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(Let’s See Who’s More of a B*tch (22)

Ah-Cheng was truly confused by this move.

“They are Mian’s children… but they’re not my children. I’m not Su Yu; my heart’s not that big. I can’t genuinely love the kids she had with someone else.”

“So, Boss, you want to use this chance to get rid of the twins?” Ah-Cheng felt his spine tingle.

He couldn’t believe how ruthless his boss was; the man was even going after three-year-old kids.

“I didn’t tell her to get rid of them. How she interprets my words is up to her. Since she ran into the twins, it’s going to be troublesome for her whether or not she decides to help…”

“If Zhang Manlin kills the twins and Miss Huo finds out…”

“Then that’s Zhang Manlin’s own choice. She loves Qin Chu, right? That’s why she killed the girls. It has nothing to do with me.” Huo Siqian made sure to keep himself out of suspicion.

Ah-Cheng was truly impressed by his boss’s calculative ways. He was going to kill with a borrowed sword…

Plus, he was being so vague on the phone that, no matter what Zhang Manlin decides to do, his hands would be kept clean.

This move was both well-calculated and incredibly vicious.

Zhang Manlin really wanted to call Qin Chu; she wanted to please him, but Huo Siqian was right. If she helped the twins and there was nothing in it for her, what was the point?

Plus, the twins were less than nice to her before all of this; why should she help them?

However, if she didn’t help them and the twins were somehow rescued, they would definitely tell Qin Chu about their run-in.

So, just as Huo Siqian had said, Zhang Manlin was caught between a rock and a hard place.

Finally, Zhang Manlin made up her mind. She took out her phone and dialed a number…

“Hello? Cousin? This is your Sister Lin. Yes, wait at Tao Yuan village. Yes, wait for my orders. Don’t do anything unless I tell you to, got it? Take the girls and leave. Don’t mess with that man. Yes, just like that. Go, I’ll be there in a little while.”

With that, Zhang Manlin put down the phone.

She had an idea. This time, she wasn’t going to listen to Huo Siqian, nor was she going to listen to Qin Chu; she wanted to be in charge of her own destiny for once.

Police Bureau –

Su Yu, Tang Chuan, Qin Ning, Wei Liao, Jiang Xiaowei, Zhu Lingling, Qin Chu, and Huo Mian were all present.

Huo Mian was completely exhausted and her face appeared gaunt.

“Mian, you can’t keep doing this to yourself. You’re going to collapse before the girls come back.” Worried about her friend’s wellbeing, Zhu Lingling gave Huo Mian a cup of hot water.

Feeling a sudden sense of nausea, Huo Mian got up and ran to the bathroom…

Jiang Xiaowei knew Huo Mian’s situation so she followed the latter out.

“Mian’s going to lose her mind if we don’t find the kids…” Zhu Lingling’s eyes welled up.

“We’ve tried everything but there’s still no news. Have they really been kidnapped? Why aren’t the kidnappers calling and making demands? We’re already past the first 12 hours… If the kidnappers are not after money, are they out for revenge? If that’s the case… then… could the children already be…” Tang Chuan paused.

Qin Ning punched Tang Chuan on the shoulders.

“Shut up! Don’t say that or else I’ll break up with you.”

“No, don’t, I’m just thinking out loud… don’t get mad Ning-Ning, I didn’t mean anything by it…” realizing what he had just said, Tang Chuan tried his best to comfort Qin Ning.

“Even so, you can’t say those things! Pudding and Little Bean will return safely. They definitely will…” At that, Qin Ning laid her head on Tang Chuan’s shoulders, weeping uncontrollably.

“Qin Chu, do you have any other solutions?” Su Yu looked up at Qin Chu, completely dejected.


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