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(Let’s See Who’s More of a B*tch (11)

Huo Yanyan and Tiantian were awoken by the loud commotion and they had just witnessed this scene.

“Mommy, Little Bean is hurt! Her head is bleeding! We need to send her to the hospital!” Tiantian cried.

Huo Yanyan looked conflicted but she didn’t take any action…

“Mommy, are you listening to me?” Tiantian continuously shook Huo Yanyan’s hand but Huo Yanyan didn’t utter a word – she just quietly stared out at the window.

“No! I need to go out and tell Grandma that she can’t treat Little Bean like that…” Although Tiantian was still small, she really treated the twins as her close friends so when she saw Huo Yanyan not taking action, she wanted to go out and talk to her grandma.

However, Huo Yanyan pulled her back and said, “Tiantian, don’t go!”

“Mommy, why? The teachers at school often tell us that we need to call the police if someone fainted by the road. But you’re doing nothing while Little Bean is lying there hurt. Auntie Huo Mian has treated me well. Every time I go over, she would give me pretty dresses and feed me delicious food… I don’t want anything bad to happen to Little Bean.”

Although Tiantian was small, she knew what being friends meant.

“Tiantian, it’s not as simple as you think…. We can’t go. There are times when I am powerless too,” Huo Yanyan tried to explain.

“I don’t care! I’m going to save Little Bean.”

Huo Yanyan kept on holding onto Tiantian’s shirt.

“Grandma, Grandma…” Just when Tiantian was about to shout, Huo Yanyan covered her mouth.

“Wu…” Tiantian couldn’t open her mouth.

Huo Yanyan looked out the window with tears in her eyes. She mumbled, “Sorry Mian. I really can’t help them.”

This time, Huo Yanyan was different from last time because there were different things she had to consider.

First, He Yongjun was not Huo Siyi. For Huo Siyi, even after discovering what she did, he would only be angry but not hurt them.

For He Yongjun though, he was a criminal that could only see the money. Even her mother was afraid of him so she could not agitate him.

From how he smashed her cellphone, she could already tell how ruthless he could be.

In order to protect herself, Huo Yanyan decided not to interfere.

Second, her mother was involved this time so if she let the twins go, her mother would be killed.

Qin Chu would never forgive those who hurt his daughters so no matter what the reason was, Huo Yanyan could not help.

However, Huo Yanyan was internally inflicted by guilt.

The twins were still innocent children that did not understand the hatred between adults.

“Big Brother Jun, what should we do?” Shen Jiani was flustered.

He Yongjun didn’t say anything as he looked at Pudding’s unwavering eyes. Finally, he gave in and said, “Take them to the clinic.”

“It’s so late already. Where can we find a clinic?” Shen Jiani complained.

“There should be one in the village. This place isn’t safe anymore. We’re going to have to switch tomorrow anyway so let’s just do it now.”

“Okay. I’ll get Yanyan and Tiantian then.”

“No. They can stay and leave when the sun rises tomorrow.” Obviously, He Yongjun didn’t trust Huo Yanyan.

“Okay then.”

Shen Jiani didn’t say much further and simply followed He Yongjun’s instructions.

Half an hour later, He Yongjun drove a black sedan that had a fake license plate out of this abandoned site and towards another village with Shen Jiani and the twins.

During the ride, Pudding hugged Little Bean and comforted her, “Little Bean, hang in there. We’re going to be at the clinic soon.”


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