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(The Game of the Twins (20)

“What… did you say?” Su Yu was stunned.

“The twins are missing; we’ve been looking for them the whole day.”

“Ha, no way! Stop kidding around.” Wei Liao thought Tang Chuan was pranking him.

Qin Ning, who stood behind Tang Chuan, began sobbing without saying a word.

“Really? Both are missing?” Wei Liao was dumbstruck.

Tang Chuan nodded gravely.

Su Yu hurried over and grabbed Tang Chuan by the arm. “What happened? Where did they go missing? When did it happen? Who did they go with? Which direction? Do you know?”

“Su Yu, if we knew all this information, then it’d be easy to handle. The problem is we don’t. In fact, we have zero leads. We’ve been looking for the whole day… and Huo Mian… She has almost lost her mind.” Tang Chuan’s voice trailed off as he spoke of Huo Mian, because he knew how much Su Yu would care about how Huo Mian felt.

As expected, the moment Su Yu heard Huo Mian was losing her mind, his facial expression changed.

“How could this happen? They’re both so smart, how could they be lost? They didn’t even get lost when they were in the U.S.! Especially Pudding, she knows twelve languages! She wouldn’t be lost anywhere in the world!” Su Yu was agitated.

“That’s why it’s not likely they went missing on their own. It’s more likely that they’d been kidnapped,” Tang Chuan analyzed.

Upon hearing the last remark, Su Yu dropped the arm that was holding onto Tang Chuan in a heartbeat.

“F*ck. Who dares to touch the twins, I’m going to kill him.” Su Yu also lost his cool.

“Su Yu, it’s not about killing them or not right now, we can’t even find the person!” Tang Chuan said heavy-heartedly.

Wei Liao stubbed out the cigarette in his hand and got up. “Quit bullshiting. We live in the 21st century with access to modern technology. There are cameras everywhere, there’s no way two kids would disappear out of thin air. This isn’t some fantasy novel or time travel bullshit.”

“Yes, but we’ve been looking for the whole day without a single new lead. Qin Chu advised against going to the police because they are afraid that once officials are involved, the kids would be in danger.”

“So he’s just going to wait? He’s just going to wait for the kidnapper to call?!” Su Yu asked impatiently.

Tang Chuan nodded.

“Is he retarded? How can we possibly just wait? What if it’s not just some bum looking for money, but someone seeking revenge? What do we do if they don’t even give us a call and just kill the kids directly? At a time like this, we shouldn’t be waiting even just another minute. We have to immediately go and look for the kids,” Su Yu yelled back instinctively.

“Easy for you to say! Where are we going to look for them? They are my brother’s daughters, how could he not be worried!” Qin Ning was triggered by Su Yu’s impatient tone and immediately struck back. Tang Chuan pulled her by the arm to stop her from going on further.

Su Yu only glanced at Qin Ning, but didn’t continue the conversation. “I will go and see what I can do. You two as well, use your entire network to find the girls. Even if it means we must dig three feet deep, we will find the kids. I want to see, who in this city, has the ability to sneak the girls away without us knowing.”

“Have we sealed the city?” Wei Liao suddenly asked.

“Yes, my brother has been in contact with Gao Ran. They have sealed all the exits leading out of the city, even the lesser-known trails. Regardless of who took the kids; they won’t be able to leave. But, I’m afraid they will still be in danger.” Qin Ning’s eyes became red.



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