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 Season 8

Episode 23

(Be careful)

A few days later, it was the Tomb Sweeping Day.    

Jacob accompanied Emily to the cemetery where her foster parents were buried. She brought a couple of bunches of white chrysanthemums and lay them down in front of the adjoining tombstones.    

Although she had not been here in a long time, the graves were still clean, tidy and spotless. Obviously, someone had come here regularly to clean.    

"Dad, mom, I'm back,"  she murmured.

    Now, when Emily looked at the photos on the tombstones, she did not feel sad anymore; instead, she was simply filled with a quiet solemnness. As the time had passed, she had gradually learned to let go of the bad and focus on the good memories. She no longer obsessed with the people she had lost, or the things she would never regain.  

Jacob, standing like a sentinel by her side, clasped her small, soft hand with his big hand, as if he was quietly transferring his power and courage to her.    

The events of the past flashed through her mind like a running-horse lantern.   

 As if in a trance, Emily seemed to see herself as the little Emily, learning how to speak and walk, and then her foster parents, who still loved her at that time... They brought her up, paid for her education and sent her off to college. At least, before they met their natural daughter, they had given her a warm home.   

 Although they were stingy and selfish, they had given her real love, care and warmth. The reason why they later abandoned and hurt her was that they loved their biological daughter more.   

 Now, after all the trouble and difficulty Emily had been through, she was slowly letting go of her hatred and rejection of Debby and Andrew.  

One who lived in the world should not often recalled his past; instead, he should live a happy life now and look to the future.    

Now Emily was the mother of a beautiful daughter, Beryl, and with another unborn child in her belly, she knew that she should pay more attention to her children. She had an opportunity to give them love and warmth, and help them to grow up healthily and happily.  

  Emily didn't say much. There wasn't much left to say to her foster parents. After staying in the cemetery for a brief while, she said, "Let's go." Then, she left with Jacob.   

 When she reached the gate of the cemetery, she absently turned her head and noticed an old couple sweeping the tombs. She felt that their figures were vaguely familiar then.    

Looking at them carefully, she finally recognized them.  

They were Bess and Abbott, Emily's natural parents, and Tina's adoptive parents.    


Emily whispered suddenly and involuntarily. How long had it been since she had even thought about that name?    
Abbott held a little baby in his arms, gently and carefully, as if he was holding a priceless treasure.    

Jacob could not decipher any of the complicated emotions on Emily's face, so he asked, "Do you want to go over and say hello to them?"   

 "No." Emily shook her head, with a cold expression etched on her delicate face and said, "Let's go."   

 Bess and Abbott gave her life, but they had always sided with their adoptive daughter. In their eyes, Tina was more important than Emily. She used to be very jealous of Tina owning their love, but now she didn't care about it any more. Emily had her own family's love now. She had the warmth and support of Jacob and Beryl, and soon they would be joined in a happy future by their unborn child.  

Emily and Jacob left the cemetery without a further glance at the elderly couple.    

Just as they walked out of the gate, Bess had a premonition and looked back at the gate. But unfortunately, Emily had already disappeared around a corner, and Bess saw no-one. She shook her head and thought it was just an illusion.    
"What's the matter?" Abbott asked his wife.    

"I thought I saw Emily just now..." Bess answered, her voice frail with disappointment.    

"You must have seen a figment of your imagination. Rest yourself and don't think too much of it."  

Abbott heaved a long, helpless sigh. He held the baby in one arm, and put the other arm around Bess' shoulders. 

Together they moved down the cemetery row.    

After Bess had received the sad news of the death of Mark, Tina and Emily, she had sunk into a dark depth of sadness, and often had hallucinations. Sometimes she fell into a depressive state. She had gradually been improving, but now suddenly, she seemed to have gotten worse again.   

 "Abbott, believe me. I thought that I saw the real Emily..." Bess kept looking at the gate of the cemetery. But there was nothing to be seen except some leaves rustling in the wind.   

 "Emily was not buried in this cemetery,"  Abbott could not help but gently remind her. "After visiting Mark and Tina, I will take you to Emily's grave to see her, okay?"    

His words poured cold water on Bess's fantasies. She came to her senses, though she still stared blankly at the gate. Tears welled up in her eyes and spilled onto her cheeks.  

"I see,"  she muttered in despair.   

 Why was god so cruel to her?   

 Her three children... They had all died.    The silence was shattered then by the lusty cry of a healthy infant, and Bess instantly snapped back to reality. Bess slowly drew a deep breath. She looked at her little daughter cradled in her husband's arms and wiped the tears off her face. Then she forced a faint smile and soothed, "My dear baby, don't cry..."  

  Fortunately, she had her youngest daughter, Julia, to live for.    

Without her, Bess would have lost all hope for life, and would have lacked the courage to carry on living. Bess had secretly made up her mind to give all her love to this child. Even though Emily and Tina were dead, she would never forget them. She would treat Julia as the continuation of her two poor daughters. Julia would grow up healthy and sound.  


Since Ancho had used Beryl to confirm that Emily was pregnant, she kept on telling Beryl that the unborn child would compete with her for Jacob's love.    

But despite her wicked intentions, Beryl, though affected by her words, did not do anything to hurt Emily or the unborn child. Ancho began to feel anxious when her initial plan didn't work.  

  As time went by, Emily's belly became more and more swollen by the day.    

Ancho was worried that the child would be safely born sooner rather than later, if Beryl didn't want to take action any longer.    

By then it would be too late, and Ancho's plan would suffer a great defeat.  

If she could, she would have liked to kill the unborn child in Emily's womb herself, but she dared not to do that. If Jacob ever found out that she was the master-mind behind this criminal scheme, he would then surely kill her with his bare hands.    

But Beryl was different. She was Jacob's natural daughter.    

Even if she did such a bad thing to Emily, Jacob would never punish her severely. 

Besides, Emily had said that Beryl was her biological daughter.    

If what she had said was true, she would suffer greatly when she discovered that her own daughter was the ringleader responsible for killing her unborn child.  

  The mere thought of Emily crying and screaming in despair brought a strong sense of joy to Ancho. She cheered herself up and began racking her brains to think of a solution to the problem, of how to encourage Beryl to kill her unborn sibling.  

At last she had an idea.   

 In the morning, Beryl got up and went into the kitchen, looking for something to eat.    

But the cook had not come in yet, and there was no food left in the kitchen. So she left the kitchen sleepily and saw Emily, who had also just risen. Yawning, the two of them almost ran into each other.    

Beryl showed quick reflexes and immediately turned sideways to avoid colliding with Emily's swollen belly. In the end Beryl was left hanging over the door like a frightened koala.    

Emily was not as nervous as Beryl was. She smiled and asked, "Why did you get up so early this morning?"    

Beryl cast a hesitant glance at Emily's belly, while a complex expression filled her face, as she replied absently, "Today our school is holding a special activity, and all of the students must go to school early."  

"Oh, I understand." Emily nodded and asked softly, "Are you hungry now? The cook has asked for leave today. I will make breakfast for you, okay? When you were a little girl, you always liked my cooking best."   

 Beryl nodded. "Okay."    

She had been missing her mother's cooking for a long time now, but would it still be the same as before? Besides, this was an excellent opportunity to test whether Emily was her mother, or not.   

 "Well, what would you like to eat?" Emily asked as she walked towards the kitchen.   

 Beryl considered this for a moment. And just as she was about to answer, she noticed a slick of oil on the floor. She shouted out with her eyes wide open in fear, "Be careful not to slip!"   

 But it was too late!  .

Emily lay on the ground and couldn't stand up as intense pain stabbed at her belly. She covered her abdomen tightly with her hands and her face was ghastly pale.    

Beryl was so frightened that she dared not touch Emily, or even help her up. She stood frozen in place for several seconds before she finally came to herself. Then she desperately shouted for help, "Help! 

Somebody help! We need help back here! Daddy, come here! She fell down! What can I do? Help!"  


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