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(Let’s See Who’s More of a B*tch (19)

Little Bean wasn’t stupid, so she immediately understood what Pudding meant, calming herself and pretending to not recognize Zhang Manlin.

Zhang Manlin was no fool either. She was completely alone and nothing good would come out of alarming the kidnappers.

Anyone that dared to kidnap the twins in public wasn’t your average Joes; that 40-year-old man definitely looked more than menacing.

She was afraid for her life, so as a way to protect herself, she remained silent…

The group kept their heads down and continued eating in silence. Pudding thought long and hard, trying to come up with a way to somehow ask Zhang Manlin for help.

“I need to pee,” Pudding suddenly announced.

“Kid, why are you so troublesome? Don’t play tricks on us.” He Yongjun was more than annoyed.

“Are you serious? I need to go to the washroom. Am I supposed to hold it in?” Pudding clapped back.

“Just let her go, Big Brother Jun. This is a wild mountain range, so there’s nowhere for her to run. We don’t even need to watch her. If she doesn’t come out after 5 minutes, we’ll kill the youngest. They are sisters, after all; she won’t leave her little sister behind.” Shen Jiani was very clear that Pudding would risk her own life for her little sister.

There was no way she’d leave her sister behind…

“I won’t leave my sister behind,” Pudding reiterated.

Hearing Shen Jiani’s words, He Yongjun thought it over and replied with a reluctant hum, “Go… hurry back… if you don’t want your sister hurt. Also, don’t play any tricks. Otherwise, I’ll kill her in a heartbeat.”

As Pudding stood up, Little Bean held onto her sister’s hands, unwilling to let go.

Yes, she was terrified of being abandoned. Although she knew that Pudding wouldn’t leave her behind, she was still worried; she felt very insecure.

“Little Bean, I’m going to pee. I’ll be right back. Don’t worry, I won’t leave you behind…” Pudding comforted gently.

Little Bean nodded with teary eyes, finally letting go of her sister’s hand.

Pudding then turned and walked towards the washroom, making sure to slow down her pace when she passed by Zhang Manlin, catching the latter’s attention.

Zhang Manlin immediately figured out what Pudding was doing; she made sure to pay the little girl extra attention.

After Pudding entered the washroom, Zhang Manlin got up, pretending to answer a phone call.

“Hello? Mom? I’m almost home. Stop rushing me. I’m really hungry so I’m eating ramen in a shop now. Tell Dad not to worry.” Zhang Manlin inched toward the washroom as she spoke on the phone with a heavy country accent.

Shen Jiani and He Yongjun didn’t get suspicious of her at all. Zhang Manlin successfully diverted their attention, tricking them into thinking that she talking on the phone.

Once Zhang Manlin reached the washroom, Pudding whispered, “Hurry in and close the door.”

“What happened to the two of you?” Zhang Manlin pretended that she didn’t know about the kidnapping.

“Little Bean and I have been kidnapped. That man sees my daddy as an enemy and he’s a dangerous criminal. He wants to get ransom money from our daddy and then… kill us.”

“That’s terrifying.” Zhang Manlin was shocked.

“Miss Zhang, I… need your help.” Pudding was very serious, referring to Zhang Manlin as Miss Zhang.

Pudding was a proud child. She didn’t want to kiss Zhang Manlin’s ass even if they were asking her for help.

“How should I help you?” Zhang Manlin asked the kid in front of her.


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