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(Let’s See Who’s More of a B*tch (6)

“Yanyan, guess who Uncle Jun and I caught?” Shen Jiani said proudly.

“Who did you catch?” Huo Yanyan said with a confused look.

“There’s a peephole over there. Look for yourself.”

Shen Jiani pointed over to the locked room with a smile.

He Yongjun continued to remain silent. There was only a plate of peanuts and Chinese sake on the table. No one knew what he was thinking either.

Huo Yanyan went over with hesitation. She looked through the peephole and immediately her expression became tense.

“Mom, have you gone mad? Do you know who they are?” Huo Yanyan said with shock.

“Of course I know who they are. Why would I capture them if I don’t know who they are?” Shen Jiani looked up.

“Mom, are you looking to get killed? They’re Qin Chu and Huo Mian’s children. If their children are harmed, they’ll kill us brutally…”

Huo Yanyan cried out in protest.

“Bullshit! Why would we get killed? If anyone were to die, it’s their family!”

“Mom, you can’t do this. Huo Mian has taken good care of me. We can’t treat her children like that. The twins are her treasures!” Huo Yanyan understood the love of a mother after she had Tiantian so she was very against her mother’s action.

“That’s why I captured them. Yanyan, you remember how that b*tch Huo Mian took care of you but you can’t forget how your little brother died.”

“Mom, Siyi’s death actually doesn’t have anything to do with Huo Mian.”

“Stop trying to trick me. If it weren’t for her, Siyi wouldn’t have died like that. My poor son… He didn’t even get married or create a family of his own…” Shen Jiani started crying once she mentioned Huo Siyi.

“Mom, Siyi shouldn’t have done what he did… He was just used by the Vietnam gang. They used him as a tool to get money from Qin Chu and Huo Mian. These are all against the law. We don’t lack money now. When Mingxi and I get married, I can ask him openly for money. I’ll buy you guys a house where you can stay and grow old. You can help take care of Tiantian and we can spend some family time together. Doesn’t that sound nice?”

“A bit of money? What can that do? So naïve,” He Yongjun scoffed at Huo Yanyan.

“Then how much do you want?” Huo Yanyan questioned him back in anger.

“One billion American dollars! Can your rich boyfriend pay this amount?” He Yongjun said with disdain.

“One billion American dollars? What kind of joke is that? Why do you need that much money?” Huo Yanyan’s jaw dropped.

“More money won’t bite me back in the ass. Who doesn’t want to live a better life?”

“Yeah, Yanyan. Your Uncle Jun and I have it all planned out already. Once we get the ransom, we’ll go to Canada. You and Tiantian can come and visit us. If that boyfriend of yours doesn’t treat you well, you can still come to us. You can’t be so naïve and not think about your future. I never gave your father my all even though I was with him for so long…”

Shen Jiani and He Yongjun continued adding to each other’s arguments.

Huo Yanyan suddenly realized that she had no control over this situation.

“Mom, promise me this. Once you get the money, you have to let the kids go. You can’t hurt them. I’m a mother too and I know what it will feel like when a mother loses her children.”

“Let them go? Is this a joke? Yanyan, when did you become so soft? I came back bearing all this risk this time to avenge your brother. Once I get the ransom, I will kill the twins immediately,” Shen Jiani said maliciously.


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