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 Season 8

Episode 19

(Not at same level)

Ancho was just hiding inside of Beryl's room while Emily and Jacob were talking with Beryl. Therefore, Ancho showed herself once she heard Emily and Jacob leave Beryl alone to pick out her dress.  

  Carefully observing Beryl's face, Ancho noticed a smile curve up in the corners of Beryl's mouth which made her feel a little uneasy.    

Before Emily came back, Ancho was the only one Beryl trusted the most, apart from Jacob and the Xu family. However, everything had changed since Emily came into their lives.    

'If things go on like this, soon Beryl will come to accept Emily. What need would she have for me then? I cannot allow that to happen no matter what. Even if Emily is Beryl's biological mother!' Ancho knew she would have to fight to keep her stay in the Gu family.  

Ancho's ambitions didn't stop at Beryl. She wanted Jacob and everything that came with the Gu family! 'Why else would I lower myself to become a maid and a nanny. I am a beautiful woman with a college education. I deserve better than just being some house servant! I have sacrificed so much for this. I am not leaving here empty-handed!' Ancho swore to herself in mind.    

"Beryl, I didn't think that you would come to accept her so soon." Ancho looked at Beryl and pretended to be sad as she continued, "I'm sorry for everything I did before. It's all my fault. I was wrong to sabotage your relationship as mother and daughter..."    

"Oh Ancho... It's not like that,"  Beryl could not help feeling pity for her.  

  'I'm sorry, Ancho. I know you did everything to displease Emily for my sake... Watching me be close to her must be hard for you.    

But...I just can't ignore how I feel about her right now...'  

After all the doubts, Beryl was finally starting to ease in to the possibility that Emily was the mother she had lost. 

However, Beryl had been through a lot over the years and the emotional turmoil she faced recently made it difficult for her to make up her mind.   

 She just needed some more time to adjust to the changes in her life and to banish the turbulent thoughts in her mind.    

"Dear Ancho, everyone makes mistakes..." Beryl defended her actions.  

  Disappointed flashed through Ancho's eyes as she said, "I never thought that madam Emily would be able to persuade both Mr. Jacob and the Xu couple to lie for her. Perhaps it because she has the same face as your mother?"    

Beryl's resolve was wavering again. On one side, Ancho was the person she trusted the most, and on the other, Emily gave her the familiar feeling of a mother's love. Beryl was torn between these two choices.  

Since, Beryl believed that Ancho had no reason to lie to her, she started to question her own instincts again.    

'Could Daddy, Auntie Rita and Uncle David be lying to me?' Beryl asked herself in mind.    

Ancho understood that Beryl had a lot going on in her mind. Her perturbed expression alerted Ancho not to push her too hard. As there was an old saying—haste did not bring success. If Ancho wanted to win this fight, then patience was a virtue she was going to need.    

"Beryl, as long as you are happy, I don't care about anything else." Carefully changing the topic, Ancho feigned thoughtfulness and forced a smile on her face, "Beryl, why are you so happy? What were you talking about with sir and ma'am just now?"   

 Unfortunately, Ancho's words had taken away the happiness that was in Beryl's heart just now. Still, Beryl answered her question honestly, "Daddy suggested that we take a family photo and I agreed."  

"That sounds like a great idea." She hid her displeasure behind a fake smile and continued, "You should change into something nice. I don't mind staying back home."  

  Just as Ancho expected, Beryl felt sorry for her and refused to let her stay at home all by herself. "Ancho, you should go with me too! I won't leave you alone."    
"Really?" Ancho pretended to be excited and then immediately lowered her head, "But it's a family photo. Would it be okay for an outsider like me to go with you?"  

  "I think it's okay since you are going with me,"  said Beryl.    

"But I'm afraid that ma'am will be displeased."    

"No, she won't." In truth, Beryl wasn't certain about how Emily would react to this either. But, she did not want to leave Ancho behind either. "Ancho, you're not an outsider. You are the closest person I have to a sister,"  said Beryl.  

"Thank you so much, Beryl. I would do anything for you, you know that, right?" Ancho pretended to be touched.    

Before long, they both came out of their individual rooms, dressed up nicely.    

Meanwhile, Emily and Jacob were waiting for Beryl in the hall, enjoying their cup of tea.   

 As a thoughtful gesture, Jacob changed Emily's cup of tea with a cup of milk. 

"You seem happy today?" Jacob smiled at her.   

 "Yes, you're right. I do feel a lot better today." Emily took a sip from her cup, leaning against Jacob's shoulder and said, "Are you happy?"    

Jacob touched her face gently and said, "With you at my side, how could I not be happy."  

After a while, as Emily flipped through the pages of her book, Beryl came downstairs, shortly followed by Ancho. 

   "Daddy, I want to bring Ancho with me as she has not been out for a long time..." Beryl put forward this request in a low voice, but she seemed determined.  

  Jacob did not want to refuse Beryl's wishes but he had to take Emily's feelings into consideration. After all, he had good reasons to distrust Ancho, especially after that laughable act she pulled before. Jacob was worried that Emily wouldn't be happy to have Ancho around her.    

However, Emily did not voice her displeasure. She was just happy that they were finally going to take a family photo together and she did not want to ruin Beryl's mood over such a small thing. "Of course, Beryl, you may bring anyone you want with you, as long as it makes you happy. You are free to make that decision,"  Emily smiled generously. 

 There wasn't a change in Emily's countenance as Ancho expected because she meant every word she said.    
Emily's confidence in Beryl made Ancho unhappy.    

Ancho did so much to persuade Beryl to take her with them hoping that it would anger Emily.    

However, Ancho's plans backfired and now she was the one who was angry at Emily for being so indifferent.    

Emily's self-confidence made Ancho feel as though she was just a nobody for Emily. As if she weren't even on the same level as her.    

'How could you be so calm and unconcerned? Why does it not bother you?' Ancho wanted to strangle Emily.  

  She was hoping for Emily to lash out in anger in front of everyone so she could make Emily look bad, but her plans didn't go the way she wanted them to.  

Instead, Ancho ended up being the one who got worked up today. This doubled the hatred she felt for Emily. However, oblivious to what was going on in Ancho's mind, Beryl was extremely pleased to hear Emily's answer. "Shall we go then?" said Beryl.    

"Yes, let's go now,"  suggested Jacob. He held Emily's hand and helped her get up, not once glancing at Ancho as if she weren't even there.   

 "Okay. Let's go,"  Emily put down the book in her hand on the table.    

Ancho's eyes briefly brushed past the book and she was stunned with surprise. The title on the cover read—"Pregnancy Miracle Guide".    

'Why would Emily be reading this book? Is she pregnant? Or she is preparing for it?'  

Ancho's anxious thoughts ran amok in her mind.    

She knew what would happen to her if Emily gave Jacob another child.   

 It would mean that Beryl would no longer be the only child of Jacob. She would no longer be the sole heir of the Gu family!    

'Will Jacob still love Beryl the same way if he has another child? Will Beryl still be useful to me if another child comes to share the love of their parents with her?' 

The turbulent thoughts thrashed their way into Ancho's mind, casting a shadow over her future plans. 


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