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(Let’s See Who’s More of a B*tch (17)

Huo Mian was still searching aimlessly. After an entire morning of looking, she found absolutely nothing.

She crouched down to the ground at the intersection of a busy street, bawling her eyes out.

Qin Chu came up behind her, took off his jacket, and put it over her.

“Qin Chu… if something happens to our daughters, I don’t want to live anymore.” Huo Mian’s voice was all but gone, hoarse and frail.

“Don’t say that. Nothing will happen to our daughters. Trust me.”

Qin Chu crouched down and gave her the warm water bottle he brought.

Huo Mian took a little sip…

“Hungry? Let’s go get some food. You can’t do this to yourself,” Qin Chu persuaded carefully.

Not far from them, Huo Yanyan came out of the mall just in time to witness the scene.

She clenched her fists tightly. She knew how terribly Huo Mian must be feeling having lost her children, and she also knew exactly where they were… but… she couldn’t tell her.

She wanted to go up to Qin Chu and Huo Mian to comfort them but suddenly remembered just how perceptive they were.

If she happened to give away some sort of clue unintentionally, or if her face looked unnatural, her mom would be in grave trouble.

Although her mother was a heinous woman, Huo Yanyan didn’t want to lose the only family she had.

With that thought in mind, Huo Yanyan made the tough decision to turn around and leave…

Qin Chu’s phone rang. He looked at the caller ID and rejected the call.

Zhang Manlin gritted her teeth, pacing back and forth in the South Side garden, anxious as could be.

She had been calling Qin Chu the entire morning and was rejected every time.

That’s not right…did I do something wrong? Maybe he discovered something?

Just then, she heard the conversation between two nurses…

“Vice Director has taken a lot of days off recently. She’s not here again today.”

“Yeah! Vice Director cares so much about her job. It’s really unlike her to miss work. If she’s not here, there’s definitely something important going on.”

“Maybe she’s pregnant? Didn’t she want another child? She has two daughters but no son.”

“Don’t know. I’m not sure about the rich and the powerful. One thing I do know, however, is that if Vice Director is pregnant, Zhang Manlin’s done for. Haha, the side chick dream is dead.”

The two nurses didn’t see the huffing and puffing Zhang Manlin behind them.

After they left, Zhang Manlin was so furious that she dialed Huo Siqian’s number.

“Big Brother Qian.”


“Is Huo Mian pregnant?”

“Where did you get this news?” Even Huo Siqian froze.

“Huo Mian took the day off again and I just called Qin Chu but he didn’t pick up. There’s definitely something going on… so I’m asking you. Don’t you have a spy in their home? You’d know if she’s pregnant, right?”

“Oh, I see… don’t worry, she’s not pregnant,” Huo Siqian promised.

“Really?” Zhang Manlin was pleasantly surprised by Huo Siqian’s reply.

“Yes, Caiyue reports to me every day. She hasn’t discovered any signs of pregnancy.”

“That’s weird, then… if she’s not pregnant, why are they like this today?”

“They lost their kids. Of course they’re worried.”

“What? Their twins are missing?” Zhang Manlin was surprised.


“Holy… when did this happen?”


“Then, then… do you have their kids?” Zhang Manlin laughed and asked.


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