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(Let’s See Who’s More of a B*tch (4)

“When they put the sacks on our heads, where the hell did our bodyguards go?” Little Bean asked with concern.

According to her memory, bodyguards would follow them every time they left the house.

There were two bodyguards with them when they went out with their grandpa but when they were kidnapped, the bodyguards were nowhere to be seen.

“Uh… I didn’t notice.” Little Bean finally asked a question that even Pudding couldn’t answer.

“Haha, so there are questions that you don’t have an answer to.”

“How can you still laugh at a time like this? Can you be a little lower profile?”

“Why do I need to keep a low profile? They’ll let us out when they get their ransom.”

“Aren’t you scared that they’ll kill us?” Pudding asked.

“Kill us? I’m still young so I don’t want to kill anyone… Let’s not kill them now…” Little Bean said with a serious face.

Pudding: “…”

“Sis, what’s with the face?”

“Qin Mumu, how can you put up a straight face when you’re joking? I can’t take it.”

“Haha…” Little Bean laughed so hard that she had to cover her stomach.

Outside were a man and a woman with a little girl eating.

There were four delicate dishes.

“Big Brother Jun, you’re the best! You were able to get those two brats so easily. I thought we’d have to go through lots of trouble. After all, that b*tch Huo Mian is very protective of her kids.”

“Even if they’re very careful, there would always be a careless moment. As long as we plan for it, there’s nothing hard about it.”

“Big Brother Jun, when should we make the call? Have you come up with a good number yet?”

“Yeah, one billion,” the man said emotionlessly as he ate.

“Only one billion? They’re rich though…” The woman seemed unimpressed.

“I was talking about one billion dollars.”

“Oh, then that sounds about right. How will we leave when we get the money? You know all the police are on their side so it’s hard for us to escape.”

“Don’t worry. I know a way already. As soon as we get the money, we’ll leave. We’ll take the rural roads towards the west. We’ll cross seven mountains and change cars and go south. There will be someone there to pick us up. I want to go to a smaller port and leave the country.”

“Are we going back to Vietnam first?”

“Yes. We’ll go back to Vietnam first. After I take care of some things over there, we’ll go to Canada.”

“Yes, Canada’s good. I’ve always wanted to go. It’s such a pity that my Siyi… If only he were still alive, then we could go together,” the woman started sobbing.

It turned out, this woman was actually Shen Jiani, who had long disappeared from the scene.

Back then, Huo Siyi came back on his own to kidnap the twins. He had pushed Huo Siqian and Huo Mian to the corner but in the end, Lu Yan came just in time to save them.

Lu Yan had gone to Vietnam to seek revenge but unfortunately, she couldn’t locate Shen Jiani.

She had thought that Shen Jiani was so scared that she would go into hiding and would never resurface.

Unexpectedly, she had secretly come back to China five days ago with an outlaw.

He Yongjun was a 45-year-old Chinese male. He had escaped to Vietnam 15 years ago because he killed someone. Ever since then, he had been operating in the black market.

After Shen Jiani’s lover was killed by the Vietnam gang, she became a prostitute. She met He Yongjun then.

Later on, she finally found a chance to return to China.

They had two goals for this return. First, they would kidnap the twins and avenge Huo Siyi. Second, they would get a huge ransom and escape to Canada as Vietnam was no longer a place they could stay.

“Grandma, why do you have to lock them up?” Tiantian asked innocently.




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