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( Let’s See Who’s More of a B*tch (10)

It was the first time Shen Jiani actually looked at the twins – they were indeed very pretty.

“Where’s the washroom?” Pudding came out and asked calmly. She did not throw a tantrum nor did she cry.

He Yongjun pointed to the simple and crude toilet on the south side.

“It’s too dark. Do you have a flashlight?” Pudding looked over and asked.


“There’s a flashlight function on the phone,” Pudding reminded.

“You want a phone? You must be daydreaming… Do you think I don’t know what you’re thinking? Cut the nonsense,” He Yongjun glared at Pudding and warned.

“You’re overly worried. You can just take out your SIM card. That way they can’t track you nor can we dial out. There’s no function with a cardless phone. What are you afraid of? You’re so stupid that it’s actually scary… Old man, I can tell you weren’t that well educated,” Pudding scoffed.

He Yongjun was stirred by Pudding’s words. He pulled out his phone card and was able to hand the phone over to Pudding but Shen Jiani stopped him.

“Big Brother Jun, you can’t give it to her.”

“There’s no SIM card so she can’t call or track location. It’s alright,” He Yongjun repeated what Pudding said to him.

“Even without a SIM card, she can still make an emergency call. Big Brother Jun, what’s gotten into you?” Shen Jiani warned.

He Yongjun suddenly realized what was really happening so he slapped Pudding on the head.

With such a sudden and hard slap, Pudding felt her head spin…

“You brat. I almost was tricked…” He Yongjun shouted.

“I told you these two aren’t just ordinary kids. You have to be careful. They’re very cunning,” Shen Jiani said with a slight furrow.

“Go poo over by the grass. Hurry up and finish or else I’ll shoot you both,” He Yongjun said with slight anger.

“You bastard! How dare you hit my sister. F*ck you and all your ancestors! I’m going to kill you!” Little Bean was so angry when she saw Pudding being slapped that she swore. She ran over without thinking and bit He Yongjun on the arm.

He Yongjun felt the pain so he swung his hand, sending Little Bean flying across the room. When she landed, she hit her head on the corner of the dining table. Blood dripped down from her delicate face.

“Little Bean!” Pudding ran over and helped her sister sit up.

When Pudding saw that Little Bean was bleeding, she adeptly ripped out a corner of her dress and wrapped up the wound.

“My sister is hurt. We should go to the hospital immediately,” Pudding turned around and said with an icy tone to He Yongjun and Shen Jiani.

“What kind of joke is that? This is the middle of nowhere. Where are you going to find a hospital?” Shen Jiani said indifferently with her arms crossed.

“Even if there isn’t a hospital, take her to a clinic. Her head is wounded. She might get infected with tetanus!”

Since Huo Mian was a doctor, the twins had grown to know how to cure diseases and be healthy from a very young age.

Even their emergency procedures were on par with professional nurses. This was something their mother taught them to protect themselves.

Pudding never expected she would use this skill so early on in her life.

“I don’t care. I only care if your parents pay or not.” He Yongjun looked over indifferently at the twins.

“If we die, you won’t get a penny. My daddy and mommy won’t pay unless they see us alive.”

“Aren’t you both alive now? She hit her head. She’s not dead. Don’t worry, she’s not that fragile,” Shen Jiani added.

Pudding grabbed a bowl from the table and smashed it into pieces. She quickly took a fragment and put it against her neck.

“If I die now, I guarantee you won’t get a penny and you’ll end up devastated.” Pudding’s eyes were fierce, calm, and determined.

Even adults like Shen Jiani and He Yongjun were slightly scared…


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