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Season 8

Episode 37

(You are a man)

Everyone in the ward silently waited for Dylan's response. When he looked at Beryl's clear eyes, he lost the courage to say his intention and his face blushed with shyness.    

Fortunately, the reason Rita came to the hospital today was to visit her good friend and her new son. Thus, she didn't bother to know what was up with Dylan's behavior and soon changed the subject.    
Dylan sighed in relief. Although he liked Beryl very much, he knew that he obviously shouldn't tell the people in the ward that the reason why he disagreed with his parents' decision was because he liked Beryl, and didn't want to be her brother. He wanted to be her future boyfriend. If he said that, his Uncle Jacob would fly into a rage and stop him from seeing Beryl in the future.    

It was a good thing that they didn't found out his secret thought.  

After that, Dylan quickly changed the topic as well. "Beryl, your younger brother is so cute! Who do you think he is more like? Your father or your mother?"    

The question got Beryl's attention at once. She looked carefully at the baby in the cradle and said, "I think he is more like me."    

Dylan gazed at the wrinkled baby in the cradle, but couldn't find any similarity between him and Beryl. However, he naturally took the little boy as his future brother-in-law, so he swallowed his real thoughts and shamelessly flattered the boy.    

"He will certainly be very handsome in the future."   

 "I think so, too,"  Beryl replied.    

In order for Emily to rest well, David and Rita only stayed in the hospital for a short while. They soon left with their son, who was obviously unhappy because he preferred to stay with Beryl than go home.  

Meanwhile, Beryl was tired and laid down on another bed to relax her self. The ward was now peaceful and quiet.    

Emily leaned on Jacob's broad shoulders with a happy look on her face. "Jacob, I'm so happy that I feel like this is a sweet dream. Am I still in my dream?"    

"No."  His lips kissed her hand and answered, "Everything is real, and I'm here by your side. Our family will live a happy life."    

Emily turned her hand over and tightly held Jacob's big one. Their hands were firmly clasped together, like a promise of never leaving each other.  

  A few days later, the little boy opened his eyes. They were bright and clear like two black grapes, big and round. His wrinkled skin unfolded and became tender and fair. All in all, he was now as cute as Beryl had been in her childhood. 

 Beryl's eyes always lit up with fondness for her younger brother, and she immediately named him Bowen.    

Everyday when Bowen woke up, he ate and when he was full, he slept again. He was just like a little pig. On the other hand, Emily slowly got her strength back after the delivery. Jacob decided that they would leave the hospital and take Emily home for recuperation. After all, the environment at their home was better than the ward.   

 A professional nanny and a paramedic, who both waited for a long time, enthusiastically greeted the Gu family when they got home. They were the best in their respective fields. When they heard that they were going to take care of Emily, the hostess of the Gu clan, they took their jobs very seriously and made a lot of advanced preparations.    

Emily had given birth to Beryl before, so she quickly adapted to her role as a new mother. She did a great job of looking after Bowen with the help of the nanny and the paramedic.  

Jacob had also hired a wet nurse, but Emily wanted to breast-feed her son--and so, she dismissed the wet nurse.    

Every time Jacob watched his wife breast-feed their son, his face got clouded with dissatisfaction and his eyes turned gloomy. He seemed to be jealous of his son.    

One day when Emily was breast-feeding Bowen under Jacob's intense gaze, she finally couldn't help but ask him, "What on earth is wrong with you? Why do you look at him in complaint? Does our son owe you a billion dollars?"    

His eyes stared at the baby's tender, white face. "He took advantage of you,"  he said.    

A laugh burst from Emily's lips at Jacob's silly answer. "He is your son. Are you jealous of him? You're being childish."  

However, it seemed that Jacob was quite serious. "Even my own son shouldn't do that to you. He is a man, and he should take advantage of his wife instead of other people's wife. Although he is young, it is immoral for him to do that. 

Emily, do you think so?" he asked Emily when she didn't respond.    

She was simply amused by his nonsense and said, "That's fallacious."    

Thus, Jacob decided to take some action.   

 In the evening, Jacob sent Bowen to the nanny and the paramedic. He took Bowen's place and laid down beside Emily on the bed. He eagerly held his wife in his strong arms and kissed her with enthusiasm.    

He pressed his lips firmly on hers as his tongue stirred up desire in her mouth. 

Emily felt her limbs go weak, and her head felt dazed and dizzy with both tiredness and lust. She allowed Jacob to do everything he wanted. Although he didn't make love with her in the end, they were both wet with sweat and panted for breath.  

Jacob took a deep breath to calm himself down and went to the bathroom to take a cold shower. After that, he went back to bed again and held Emily in his arms. A few moments later, they both fell asleep.    

The next day, the nanny took Bowen to Emily's bedroom. Emily subconsciously took off her pajamas to breast-fed Bowen. However, no matter how hard Bowen tried, he got nothing. He burst into tears in hunger.   

 A shameful blush rose on Emily's cheeks when she recalled what Jacob had done last night, and why she was out of breast milk. "It's all your fault…" she glared at him and complained.    

"Alright, I know it is my fault..."  Jacob took his little son in his arms and patiently coaxed him. "Don't cry baby, don't cry…" he took the feeding bottle from the nanny and fed Bowen, but the boy seemed to be annoyed at his father and refused to drink the milk. Jacob had cajoled him for a long time before he drank a few mouthfuls.  

However, Emily was afraid that Jacob wouldn't take good care of Bowen so she anxiously said, "Give him to me. I want to feed him myself."    

"Really? Can you breast-feed him now?" 

Jacob said in a hoarse voice as he let his eyes settle upon Emily's bosom.   

 Emily was speechless.    

Her face flushed red again. Emily pinched Jacob on his arm and took the little boy back. "I meant I would feed him the milk. You behave like a rogue!" she scolded.    

Jacob didn't get mad at her words, and his handsome face softly and lovingly gazed at her instead. "I'm a rogue who only belongs to you."  

After a while, Jacob kissed Emily goodbye and went to work.    

When he arrived at the company, the staff found that their boss was obviously in a good mood today. It was an especially nice day for the employees who made small mistakes, because their boss didn't blame them like what he had done before.   

 What surprised them most was that Jacob smiled more than usual. Everyone quietly guessed why he looked so happy. Did something joyful happen to him?    

They held the daily morning meeting like usual. After it was done, Jacob asked them with a smile, "Do you have any other questions? You may ask them now."    

All the people in the meeting room looked at each other, but nobody dared to ask first.    

Suddenly, Sam bellowed in laughter and said, "Mr. Jacob, your clothes seem to be wet."  

Jacob looked down at his suit jacket and saw a patch of the darker color on it. He remembered that he had held Bowen in his arms this morning, and realized what happened to his coat. The naughty boy must have peed on his suit jacket.    

"Never mind. It must be my son's masterpiece,"  he said with a smile.    Jacob had a son?! It couldn't be real, right? It couldn't be.    

Everyone was shocked by this big news. They knew that he had a daughter, but never heard that he had a son. Moreover, they were most curious about who had given birth to his son.    

The female top managers of the Gu Consortium secretly gritted their teeth in anger. They had never seen any woman stay with Jacob before. But just now, they were told that Jacob had a son. The woman who gave birth to his son must be coquettish, or Jacob wouldn't have been smitten in such a short time.  

The employees all had different thoughts. Only Sam felt genuinely happy for Jacob and said, "Congratulations, Mr. Jacob!"    

The employees finally came back to their senses and walked forward to congratulate him, one after another.    

Soon after, work was done and Jacob went home. The first thing he did when he stepped inside his home was to hold his son and pinch his cheeks softly. "You are such a naughty boy. How dare you pee on me! You wanted me to be a laughing stock in front of my employees, right?"    

The little boy couldn't speak and just uttered gibberish. He struggled in his father's arms and when he found himself unable to break free, he burst into tears.    
Jacob immediately looked around and was afraid that Emily would hear the baby's cries and come out to scold him. He felt a bit guilty.    

"You are a little man. If you stop crying, I will buy you a toy car. Alas, you look ugly when you are crying..."  

Bowen was about to stop crying, but when he heard Jacob's last sentence, he seemed to understand its meaning and cried even louder as if to express his agitation.  

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