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 Season 8

Episode 13

(Don't ever mention the woman's name again)

"You've really gone off the rails!" Jacob couldn't curb his anger anymore. He lifted Beryl up and was about to storm upstairs with her.   

 Everything happened so suddenly that it caught Ancho off guard and she took a moment to respond, "Mr. Jacob Mr. Jacob! Miss Beryl is still a young child. Can you please excuse her for this once only? Surely you can gradually teach her what's the right way to do things later on..."   

 Finishing her plea, she noticed Emily standing to the side. An idea cam to her then and she turned to Emily, pleading, "Ma'am, aren't you Miss Beryl's mother? How can you let Mr. Jacob vent his anger against your daughter? Doesn't that break your heart at all?"  

"How dare you even say something like that?! Who do you think you are?" Emily rebuked her without hesitation. She look into the maid's scheming eyes and said gravely, "Miss Beryl has done a bad thing. And yes, I am her mother, but that doesn't mean that I will indulge her deviant behavior. She needs to know that there are always consequences for her actions!"    

Ancho seemed about to disagree with Emily and wanted to say something more, but Jacob interrupted her, "No wonder Beryl is doing such things. I can only guess that you've played a significant role here, huh! Get out of here and don't ever come near my daughter again."    

Ancho was shocked, and it took her a moment to formulate a entreaty to try and restore her favor, "Mr. Jacob! Mr. Jacob! My loyalty towards Miss Beryl stands out for a mile! And you can't do this to me…"    

"Drag her away!" Apparently, Jacob said these words to the other servants.    

"Yes, Mr. Jacob." As for the other servants, they had never liked Ancho at all. Thus, they grabbed a hold of her as soon as they heard Jacob's order. Ancho struggled a lot, despite her not having enough strength to resist all these people.  

Despite Miss Beryl trusting her, it did not secure her position in the house. Unfortunately she hadn't realized that in time, and had always acted domineering over the other servants. They relished the chance to dole out some payback. 

Who did she think she was to act this way? She was a servant, just like all the others in the household. They resented her arrogance.    

"Mr. Jacob! Miss Beryl, please say something on my behalf..." Ancho cried out like someone doomed to be executed. Everyone present felt uneasy at the acute piercing sound of her shrieks, but a smart servant grabbed a used rag from his pocket and deftly forced it into her open mouth. At last, she was reduced to silence.    

A small smile curved Emily's lips. "You know what, we should really raise their salaries."  

The servants were surprised but quickly realized that Mrs. Emily had just increased their wages. "Thank you Mrs. Emily! Thank you for your kindness!" said the servants excitedly.   

 Ancho was the only one who wasn't smiling. She hadn't expected that Emily's act of kindness could so easily win the servants to her side. She detested Emily so much then that she would have rushed forward and scratched her pretty face. But she couldn't because she was being constrained by some servants and, more importantly, she dared not to do so, after all, Emily was the hostess of this house.    

Hence Ancho was dragged away swiftly and calm returned to the scene.    

Jacob was done with the farce, so he carried Beryl upstairs. As for the doctor, he had no reason to stay anymore and. After Jacob walked away, he bowed towards Emily, and left as well. At last only Emily and the 8-year-old Dylan were in the room.    

Emily bent forward to look at his cute little face, and apologized, "I am so sorry Dylan. I am so sorry that I didn't stop Beryl from hurting you. It's her fault, and she shouldn't have done that..."  

Dylan shook his head quickly. "It okay Auntie Emily, you don't have to apologize. You didn't do anything wrong."    

With great tenderness in her eyes, Emily stroked Dylan's hair. "No, no, sweetheart! I have to say sorry for myself and for Beryl. Honestly, I don't know what is going on with her now. She wasn't always like this..."    

"It's alright..." He shyly raked his fingers through his hair, and his face flushed as he told Emily, "She yells at me because she loves me. She wanted to correct my mistakes and though she might have hit me, it's because she cares about me. It's her way to show her love for me and I am happy about it. What's more, I like her, no matter what..."    

Emily was stunned. She hadn't expected that this little boy was about to express his unconditional love for her daughter. "I am so happy for Beryl. She is blessed to have such a nice friend like you. Can you tell me what has happened to her during these last few months?"  

"Hmmm..." Dylan hesitated, but eventually, he opened his mouth, reluctantly saying, "She changed a lot after her mother passed away. She was a nice girl with a good temper before, but..."    

Emily didn't notice that she had barely know her own daughter till Dylan began to tell her about Beryl. It appeared that Emily had missed a great deal of Beryl's childhood. How she wished that she could have been there for her daughter, to share her joys and sorrows.    

Tears filled Emily's eyes as she listened carefully to Beryl's life story. Dylan was touched, and couldn't help himself asking, "Auntie Emily, are you really Beryl's mother?"   

 "Yes." Emily wiped her tears and asked him, "Do you believe me, Dylan? No one, besides your uncle Jacob, wants to believe that I am her mother."  

"I don't know what was going on with you before, but yes, I believe that you are her mother,"  Dylan replied. Though he spoke in a childish tone, Emily could tell that he meant every word he said.    

She was deeply touched, and grabbed Dylan's hands tightly. "Thank you Dylan. Thank you for trusting me! That means a lot!" Emily said in a trembling voice.   

 This embarrassed Dylan even more. "Auntie Emily, I know that Beryl will come to understand you soon, and then she will definitely trust you. It's just a matter of time."    

But, she wasn't so sure that Beryl would. She had no confidence that Beryl would call her mommy again. "I hope so. But Auntie Emily doesn't expect much. In fact I would be so happy just as long as Beryl doesn't hate me."    

"Come on Auntie Emily, you have got to cheer up!"    

Dylan gave her a victory gesture with his small fingers as he said these words.  

Emily nodded and smiled benevolently. "Yay! Come on! I won't lose my faith then!"    

Years later, as Dylan recalled what had happened that day, he felt thankful for his tender foresight. What he had done that day actually won his future mother-in-law's heart, and this would give him a great advantage when he one day planned to marry Beryl.    

But that was another story.    

Jacob carried Beryl upstairs, and locked her inside her room. "You stay here. Think about your behavior and decide if you were right in what you'd done."    

Inside the room, Beryl kept hammering against the door, screaming, "You can't keep me here! Dad! Open the door! I don't like you anymore! I want Ancho!"    

"Don't ever mention that woman again! Do you hear me?!" Jacob replied in an angry voice through the door. That scheming servant had really pissed him off. "She taught you to do those things huh! Beryl, dad has to tell you, your mom and I don't like her much at all! Just look at yourself! Look what you've become. It's her fault! And you are defending her? Beryl, you've truly disappointed us!"  

"And you've disappointed me too, dad!" Beryl cried, and from her trembling voice, Jacob knew that she was in a deep state of grief. "You left me alone in this house.

 Yes, you told me that you were going to go look for mom, but why didn't you tell me when you left?! When I woke up one morning, I had lost both my mom and dad! No one can ever replaced my mother's place in your heart! Even me! 

Your only daughter! You could happily give me up for mother! You have no idea what my days had become like after you left!"    

Her every word became a stone hurled at Jacob's aching heart, he hadn't intended to hurt his beloved daughter. He squeezed some words from his dry throat, "I told Uncle David; he should help you when I was not around. And you had Dylan's company. Isn't he your best friend..."  

"Yes! I still had a friend. And yes, Uncle David and Auntie Rita took great care of me, so what? Could they replace my parents? Could they replace you?"    "Beryl..."    

"I lost my mother and father. I guess you don't even know what the other kids had said about me!"    

"You are the Lady of the Gu's! Who had the guts to gossip about you? Tell dad..."   
 "Right! Of course they didn't have the guts to gossip in front of me! Everyone is afraid of the Gu's and the Xu's. But they could certainly gossip behind me! They said that I was an orphan and that nobody wanted me! And I was the reason why my mother was dead..."    

Those last words were just like knives, and they cut deep swaths into Jacob's heart.    

He had never expected that he was leaving his daughter in such a state. Yes he had left his daughter in the care of good people, and he had mistakenly thought his money, power and status would keep her from danger.  

It turned out that he had only made sure that her body was safe, while her heart...

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