. What a peaceful sight! However, Jacob couldn't help feeling annoyed as he knew that Emily still did not want to leave the baby's side.    

'You little brat! How dare you give me competition for my woman's love from such a young age! Oh, I can't even imagine what will happen when you grow up!' Jacob hung back and sulked away in some corner.    

"Emily,"  said Jacob, seemingly discontented.    

"Yes?" Emily reluctantly moved her sights away from Bowen's beautiful face, resting like an angel, and turned around to look at Jacob, "What's wrong?"

Jacob pouted his lips like an angered little boy, shoulders slumped in dejection. This was highly unlike the usual calm and mature disposition he always carried around himself.    

"You have already fed him, so could you please feed me now as well?"    

'Feed you? You are a grown up man. Why do you need me to feed you?' Emily was confused.    

Soon, the image of her breastfeeding Bowen flashed through her head and she finally realized what Jacob had meant.  

  "You..." Emily's face flushed red again, "I'll ask the maid to bring you some food."   

 "No, I don't want food. I only want... to eat you..."    

Jacob leaned forward to nibble her ear as he stressed the word 'you' and pulled her into his arms quickly.    

"Ah!" Emily quickly covered her mouth fearing that she might wake up Bowen.

"Jacob, be careful! I almost woke up Bowen!" She complained, punching him on his shoulder gently.   

 Jacob chuckled at her displeasure and cast a sharp gaze at the nanny waiting outside the door.   

 "Take good care of Bowen. If he wakes up again, you know what will happen!"   

 The nanny knew that Jacob wasn't a man to make idle threats. She clearly understood that her job was on the line.    She quivered like a dry leaf and nodded her head to assure Jacob quickly.    

"Jacob, don't be unreasonable, okay? 

Bowen is just a baby! It's normal for him to cry as this is the only way he can communicate with us,"  Emily explained.    
Emily was more experienced with babies than Jacob as she had to take care of Beryl all by herself, even though she received help from Sean and the maids who worked for him.

"Fortunately, Bowen is much more obedient as a baby compared to Beryl when she was at his age..."    

Having run out of patience, Jacob quickly covered her mouth, not waiting for her to finish.   

 "Bang!" Jacob kicked the door of their room open.   

 "What... Whoa, careful Jac...!"    

Before Emily could even react or refuse, Jacob's tongue was already in her mouth stealing every word from the tip of her tongue.    

Soon, Emily gave her everything to him, her thoughts and her soul...    

Time passed slowly in their room, measured only by the deep kisses they exchanged with each other.

After some time, they both pulled apart, gasping for air. As they lay on the soft bed, their fingers caressed each other's skin as if afraid a heavier touch would break the heady magic. They became one, one mind with one goal and purpose, each utterly drunk with love for the other.   

 "Emily, I am so happy right now. I would never trade this moment for anything in the world."  

  'It feels so good to have you, for real, ' he thought.   

 Recalling the past, Jacob wrapped his arms around her as if he was afraid that she would disappear any second.    

Emily's eyes glazed over and she felt as if she were floating in mid-air, "Jacob, I can't tell you how happy I am right now too."    

'I have a daughter, a son and a man who loves me unconditionally. Today, we celebrated our magnificent wedding. I have no regrets even though I don't have any family left in this world.    

No! I do have a family.

This is my family now!'    

A drop of tear escaped her eyes and rolled down her cheeks as Jacob kissed it away.  

  "I'm happy, too, babe."    

He untied her white wedding dress with his slender fingers and caressed her delicate shoulder. Soon, what followed next was a private moment shared between a man and his wife!

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