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 Season 8

Episode 21

(Well self respect)

After suffering through that humiliating episode, Ancho was no longer in the mood to spend another second there, so she found an excuse to leave.    

Emily didn't care whether she left or stayed; however, she was happy to see her leave. Just before Ancho left, she couldn't help looking back and that was when the sight of a slight bump on Emily's belly shocked her senses.    

'Is Emily really pregnant?'   

 The pregnant woman's guide she saw in the villa and the bump on Emily's belly were signs too strong to ignore. Ancho came to the conclusion that her worst nightmare was coming true.    

Since, Emily always wore loose clothes in the house, no one was able to figure out that she was pregnant.  

Apart from Jacob and the doctor, nobody really knew that Emily was pregnant.    Nobody, besides, Ancho, who came upon this discovery today.    

Like ants crawling in her mind, Ancho's curiosity was itching to find out whether Emily was really pregnant or not, but she could not just go and ask her directly. 

That would be preposterous!    

That was when Beryl's name popped into her mind.   

 Ignoring all the embarrassment she had just face, Ancho went to find Beryl, who was changing clothes in the children's dressing room.    

As soon as she entered, her eyes turned red and she broke down into tears in front of the unsuspecting child.    

At first sight, Beryl was glad to see her come in, but when she saw her crying Beryl ran towards her, "Ancho, what's the matter? Why are you crying?"  

"Oh it's nothing. I must have caught something in my eye by accident." 

Although, Ancho forced a smile, it was obvious that she was downplaying her honest feelings.    

Unfortunately, after the first session of the family photoshoot with Emily and Jacob, Beryl had a growing belief that Emily was her mother. In her happiness, Beryl was too caught up in the moment to observe Ancho's situation in time.    

"Oh no! Why are you so careless? Shall I call the doctor to come and check your eyes?"    

Ancho felt muffled sobs wracking against her chest, "No thanks, there's no need for that. I'm just feeling a little sad, that's all."    

"Sad for what?"   

 "I don't think Mrs. Emily likes me."    

"Really?" Beryl shook her head doubtfully, "I do not think so. She didn't oppose to you coming here."  

When Ancho thought about the immense amount of money she owed in compensation, she felt a tightness in her chest. Having no other choice, she turned to Beryl for help. "I was just trying to help her change her dress, but I accidentally damaged it. I think she's mad at me."    

"Is that what you're crying about?" Beryl patted her back and said, "It's only a dress. I'm sure she doesn't care about it that much."    

Ancho listened to Beryl's natural tone and held her finger unconsciously. Yeah, how could the Gu family care about a skirt?    

"Mrs. Emily looked like very angry. I'm afraid that she will ask me to pay for it. 

I'll definitely pay for it if I have to. I'm just worried about what she'll think about me..."    

"How can she ask you to pay for it?" 

Beryl felt utterly nonplussed, frowning angrily, "Forget about it!"   

 Deep down, Ancho was delighted, but she pretended to feel embarrassed, "That's not right. I'm not a free-loader..."

  Beryl said sternly, "You are not an outsider. You are my sister, practically my family. How can I let you pay for it? 

Don't worry about it. I'll handle it."    Ancho succeeded in swaying Beryl with her words. She knew Beryl would never go back on her word. "Then what should I say to Mrs. Emily?"   

 Beryl raised her head high and said, "Leave it to me. I'll talk to her."    

Sly as a fox, Ancho carefully planted the thought in Beryl's head, "By the way, I heard that Mrs. Emily is pregnant. I am not sure if that's true or not, but may be that's why she feels angry sometimes. 

Why don't you ask her if it's true?"    

"Really? Okay. I guess I will ask her."    

Without another word, Beryl rose from her chair and strutted out of the room.  

  The moment Emily saw Beryl approaching her, she already knew what she was going to say. She smiled and said, "Did Miss Ancho send you here to talk to me?"  

Beryl's eyes were puffed up and red, seemingly quite angry, "No, I'm here on my own. Ancho insisted on paying you back for your dress, but I stopped her."  

  "Beryl, why would you do that? Miss Ancho is a an adult. If she insists on paying, then that is her choice. Don't you think you're being a little arrogant by making her decisions for her?"    

"But she has no money. How will she pay for it?" Beryl felt as though Emily was being stingy out of spite, because of what happened between her and Ancho.  

  Emily knew what Beryl was thinking just by looking at her, so she said, "I didn't ask her to pay for the whole amount immediately. She works for the Gu family, and her salary is considerably higher than most people's. I told her she could pay for the dress in instalments."  

  "That make sense, but..."  

"Listen to me, sweetie. I know you care about her, but she is an adult. You need to respect her decisions. Miss Ancho is a very strong person with a strong sense of self-respect. Since she insists on paying for it, let her do that. I know that a dress means nothing to us, but it means a lot to Miss Ancho. The high price she is paying is not only for the dress, but also her dignity."    

After listening to such a long series of words, most of which went above her head, Beryl felt as though Emily was being very reasonable. Moreover, she did not know how to refute her. However, her instincts were telling her that something wasn't right.    

Emily continued, "Beryl, I know that you have good intentions, but you need to respect Miss Ancho. Okay, honey?" 

   "Yes..." Beryl lowered her head in embarrassment.    

Emily patted her little head and smiled, "You're a good girl, Beryl."  

Beryl felt embarrassed and she bowed her head, when she suddenly noticed Emily's belly and remembered what Ancho had told her. Out of curiosity, she asked, "Hey... Are you pregnant with a baby?"   

 Emily's hands subconscious touched her belly and she said, "Well, herein may live your brother or your sister."    

Beryl's eyes widened with surprise, "Will the baby be born soon?"  

  Emily answered patiently, "It will take some time. But I'm sure the baby will like you very much. I know you will be a good sister."    

Beryl dashed back to her dressing room and saw Ancho waiting there.  

  Ancho asked anxiously, "Well, how did it go?"    

In truth, Ancho was more curious to know whether Emily was pregnant or not, rather than the compensation for the dress.  

Ancho assumed that her plan was bullet-proof because she knew that Emily wouldn't turn down Beryl's request right now because she was trying to get on her good terms.   

 'It must be uncomfortable for Emily to see her daughter favor me over her.' This thought filled Ancho with great relief.    

However, Beryl looked at her with a guilt-stricken expression and said, "Ancho, I'm sorry for being so arrogant earlier. I didn't even think about your dignity when I spoke out of place."    

Ancho was at a complete loss for words. She felt like someone had dropped a boulder on her head.   

 'Sorry for what? What dignity?    

What is she talking about? What on earth did Emily say to her? None of this makes any sense!'    

Once the confusion set in, numerous question marks hung over Ancho's head, "What do you mean, Beryl? I don't understand what you're trying to say."  

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