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(Let’s See Who’s More of a B*tch (9)

“Yes. I will avenge Siyi.”

Huo Yanyan didn’t say anything else when she saw how determined her mother was. She led her daughter over to the room.

She could tell that her mother was doing it for revenge while the man was doing it for money.

Her mother couldn’t see how she was being used because she was so focused on avenging her little brother.

The man didn’t care what feud he would be involved in. As long as he got paid, he was willing to do literally anything. In a way, he was also being used by Huo Yanyan’s mother.

The two took advantage of each other and they were extremely determined. There was no way Huo Yanyan could persuade them to change.

“Mommy, will Grandma and that man… kill the two little sisters?” Tiantian cried quietly in Huo Yanyan’s arms.

Huo Yanyan didn’t respond. Instead, she hugged Tiantian even tighter…

A few days ago when her mother came back to China all of a sudden, Huo Yanyan was delighted because she thought her family would finally be together.

Now that she realized what her mother’s real purpose of returning to China was, all she could do was let out a deep sigh. She was deeply conflicted in thought.

Inside the locked room, the twins lied down and chatted with each other after eating.

Little Bean: “Sis, I think I ate too much…”

Pudding: “…”

Pudding: “So?”

Little Bean: “I want to go and take a walk so I can digest better.”

Pudding: “Stop being silly. We’re kidnapped right now. We’re not on a vacation. The door is locked. How are we supposed to get out?”

Little Bean: “I looked around. There’s not even a washroom.”

Pudding: “Isn’t there a bucket over there? If you want to pee, just go over there.”

Little Bean: “You’re not going to mind my smell?”

Pudding: “I’ll tolerate for now. Urgent times calls for urgent measures.”

Little Bean: “What if I wanted to go number two?”

Pudding: “…”

Pudding: “Qin Mumu, can’t you just eat less?”

Little Bean: “You know that if I don’t eat till I’m full, I’ll be sad.”

Pudding: “…”

Little Bean: “So Sis, what are we going to do now?”

Pudding helplessly got up. She walked towards the door and pulled the lock. The lock was very sturdy so it was impossible for them to get out.

“Someone come… Someone come…” Pudding continuously slammed on the door.

Very soon, Shen Jiani walked over. In an irritated voice, she said, “Quiet, you brat!”

“My sister wants to go poo-poo,” Pudding said from the other side of the door.

“There’s a bucket inside, no?”

“Sure we can go pee like that but not poo. How can we sleep with that smell?” Pudding rebutted.

“Stop making a big fuss. I told you to stay inside. If you scream any more, I’ll cut your tongue out,” Shen Jiani threatened.

“No. I must take my sister out to go poo, or else we’ll keep screaming. You guys won’t have a quiet time either.”

“You…” Before Shen Jiani could finish her sentence, Pudding said, “What if we die when you cut our tongues. When you ask Daddy for the ransom money, he’d want to hear our voices and talk to us. What would you do? If you don’t want your millions, then do whatever you wish.”

“You…” Shen Jiani didn’t know how to respond to Pudding.

“What’s going on? What’s the ruckus?” He Yongjun put down his shot glass and came over.

“Big Brother Jun, the two brats want to go poo in a washroom…”

“Then take them.”

“Won’t they run away? I heard that these two brats are very smart and tricky.” Shen Jiani hesitated.

“You got to be kidding me. I’ve killed many people and seen it all. Do you think I’m scared of two brats?”

“Okay… fine… I’ll take them out. You should keep a closer eye and not let anything go through…”

Finally, Shen Jiani agreed to open the door.

It was the first time Pudding and Little Bean came out after being kidnapped.


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