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(Let’s See Who’s More of a B*tch (5)

“Ah… Grandma’s only playing with them. It’s all a game so Tiantian, you don’t need to worry.” Shen Jiani gently patted Tiantian’s head.

“But they’re going to be scared because they’re locked in,” Tiantian said assertively.

Adults could only see the pros and cons of a situation but children could see right and wrong. Tiantian was still a child so she was able to objectively view the situation.

Huo Mian had taken care of her and she had played with the twins often. She didn’t understand why the twins were locked inside.

“They aren’t afraid because it’s just a game. Hurry up and eat. You don’t have to think about this, okay?” Tiantian was Shen Jiani’s biological granddaughter so she was very patient with her.

“Grandma, you can’t be like this. The teacher at my pre-school said that we need to think about how far we are taking it when we are playing. You will scare them and Auntie Huo Mian will be unhappy.”

“Auntie Huo Mian? Who told you to call that b*tch like that?” Shen Jiani blamed Huo Mian for her son’s death so she deeply hated her.

“Mommy told me that Auntie Huo Mian is a kind person. She bought pretty clothes and nice toys for me too.”

“What do you know? That woman isn’t a good person…” Shen Jiani said with a stern face.

“Grandma, no… Auntie Huo Mian is Mommy’s friend,” Tiantian tried to correct her grandmother’s wrong perspective but she had unintentionally infuriated Shen Jiani.

“Tiantian, shut up! You can never call that b*tch Auntie, okay? Your uncle, my son, Siyi, died because of her. We are arch-rivals. From now on, you cannot speak of that woman’s name!”

Shen Jiani was rather agitated so she raised her voice and Tiantian became frightened and started crying.

“Shut up and stop crying! It’s so annoying…” He Yongjun scolded as he drank.

A few days ago when Shen Jiani visited, Huo Yanyan was extremely happy because Shen Jiani was the only family she had left.

Huo Zhenghai and Huo Siyi were both dead. Huo Siqian was only an adopted son so he was not related to her.

Huo Mian wasn’t her real sister either so when Huo Yanyan saw her biological mother, she was delighted.

Not only did Huo Yanyan forgive her mother for bringing an unknown man over, but she also took her to the mall to buy her a lot of clothes and jewelry.

Now that Huo Yanyan was with Shen Mingxi, she lived a fairly affluent lifestyle.

Tiantian also felt very fond of Shen Jiani because she heard that this was her grandmother. Huo Yanyan had started helping with work at the Shen Corporation so she left her child with Shen Jiani.

Who would have thought that Shen Jiani and He Yongjun would be scheming to kidnap Huo Mian’s twins… Tiantian was still young so she did not know what was happening.

When He Yongjun picked Tiantain up, she did not utter a sound and this successfully lured the twins.

He Yongyun was an evil but smart man.

This was a reason he was able to make a living in Vietnam, a place that was not home.

Although Shen Jiani told Tiantian to call He Yongjun grandpa, she was still terrified of him.

She could not see an ounce of love from this man. This man would also become extremely agitated when she cried.

Since Tiantian was scared of this man, she immediately tried to stop crying when he raised his voice.

Half an hour later, Huo Yanyan came alone by car.

“Mom, why did you ask me to come to such a far place?” Huo Yanyan had no clue what was happening. She thought her mom just wanted to go out for a walk.


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