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Season 8

Episode 33

(You are looking for death)

When Emily saw what was on the table and thought the kinds of food Beryl ate before, she turned so sad and almost burst into tears. "How could you eat this kind of food? Mommy will cook for you... Just don't eat this anymore, please?"

Puzzled, Beryl asked, "What's the matter with this? This is delicious." Beryl was not even aware that her eating habits had changed. Explaining further, she said, "What I ate in the last few days were not as good as this. Ancho always ordered take-out for me every day."

Suddenly, she stopped talking. She stared at the woman in front of her.

Her attention was caught by Emily's sudden reddening of eyes. Then, tears started rolling down her cheeks uncontrollably. Emily couldn't help but cry as Beryl shared her experience.

"Oh, Beryl! How you must have suffered!"

There was a sudden pinch in Beryl's heart upon hearing the tender voice of Emily. It was full of love. Then the pain seemed to move in small waves in her heart. Her first experience of heartache...

However strong a person was in dealing with a lot of challenges, he would lose his control over his emotions once others showed him comfort and concern.

For Beryl, it would be like a catharsis.

"Mommy..." It was very soft. Still, the call reached the intended person. For the first time since Emily's return, Beryl called her mommy.

Eyes widening in disbelief, Emily showed mixed emotions in her eyes. To make sure, she asked, "Beryl, what did you just call me?"

"Mommy. I have just called you Mommy." Once again, Beryl called her Mommy. With eyes turning red, she put her plate down and hugged Emily. She carefully avoided her stomach and injured hands.

In fact, Emily still couldn't believe Beryl just call her "Mommy." As soon as her beloved daughter hugged her, her heart started pounding. 'Did she really just call me mommy? Or maybe I just had hallucination because I want it so bad?'

"Beryl, sweetie, will you call me mommy once again?"

"Mommy, Mommy, Mommy! And, I am so sorry..."

Repeatedly, Beryl uttered the most tender word in the world. Emily, on the other hand, couldn't explain what she felt. Her heart, she felt, seemed to melt like an ice turning into a puddle of water.

The difference? The water from her heart was filled with unconditional love. With her unhurt arm, she hugged Beryl and said, "Oh my daughter, Mommy really misses you!"

"Mommy, I miss you, too." Beryl answered, her voice trembling. And, she continued, "I already know in my heart that you are really my mother. I always feel your love and care... I just don't know why I keep rejecting you."

Patting Beryl's back, Emily said comfortingly, "Shh... Sweetie, what happened before doesn't matter anymore. They are all in the past. What matters now is your acceptance and recognition. For that, I am very happy.

This is one of the happiest days in my life. This is one of the best things in this world." Putting a space between them, Emily looked at Beryl and said, "Welcome home, sweetie."

Then, mother and the daughter hugged again once more, weeping and laughing at the same time...

After giving the mother and the daughter enough time to talk, Jacob felt that it was time to make an appearance. He finally went downstairs. He saw Beryl wiping her tears away.

When Beryl saw Jacob, her face turned red and felt ashamed. Slowly and quietly, she moved behind Emily to hide.

Jacob could not help but laughed. "Oh, did the sun rise in the west this morning?" He found it amusing to see Beryl quite different from her usual attitude.

"Why did our daughter suddenly return?"

Jacob continued asking. His intention was to tease Beryl.

Somehow, Emily didn't like it. Wincing, she asked, "What did you say? It's nice to see our daughter back home again."

Emily didn't really complete her question. She was being careful in her manner of questioning as to prevent eliciting an unwanted answer that might result to Beryl's going away again.

Fortunately, Beryl was not angry. In reality, she felt very embarrassed. After composing herself, she faced her dad. "Dad, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry for being so disobedient..."

"Oh, so you admit now that you are wrong?" Jacob asked for confirmation. "I'm so sorry I believed in the wrong person."

Beryl really found it difficult to talk about her wrong choices. But, upon seeing Emily encouraging her to go on, she found the courage to continue. "Dad, Ancho is not a good person!"

Sitting down next to Emily, Jacob checked the plaster on her arm. When he saw that there was nothing wrong with it, he focused on Beryl again. "Oh? You know it now?"

"Yes... She is really a bad guy." Beryl couldn't hide her disappointment when she mentioned the person. She thought of the trust she had given the woman. It almost put her in harm. "It never occurred to me that she is a bad person until I heard her on the phone. She said that they would kidnap me and make you worry." Good thing, she discovered the true motive of Ancho before everything was too late. Fate was still kind to her.

Still, Beryl withheld one information. She did not divulge that one information for she was afraid Emily would be hurt. But, it was useless. Jacob already knew everything. When Beryl returned home, he immediately asked someone to investigate what happened.

As a result, he got access to Ancho's phone conversations.

He learned that the disgusting woman was actually planning a kidnapping.

With what she did plan, one thing was certain for Jacob. ANCHO WAS SEEKING HER DEATH!

This time, Emily felt terrified when she learned from Beryl the dirty plan of that woman. Though she knew that Beryl had a secret bodyguard, she still felt afraid, her heart pounding.

"Starting today, Beryl can't leave the house alone anymore. One of us should always be with her at all times. I don't want her to be kidnapped for real!"

She couldn't imagine that this was happening to her family. Her daughter was very young to face such an ordeal.

Now, she couldn't calm herself down.

Just by thinking of her daughter's almost bad experience, she started panicking.

"Hush, my love. Don't you worry. Nothing bad will happen to her, to both of you. I am here to protect you to the best of my ability at all cost." Jacob assured her as he put her in his arms.

Beryl cleared her throat and said in a low voice, "The three of us. Mommy has a baby in her tummy. My soon-to-be little sibling."

Emily was touched. Somehow, her feeling of nervousness eased. Smiling slowly, she said, "Yes, our little angel..."

This time, Jacob's attention went back to Beryl again. His face turned serious once more. "Beryl, this time you finally saw the true color of Ancho. I hope you realized that, in this world, your mother and I are the only ones who can really truly love you without expecting anything in return. Everything we do is for your own good, and that we will not put you nor wish you harm in anyway."

With head bowed, Beryl replied meekly, "I know, Dad."

Jacob never felt so relieved until that moment. He knew that Beryl understood what transpired in their discussion. He also knew that the experience made Beryl mature beyond her years. "Because I want to ease whatever suffering you experienced, I am going to cook something delicious just for you."

Beryl's eyes suddenly lit up. "Really, Dad?! Thank you!"

While the Gu family was having a good time in their home, Ancho was going insane at the hotel!

Ancho discovered that Beryl was not in the room! She was afraid that Beryl got lost.

She already looked for all the possible places Beryl could have gone, but still, she did not find any trace. She also went to the security of the hotel and requested to see the surveillance videos but was rejected. She felt that everyone was going against her. Thus, she was blaming others for her unlucky situation.
In the end, all her frustrations manifested in her shout. "Where did the damned little monk go?" Feeling so mad, Ancho felt that she would blow up anytime. With the disappearance of Beryl, she had no more ace in her hand!

That worried her a lot! How could she put her plan into action without her star cast?!

She didn't dare go to the police.

No, she couldn't. Though the thought really came to her mind.

The knowledge of what might happen once she reported to the police that she lost Beryl scared her. She knew that the Gu family would immediately learn about the situation. Once that happened, punishment would surely come her way!

Already too exhausted but could not stop looking, Ancho kept on walking along the sidewalk. She promised herself that once she found Beryl, she would give her a severe hashing. She thought that Beryl definitely deserved to hear them anyway.

Unfortunately, she couldn't raise a hand on Beryl. Or else, the little girl would definitely learn a terrible lesson!

Preoccupied with so many thoughts as to how to get back to Beryl once found, Ancho didn't notice a car running too fast. It passed by the puddle of water right next to where she was standing. It splashed on her! Unfortunately, the water was a little bit muddy.

Ancho looked like a drenched chicken!

She yelled at the top of her lungs cursing the speeding car. She didn't care anymore about her manner. Proper behavior be damned. She only stopped when she could no longer see the car.

Frustrated, she squeezed the water from her clothes to the best that she could. Then, she continued looking for Beryl despite her body being visible due to her wet clothes.

When she was about to give up after walking for a couple of hours, she finally saw someone familiar at the intersection.

Running after the figure, she called out, "Berry? Stop!"



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