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(Let’s See Who’s More of a B*tch (2)

“Wires. I’m trying to see if we are being taped.”

“You are afraid someone might be spying on us?”

“Yes.” Pudding nodded warily.

“How could that be? In the eyes of those adults, we’re just three-year-old kids. They wouldn’t tape the place just to spy on us.”

“Better to be careful anyway.” Pudding did another detailed check before feeling assured and finally sat down in front of the table.

“Sis, can you tell me now?”

“I think, Tiantian knows that person.”

“Knows who?” Little Bean was lost.

“Tiantian probably knows that man.”

“What? How could that be? Isn’t he the bad guy? Why would Tiantian know a bad guy? Unless, you think… Tiantian was used to bait us?” Little Bean wasn’t stupid, so she immediately knew what her sister meant.

“Uh-huh, it’s probably what it is.”

“No way… Sis, how could you tell?” Little Bean’s expression was full of surprise.

“First of all, when we saw Tiantian at Food Street, the stranger was holding onto her. But, she wasn’t crying or yelling. Right?”

“Right.” Little Bean nodded.

“Second, if Tiantian was kidnapped like us, if she was taken away from her home and her mother, she should feel anxious and scared. She wouldn’t be in the mood to be playing with toys with us like nothing is wrong.”

“Oh, that’s true. How come I didn’t think of that?” Little Bean pondered.

“Third, it looked like Tiantian was about to tell us something. But, the man walked in and interrupted her. Based on the way Tiantian looked at him, he didn’t look like a stranger to her. At least, she didn’t look at him like he was the bad guy. But, in terms of their actual relationship, I’m not sure yet. I think she definitely knows him though, or else she wouldn’t have left with him without any resistance.”

“That makes sense! What else did you notice, Sis??” Little Bean loved it when her big sister turned into Sherlock Holmes because she thought it was super cool.

“Lastly, the man picked up Tiantian and walked out. Note that he picked her up, like any adult that would hold a kid, not like a kidnapper holding someone hostage. So, I am confident that they know each other.”

“Oh my gosh! Qin Zhaozhao, you’re so awesome. It’s like you are getting smarter by the day. What’s going on, we eat the same thing and use the same stuff, how come I’m not as smart??” Little Bean laughed.

“That’s because you use all your brain cells on food, you’re too lazy to use your brain on something else.” Pudding gave her little sis a look.

“Bahaha!” Little Beal chuckled out loud and said, “You know me so well. But, what should we do now, Sis? Our phones got taken away, and we have no way of contacting the outside world. Daddy and Mommy are probably freaking out because we’re not back yet. Especially grandpa, he lost us when he was paying, he’s probably really worried.”

“We don’t have a lot of choices, I guess we will just take it one step at a time,” Pudding said.

“But, Sis, if Tiantian knows that person, then doesn’t it mean Tiantian is a part of the kidnappers? Tiantian is Auntie Yan’s daughter, and Auntie Yan is Mommy’s good friend…why would she do such a thing?” Little Bean pondered.

“I’m not sure either. But, I don’t think Auntie Yan would do this… Maybe it’s because her husband’s company is in direct competition with our dad’s? Maybe that’s why she’s doing it…”

“Well, regardless of what the reasons are, I don’t think Auntie Yanyan should be doing this.”

“I’m not Auntie Yan, I don’t really know what’s going on either.”

“Sis, so, what should we do now?” Little Bean blinked her big eyes at her sis and asked.



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