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(Let’s See Who’s More of a B*tch (18)

“No, I don’t have them.”

“That’s strange… other than you, who has the power to grab the twins?”

“Haha, you don’t have to worry about that. You don’t know them.”

“That’s true… haha, it’s a good thing that the twins are missing.”

“Oh? Why?”

“Those two little rascals are so annoying…” Thinking back to how Little Bean treated her during their last encounter, Zhang Manlin couldn’t help but grit her teeth.

“Oh, I see.”

“Oh, right, since there’s nothing going on right now, you can take a vacation and go home for a while. Otherwise, once we get busy again, you won’t have the time…”

“True, then I’ll go back home tonight. Could you get a car ready for me?”

“Sure, I’ll get Ah-Cheng to give it to you later.”

“Thank you, Big Brother Qian.”

Satisfied, Zhang Manlin went on to ask for a couple of days off from her boss. At night, Ah-Cheng drove a black Mercedes-Benz GLK to her.

She then shopped to her heart’s content and left for her old village.

Her old village wasn’t far away by car. Zhang Manlin had always wanted to get a car but didn’t want to draw too much attention.

Her vanity, however, made her want to show off to her old neighbors. So, she asked Huo Siqian for a car.

She was supposed to take the highway, but because a segment of it was under construction, she had to take the unpaved road instead.

It was 6 PM in the evening. She was passing through a little town.

There weren’t a lot of choices for food in the town. Zhang Manlin looked around and chose the Xiao Liang ramen shop.

She decided to go for a bowl of fried sauce noodles…

Just as she entered the store, however, she was stunned…

There were two groups of customers inside the restaurant, one with four construction workers, laughing and chatting away as they ate, and the other, with two adults and two kids.

The four of them sat in silence, eating ramen quietly.

She recognized the two kids… They were Huo Mian’s twins.

Why were they there?

Little Bean’s head was bandaged up and she was eating ramen quietly.

Pudding, on the other hand, was pouring water for Little Bean and looking around.

Although there were a lot of people around, Pudding knew that calling out for help would put innocent people in danger.

He Yongjun was very skilled. Not only did he carry knives, he also had a gun.

His car was even equipped with bombs…

Pudding glanced around and was a bit dumbfounded when she saw Zhang Manlin.

She immediately turned around as if she didn’t see anything. Yes, she was too afraid to give anything away in front of He Yongjun and Shen Jiani.

“What can I get you?” the owner greeted Zhang Manlin.

“A bowl of ramen please.”

Zhang Manlin smiled and took a seat…

Shen Jiani looked up just in time to see Zhang Manlin. The sight of the latter sent chills down her spine.

“How’s this possible? The woman looks exactly like that little bitch…” Shen Jiani said.

“Like who?” He Yongjun asked with raised brows.

“Like…the mother of the twins…” Shen Jiani said.

He Yongjun immediately became alerted and reached for his gun.

“Don’t worry, Big Brother Jun. She looks like her but she’s not Huo Mian. I mean, I’ve known that little bitch for many years now so I know it’s not her. This girl is younger and they’re not that alike once you look closer. Her nose also looks unnatural… it’s strange.” Shen Jiani looked over Zhang Manlin carefully, discovering some major differences between her and Huo Mian.

Compared to Huo Mian, the girl in front of her was also lacking in the way she carried herself.

Little Bean looked up, and she was also shocked to see Zhang Manlin.

“That…” Pudding stuffed a piece of meat into Little Bean’s mouth just as the latter was about to speak. “Little Bean, don’t talk so much when you’re eating. Have more meat. It’s good for your wounds.”


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