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(Let’s See Who’s More of a B*tch (24)

Jiang Xiaowei was interrupted by Huo Mian… once again…

“Weiwei, I’m hungry. Could you please go get something for me to eat?”

“Alright… wait for me.”

Jiang Xiaowei knew that Huo Mian wanted to keep the pregnancy a secret. So, she turned around and went downstairs.

“What was Professor Jiang going to say?” Sensing something was up, Qin Chu looked into Huo Mian’s eyes.

“Xiaowei was trying to say that I’m really weak right now and that I shouldn’t keep looking with you guys… but you know, they’re my life… I can’t just sit in the hospital and wait. Even if I die searching, I still won’t give up a single glimmer of hope.”

“I understand. Let’s go. Let’s go to the break room for a while.”

Qin Chu helped Huo Mian to a break room in the City Bureau, his heartbreaking at the sight of her.

In another room, Su Yu was still cursing Qin Chu for his unwillingness to let the others help.

“Su Yu, are you finished? My brother’s the one who lost his children. He’s their biological father; he’s more worried than any of us. He’s not letting us help because of good reasons, not because he’s being a jackass. Please use your brain. With all of us involved, searching up a storm, the kidnappers were probably already tipped off. How could they have the guts to contact my brother for a ransom? If we keep going on like this, my nieces will really be in trouble.”

“Ning-Ning, you’re only being considerate towards your brother. Please, you have to understand Su Yu’s feelings as well. Yes, he’s not their biological father… but, he’s probably far more than that. We’ve all seen how well Su Yu treats those kids. Now that they’re missing, how could he just sit around and wait? How’s that possible? Let’s just all be a little bit more understanding of one another. Qin Chu’s definitely not wrong but Su Yu’s emotions are also justified.”

It was Wei Liao who’d delivered the speech. Tang Chuan was already in hot water with Qin Ning and he wasn’t about to further poke the beast.

Wei Liao couldn’t help but jump in at Su Yu’s defense. It was understandable, of course; they were tighter than actual brothers.

“What the hell do you mean by that?” Qin Ning didn’t like what she had heard.

“Alright, alright, stop fighting, alright? Can we not turn against each other during a time like this? Huo Siqian’s laughing at us, the kidnappers are laughing at us… Pudding and Little Bean are still nowhere to be found, why are we fighting ourselves already?” Tang Chuan roared out of frustration.

“I have to look for the kids. You guys can stop but I can’t. I can never stop…”

With that, Su Yu pushed past Wei Liao and rushed out of the police bureau.

The rest of the group fell into an awkward silence. They looked at each other, not knowing what to do.

When Gao Ran returned, everyone was gone.

“What happened? I just came back from a meeting… where did everyone go?” Gao Ran was confused.

“Well, they started arguing with each other, Qin Chu and Su Yu. It was a mess. Qin Chu and Mian are in the break room now and everyone else left.” Zhu Lingling pursed her lips.

Gao Ran walked over to the break room. Before Jiang Xiaowei and Wei Liao left, they bought Huo Mian a bowl of congee.

When Gao Ran entered the break room, Qin Chu was carefully feeding Huo Mian congee.

The tenderness in his gaze belonged only to Huo Mian.

Gao Ran walked in. “Mian, you’re weak. Why don’t you head back with Lingling. Qin Chu and I will handle this.”



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