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(Let’s See Who’s More of a B*tch (7)

“Mom, why are you like this now…” Huo Yanyan looked at Shen Jiani as if she didn’t believe what was happening before her eyes.

“I’ve always been like this. Yanyan, you’ve always been too weak,” Shen Jiani said as if it were nothing.

“Mom, you can’t be like that. You’re a mother too. You can’t do such a cruel thing. The twins are still small. They shouldn’t be involved in the hatred between adults.”

Although Huo Yanyan leaving now was a bit awkward since she wasn’t close friends with Huo Mian and she would be called a b*tch, she was not as malicious as Shen Jiani.

Huo Yanyan would sometimes think of small evil deeds, but she would never think like a murderer.

Huo Yanyan couldn’t accept that Shen Jiani said she was going to kill the twins after collecting the ransom.

“Small? Innocent? What about my Siyi? What about your little brother? Who’s going to avenge him?”

“Mom, Siyi did it to himself. He did something wrong and it was karma.” Huo Yanyan raised her voice against her mother.

“You bastard…” Shen Jiani slapped Huo Yanyan’s face with fierce might.

“How did I raise up a worthless piece of garbage like you? When we left, you didn’t want to come with us. You insisted on staying in China, yet what kind of life did you lead? Look at those bastards Huo Siqian and Huo Mian; they lived luxurious lives. Yanyan, why don’t you get it? The strong will eat the weak. Even if they don’t do this, they won’t let us off the hook. You probably don’t know this but when Siyi died, that b*tch Huo Mian didn’t just stop there. She sent people to chase after me in Vietnam. Not only did they crush the headquarters of the Vietnam gang, I also almost died. Those killers they sent didn’t even blink, not even when they killed the children of the Vietnam gang. If it weren’t for your Uncle Jun, I wouldn’t be alive today…” Tears fell out of Shen Jiani’s eyes when she recalled the scenes of her dismal past.

Huo Yanyan opened her mouth wide as if she couldn’t believe what her mother had just said.

“Mom, what you said can’t be real? How? Mian isn’t the ruthless type.”

Huo Yanyan didn’t think she was stupid. She had known Huo Mian for so many years. If Huo Mian was ruthless, she would have gotten rid of her a long time along but she didn’t.

“What do you know? You’re just fooled by that b*tch’s appearance. She’s a calculative b*tch, or else how could she plot against us with Huo Siqian step by step and cause us to be at where we are today?”

“Mom, during the years when you and Siyi weren’t in China, not only did Huo Mian not bully me, she didn’t kill me even after what my little brother did. How do you explain that?” Huo Yanyan still didn’t believe Huo Mian was a ruthless person.

“She’s doing it all for herself. First, she wants to use you to lure me out. You might not know this but Qin Chu has people everywhere. When Jun and I wanted to come back, we were smuggled in and had to transfer through many places because we were scared they’d find us. Also, you’re not a nobody anymore. You have that boyfriend of yours to back you up so Huo Mian doesn’t dare to hurt you so easily,” Shen Jiani explained.

“I still don’t believe Huo Mian would do such a thing.”

Huo Yanyan believed that Huo Mian wasn’t a person that would send people to murder her enemies in Vietnam – it seemed unnecessary.

“Enough talk,” He Yongjun said with an icy tone after he slapped the table with his fist. Tiantian was so frightened that she ran to Huo Yanyan’s arms.


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