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Season 8

Episode 32

(He is so heartless)

Beryl stood with her head bowed in shame after she heard what Jacob had said. Emily saved her life and got herself badly injured in the process, while Beryl stood against Emily for another woman.

Beryl was struggling to contain herself under the ignominy, a torrent of emotion burst forth in the form of tears and unleashed themselves with unrelenting mercilessness. "It was all my fault.

Mommy wouldn't be in this mess if it were not for me," Beryl's voice trembled.
"Honey, don't blame yourself." Jacob stroked her hair tenderly and continued, "I don't want either of you to get hurt because you two are the most important people in my life. Besides, it was not your fault. So don't blame it all on yourself. I promise I'll find the person responsible for this and I will make him pay for everything. So don't worry, my little angel. Just go inside and say hello to your mommy. Mommy will be very pleased to see you!" Jacob persuaded.

Beryl, however, hesitated. Jacob would never force her to do anything she didn't want to do, so he decided to give her time to think about it.

The both of them walked towards the door of the ward in silence.

Beryl stood just outside the door and peeked in through the curtains to see Emily quietly. She felt guilty to see that Emily's complexion had gone pale and her arm was in a plaster, but fortunately, her guilt slowly lifted when she found that Emily was able to comfortably chat and laugh with other people.

Jacob held Beryl's hand, intending to walk inside with her, but she shook his hand off and ran away without saying a word.

"Hey! Where are you going?" Confused, Jacob ran after Beryl asking her to stop, but no matter how hard Jacob tried to persuade her, Beryl still refused to go see Emily. Having no choice, Jacob asked his subordinates to take her back to the hotel.

Just as he went back to the ward, Jacob met Emily's disappointed eyes. He walked over to Emily and apologized, "Sorry, my love."

Emily shook her head, dismissing his guilt and smiled. "Why are you apologizing? You didn't do anything wrong."

"Yes, I did. You wouldn't have been in this situation if I hadn't let you go out on your own." Unable to shake his guilt, Jacob looked at Emily in shame.

"It's not a big deal. My arms and legs are still here. See? I'll be alright very soon."

Emily smiled brightly hoping to liven his mood. Although she didn't mention anything about Beryl, she managed to catch a glimpse of her at the door just now. She pretended as if she hadn't seen her and covered her heartache with a feigned smile.

Deep in her heart, Emily knew that even though what Beryl did was wrong, she had a warm, benign nature. She believed, without a doubt, that her daughter had an innate moral compass and the ability to distinguish right from wrong.

Therefore, she didn't want to force Beryl to admit to her mistakes, but to realize and learn from them on her own.

Emily knew her daughter well, and not once did she ever lose her faith in Beryl's ability to make a sensible decision.

After she was taken back to the hotel, Beryl went to the room where she lived with Ancho. But just as Beryl was about to knock on the door, she found that the door was already open. 'Maybe Ancho forgot to close the door, ' Beryl thought. Assuming Ancho was asleep, Beryl's feet tiptoed on the wooden floor, her eyes concentrated on the door in front of her.

Careful not to awaken Ancho, she pushed the door open slowly and went inside the room. But just as she stepped in, she heard Ancho's voice.

"I knew what Jacob was like, but I never expected him to be heartless enough to not care about his own daughter. He must be obsessed with that winsome coquette! I can't live like this anymore!" Ancho screamed.

Beryl froze and peeked inside. She saw Ancho standing on the balcony, facing outside and talking on the phone. Beryl was very curious about what Ancho was saying, so she hid behind the wall and listened.

Unaware that someone was eavesdropping, Ancho didn't bother to lower her voice. As a result, Beryl heard everything she had said were clearly.

"That's it! We should pretend to kidnap Beryl. I don't think Jacob will be so carefree when he finds out that his daughter had been kidnapped. No problem. You can keep the entire ransom, just as long as you can get me back inside his house."

Beryl couldn't believe what she had just heard.

Dizzied, she wondered whether she had been hallucinating. How could her trusted friend Ancho say something as preposterous as that?

Beryl, however, knew that it was all true, no matter how much she wished it weren't.

Her most trusted and loyal friend was planning a kidnapping case, and the person who was to be kidnapped was her!

However, that was not the most flabbergasting thing Beryl had heard from her, as she heard Ancho go on, "Who does that bitch think she is?

Coming out of nowhere and claiming to be Beryl's mother. So what? Her daughter is under my control now. She will do anything I tell her to, and she will never doubt me."

Beryl felt a sense of chill sweep across her back. Her brain couldn't register the fact that her trusted sister Ancho was such a wicked woman! All this time, Ancho had been manipulating her but Beryl failed to see through her!

If she hadn't gone out to visit Emily, Beryl would have never heard this secret talk.
Beryl took one last look at Ancho from the back, biting her lips and restraining her anger. Instead of walking in and confronting Ancho directly, she turned around and sneaked out of the room. As soon as she got out, she ran as fast as she could.

Beryl wasn't sure whether Ancho had heard her or not, so she didn't dare to stop and look back. Without any specific direction, she kept running, until she found herself in front of the gate of her father's villa.

Standing in front of her own house, Beryl felt a sense of belonging as she looked at the familiar grand door in front of her.

The security guards recognized Beryl at the first sight, so they let her in and called Jacob to tell him about Beryl.

Meanwhile, the bodyguards who were appointed to protect Beryl secretively also informed Jacob of the news that Beryl was back home now.

Jacob was astonished and a bit puzzled by the suddenness of Beryl's arrival at home. 'Did she come to realize her mistakes? Isn't it a bit strange that she came to change her mind so soon? Or perhaps something bad happened?'

Jacob's thoughts paced around in his mind.
Since that Emily didn't have to stay in the hospital after the doctors patched up her fractured arm, Jacob decided to send Emily back home. Moreover, the smell inside the hospital made Emily feel uncomfortable so she asked him to send her back home.

Not knowing if Beryl had realized her fault or not, Jacob didn't tell Emily that Beryl had returned, fearing that it would only raise her hopes and disappoint her again.

In the meantime, Beryl managed to slip past the guards when they weren't paying attention and went inside the villa. Little did she know that her father was already informed of her return.

Afraid of being discovered by someone, Beryl decided not to sneak into the house before sunset. She hid herself amongst the bushes in the garden where mosquitoes bit her arms and legs without mercy, but she didn't complain about anything. Once the setting sun welcomed the dark, Beryl sneaked into the house through the window.

Finally, she was home again.

However, she felt ashamed of herself. She was ashamed of facing either Jacob or Emily.

Fortunately, she knew the ins and outs of this place, so she didn't have to face anyone while she was there.

Beryl hadn't had anything for a whole day. The poor child was so hungry it felt as though her stomach was eating itself.

She ran into the kitchen quietly and found some leftovers. Completely disregarding everything else, she sat on the floor and devoured the food like a wolf.

While Beryl was busy stuffing her face, Emily came downstairs for a glass of water. When she noticed that the lights in the kitchen were still on, she thought that perhaps the maids had forgotten to switch them off, so she walked over to turn the lights off.

Much to her surprise, when Emily stepped into the kitchen, she saw a familiar figure she never expected to see there.

It was Beryl! Her dear daughter! She was siting on the cold floor, devouring leftovers, as though she hadn't seen food in days.


Emily uttered in disbelief, rubbing her eyes with her hands. At first she thought she must have been hallucinating because of how much she longed to see her daughter.

Beryl froze the moment she heard Emily's voice. When she raised her head and saw Emily walking over to her she felt completely mortified as her face turned red, giving her the appearance of an overripe tomato. Beryl immediately lowered her head, reluctant to look Emily in the eye and stuttered, "I... I..."

At a loss for words, Beryl fidgeted in an agony of embarrassment.

Emily, however, was pleasantly surprised to hear Beryl's voice as it lifted her doubts to whether she was hallucinating or not.

"Beryl! You're home!" Emily cried out excitedly and ran towards Beryl.

When Beryl saw Emily rush to her, a sense of concern came over her and she said, "Be careful. Don't run so fast!"

To stop her from getting hurt by accident, Beryl ran towards her.

The longing of a mother was hard to restrain and Emily wanted nothing more than to hold her Beryl in her arms, but when she reached out, she felt an excruciating pain shoot up in her arm.

"Ouch!" Emily cried, as her face turned pale and beads of sweat trickled down her forehead.

"Stay there. Don't move!" Beryl urged her desperately.

"Alright, I won't move." Emily nodded and wiped off her sweat with another hand, while maintaining eye contact, as if Beryl would disappear as soon as she was out of her sight.

She noticed the dishes in Beryl's hands and realized that she was eating leftovers from tonight. The servants were supposed to throw them out tomorrow morning.

As a parent, Emily had indulged her daughter ever since she was born. Beryl wouldn't take a bite of any food if she didn't like them. Emily remembered that Beryl had never had to eat leftovers, but now she was reduced to a state where she had no choice but to eat whatever she could find.



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